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  • Chris - In Reply on Isaiah 61 - 1 year ago
    Hello Kiran. Just to briefly address your questions, since I'm unsure what answers you're expecting, I offer the following:

    a. Idolatry in the Bible is committed when a person or people group create an idol to become a representative of the True God, and fall down to worship the idol. There is another form of idolatry when a person raises another person to such a high level that he/she becomes all that is time & mind consuming. We might find that not only in religious circles but also in the secular (e.g. pop culture). If Israel as a people or nation is worshipped or is representative of God, then that would be idolatry, but I know not of any instance of that happening. Or, if you're referring to the prominence we might given to Israel as a nation, then that is so because Israel was important to God then, as it is now, & will be in the future. But this is biblical fact not idolatry.

    b. When Jesus came to Earth, He came in to usher in the New Covenant of God (that which was ratified through His Sacrifice for the sins of mankind). I don't recall Jesus ever condemning the idolatry performed by those people or nations described in the Old Testament, since Jesus' Coming & Ministry was primarily to the Jewish people. Yet, He did make reference to things that can be idolatrous to them, such as the story of the rich man ( Luke 18:18-23), where his wealth was his idol (he put it first before loving & serving God). Or Matthew 6:24, where one cannot serve God & mammon (Gk. mamonas = riches, possessions, property; Jesus is asking, 'Who is your god?' 'Is it the offerings of the world (idolatry), or God Himself?' In Jesus' Day, the Jews didn't keep idols of wood or stone to worship, but idolatry of other things were rampant, just as it is today, where we have found other things to take the place of God to try & satisfy our inner longings & questions. The Romans (rulers at that time) of course, had many gods, including the Caesar whom they deified.
  • Kiran kumar jujjavarapu on Isaiah 61 - 1 year ago
    1. Adoration of Israel in the old testament is Idolatry?

    2. Does Jesus really condemned the Idolatry of the Old Testament?
  • Mari L Ayotte on Isaiah 61:7 - 3 years ago
    would enjoy joining .
  • Stanjett - In Reply on Isaiah 61 - 3 years ago
    desolation=destoryed places.
  • Earl Bowman - In Reply on Isaiah 61:2 - 3 years ago
    Patrick, the major and minor books of prophesy all speak of the day of the Lord. The day of the Lord began at the ministry of John the Baptist and has continued to the present. Matthew 11:13 For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John. (vs) 12 And from the days of John until now the kingdom or heaven suffereth violence ,..... Malachi 3:1 Behold I (Jesus) will send my messenger (John the Baptist), an he (John) shall prepare the way before me (Jesus): and the Lord (Jesus) whom ye seek shall appear in his (Jesus) temple,.... ( I Corinthians 3:16 Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God [Jesus] dwelleth in you?) Hebrews 3:6 But Christ as a son over his house; whose house are we,.... Zachariah 14:1 Behold, the day of the Lord cometh,.... (vs 6) And it shall come to pass in that day (day of the Lord: began 2000 years ago), that the light (Jesus; Spirit of God) shall not be clear, or dark: (vs 7) But it (day of the Lord) shall be one day which shall be known to the Lord, not day (light) or night (dark): but it shall come to pass at evening time (end of the day of the Lord) it (day of the Lord) shall be light (Jesus; the Spirit of God in you, Jesus is the light of the world in you ). Matthew 13:33 ..... The kingdom of heaven (Christ in you) is like unto leaven (Spirit of God) which a woman ( Galatians 4:26 new Jerusalem: the mother of us all) took, and hid in three measures of meal (us; the meat offering to God), till the whole (lump; all mankind) was leavened (by the Spirit of God). Romans 11:16 For if the firstfruit be holy, then the lump is holy;....
  • Patrick Misolo on Isaiah 61:2 - 3 years ago
    In Isaiah 61:2, Is year of the Lord the 7000th year from the creation of this world? ( my question is born from kjv comment/explanation above).

  • Natalie Clarke - In Reply on Isaiah 61 - 3 years ago
    Bendito thanks for your response. I was praying over a region when this verse Isaiah 61 verse 4 hit me. It kept me asking what is the desolation of this particular region. Could it be that God is still asking that particular region to mend their separation from him?
  • Bendito Palavra - In Reply on Isaiah 61 - 3 years ago
    In Leviticus 26, the LORD sets before Israel the blessings of obedience versus the curses that would come upon them if they despise his statutes and break his covenant. He promises to progressively make their lives more difficult to encourage them to repent but if not, he would lay waste to their cities and scatter them among the heathen. Their history in the land is marked with numerous periods of oppression and destruction because of their failure to obey God.

