Jeremiah 39:13 MEANING

Jeremiah 39:13
(13) Nebushasban.--The name, which occurs in the Annals cf Assur-banipal (Records of the Past, i. 64), is possibly another form of the Nebo-sarsechim of Jeremiah 39:3. Rab-saris ( = chief eunuch, or chamberlain) is, as before, his title. Ashpenaz appears as holding the same position, possibly, as Nebushasban's predecessor, in Daniel 1:3.

Verse 13. - Nebushasban. The name occurs in a list of proper names, under the form Nabu-sizibanni, "Nebo, rescue me!" It is remarkable that a different name is given to the Rab-saris in ver. 3; and the conjecture is not unreasonable that Sarsechim is a corruption of the latter part of the name Nebushasban. In ver. 3 the Septuagint has Nabusachar instead of Sarsechim (other copies read Nabusarsechim).

39:11-14 The servants of God alone are prepared for all events; and they are delivered and comforted, while the wicked suffer. They often meet with more kindness from the profane, than from hypocritical professors of godliness. The Lord will raise them up friends, do them good, and perform all his promises.So Nebuzaradan captain of the guard sent,.... When he was come to Jerusalem, one of the first things he did was, he sent a messenger or messengers to the court of the prison where Jeremiah was, to bring him from thence; and this he did not alone, but with the rest of the princes, who had the same charge, and were joined in the commission with him: two of them are mentioned by name,

Nebushasban Rabsaris and Nergalsharezer Rabmag; the latter of these is manifestly one of the princes that first entered Jerusalem, at the taking of it; see Gill on Jeremiah 39:3; and perhaps the former is the same with Sarsechim Rabsaris, as Hillerus (n) thinks, mentioned at the same time, who might have two names; unless we suppose there were two persons in the same office:

and all the king of Babylon's princes: so that great honour was done to the prophet, to have them all charged with his commission from the king; and to be sent unto, and for, by them all.

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