    The greater desolation and affliction is eternal separation from God by our sins. Destruction is the end result of sin.

    Isaiah prophesied warnings of coming desolation which would culminate in the Jews being carried in captivity to Babylon. In part, verse 61:4 promises a return and restoration, but in a greater sense it promises Messiah we know as Jesus Christ. In Luke chapter 4, Jesus read aloud from this passage and then proclaimed that he is the fulfillment of the promise. He has, by dying for our sins on the cross and rising from the dead, brought us back from desolation to eternal life and a loving relationship with God. The creation will ultimately be restored when Jesus returns.
  • Natalie Clarke on Isaiah 61:4 - 3 years ago
    Isaiah 61 verse 4 makes mention of the former desolation and the desolation of generations what are these referring to? What is the desolation?
  • Chris - In Reply on Isaiah 61 - 3 years ago
    Your loving care is appreciated brother Mishael, as it has been to so many others who have sought your listening ear & words of comfort. You too have come through much pain & fiery trials but it has only served to increase your love & dependence on the Lord even more. Remember what the Lord said of the promiscuous woman in Luke 7: "Wherefore I say unto thee, Her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much. But to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little." (v 47). We can all here rejoice that God's salvation covered even the worst of our sins, leaving out nothing. Thank you.
  • Mishael - In Reply on Isaiah 61 - 3 years ago
    (((((((Chris))))))). Peace be on you and that

    Wonderful testimony. We'll always be your extended family in here. Brother.
  • Chris - In Reply on Isaiah 61 - 3 years ago
    I was so sad to read of the loss of your son. But your words didn't end there: it showed that in your grief you are being ministered to from the Word of God & by His Spirit. That is God's healing balm for your spirit & soul that is not given in measure but always in its fullness.

    And I share the following from personal experience. I lost my Mother when quite young, then fifteen years later my Dad had also gone. I was not only all alone now but emotionally shattered - I went towards the edge of a high hill preparing to suicide. I had turned to the Lord a few years earlier but just couldn't face not having any family with me & suicide was my only option to cope with my grief. If it were not for the Lord's Presence in a mighty way at that instant, I would have easily gone through with my plan.

    Psalm 16:11: "Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore." This was the verse that pounded in my heart & more so as I approached the edge. God's Spirit was withholding me & reminding me that I can still enjoy His Presence & Love to the fullest in spite of my loss & that my Dad too was enjoying God's Presence right there in Heaven, with my Mother. And you know what? I didn't even know about this verse or where it might be in the Bible: God put it there in my mind. I had to search it out later in the Bible.

    Such is God's special Work in believers' hearts - when we belong to Him, His Spirit intervenes in a very special way to minister to that part of us that hurts the most & reminds us of His Love which we can hardly comprehend. It's been 35 yrs since that time & I still remember it vividly but more so, God's immediate intervention to spare my life. Giesela, I pray that you will continually find joy & peace in your life as you resort to your loving Heavenly Father. That's an empty hole in your heart that only God can fill in a beautiful way. I'll leave Psalm 16:11 for you too.
  • Giesela Tanner on Isaiah 61 - 3 years ago
    I loss my only son Ellis who was my best friend. I don't like to use the word murdered but that's exactly what happened to him by a gun shot wound to his chest. I never thought that I would join a group of mothers who have lost their children to gun violence. As Job said the one thing I feared the most has come upon me. Last night I was led to pray according to Matthew 6:6, and he rewarded me with Isaiah 61 where he promised to heal my broken heart. Oh how I love Jesus because he first loves me. This is one of many of his promises that he has led me to read only to be reminded of how much Jesus loves me and that Ellis has eternal life.
  • Susan Monroe - In Reply on Isaiah 61 - 4 years ago
    Yes, much wisdom and instruction in the Old Testament that is totally relevant and can be used in today's world!
  • Henrique lamarca on Isaiah 61 - 4 years ago
    Isaiah 61 is one the most beautiful parts of the Bible. This reading bring us hope to a coming year. It can be applied nowadays, in our lives. My soul rejoices when i read or hear this chapter,
  • Adam - In Reply on Isaiah 61 - 4 years ago
    Jesus stopped at 5... The Holy Ghost picks it up from there when He comes.
  • Gary Olsen on Isaiah 61 - 5 years ago
    But if one considers that oil means light and light means knowledge, than the oil of joy is the gift of God granted to those who seek him. Many believe the oil represents the anointing of the Holy Spirit. This wasn't granted till after our Lord was risen ( John 16:7, 20:22). So this chapter and 62 could be prophetic of our Lord pouring out God's grace on his people.
  • Gary Olsen on Isaiah 61 - 5 years ago
    Oil refers to olive oil which was burned for light. When oil is mentioned, it means light. Here it means light versus darkness. Darkness means despair. Light means the opposite of despair or joy. Think of something that fills you with gladness. There's that warm glow inside of you whenever you think of it. This is the oil of joy.
  • Rachell conwell on Isaiah 61 - 5 years ago
    I too would like to know about the "oil of joy". What does this mean or refer to?
  • Obbie Beal on Isaiah 61 - 5 years ago
    Verse 1 teaches the desire of GOD plus POWER Of GOD; and I am guilty of focusing on things of men that rust away or moths eat it / the lust of the flesh, lust of the eye, pride of life.
  • James on Isaiah 61 - 5 years ago
    In v.8 we see the divine passions of love and hate. The LORD (Jehovah) loves Judgement (Justice). He hates robbery for burnt offering. That speaks of his people not showing their gratitude and appreciation of Him or his divine blessings, by offering him sub-standard offerings of their flocks, instead of the best. God always gives ‘first rate’ blessings to his people. He expects the same in kind🌈
  • James on Isaiah 61 - 5 years ago
    Comtemplate the ‘shalls’ Of vs. 4-7. The fruits of the blessings of the Messiah. 1) They shall build 2) They shall raise up 3) They shall repair 4) Strangers shall feed 5) Foreign offspring shall care 6) Ye shall be named 7) Men shall call you 8) Ye shall eat 9) Ye shall boast 10) Ye shall have double 11) They shall rejoice 12) They shall possess 13) They shall have joy everlasting. 🌈Jesús Saves
  • James on Isaiah 61 - 5 years ago
    In v. 3 we see the blessings that God has appointed the Messiah to bestow upon those who mourn. These blessing replace the results of sin in their lives. 1) Beauty to replace the ashes that like a house fire, has left them desolate and deprived. 2) Joy to replace the heartbreak of their lost due to sin's destruction. 3) Praise replacing the depressing spirit sin leaves behind. Jesus saves
  • James on Isaiah 61 - 5 years ago
    Consider in vs 1-3 the 9-fold ministry of the Christ and current extension of it through his Church. as �He (God) hath sent me to:....1) Preach the good news 2) Bind up broken hearts 3) Proclaim freedom to those held captive by sin 4) Open their prison doors 5) Proclaim the time of God's favor 6) Proclaim the coming judgement 7) Comfort them that mourn 8) Appoint blessings 9) Give blessings of Jesus
  • James on Isaiah 61 - 5 years ago
    The ministry of Jesus is wonderfully described here. And we, the Church, share this ministry with him. His body: his eyes, to see the needs of the lost. His feet, to go to them. His hands, to reach out and touch them. His mouth, to speak words of God’s love to them. His heart, to truly care about them. Note all three members of the trinity: The Spirit, Lord, God. Father, Son, Holy Spirit. 🌈 Jesus
  • Michael Rogers on Isaiah 61 - 5 years ago
    I was blessed when I read this verse the fist time in prison, it is my mission to preach to those in jail.
  • Dorothy M. Fitzgerald on Isaiah 61 - 6 years ago
    This is a great / awesome chapter. this chapter is very personal to me, because being a part of the body of Christ, it confirms to me that their is a time when God will set his church back in position and the work of the church will go forth . The work that I speak of is mentioned in verse 1 thru 3. Verses 4 thru 7 lets you know that there is a reward for suffering in the holy Place in God .
  • Dennis Hauze on Isaiah 61 - 6 years ago
    Symbolism and metaphor abounds in Isaiah 61. What then is the spiritual meaning of the "oil of joy" reference in verse 3, and why that metaphor?
  • Larry Newman on Isaiah 61 - 6 years ago
    The people and the meek have inherited the earth, the sheep are confused, the goats have gone away, the pure at heart have seen their God and have come with Him to judge the nations and heal their land...
  • A disciple on Isaiah 61 - 6 years ago
    Dear Bro. Alex; I really appreciate your friendly reply! I'm glad you say you will think about what I wrote; and for what the warning implies, let us all watch! I have always wondered at the significance and teaching in Christ's transfiguration: a glimpse into the realm of God and eternity; and if Jesus didn't come to die for us, He could have stepped right out of this world like Enoch and Elijah.

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