Jeremiah Chapter 21 Discussion

  • Joy on Jeremiah 21 - 1 year ago
    Hello Good morning,

    First of all. I will like to say a big thank you to everyone who took their time to set up this Bible reading , which I enjoyed every day. Besides, that I am indeed of a new Bible ,please, thank you.

    May the Lord God bless you all in Jesus name.

  • Bruce on Jeremiah 21 - 5 years ago
    Whosoever is Angry with his Brother without a cause Shall be in Danger of The Judgment:----------But Whosoever Shall say Thou Fool, Shall be in Danger of Hell Fire. ( Matthew 5:22) Your Right about Churches Today. They Sing Songs, Jump Around, Preach, Read out of The Bible and Yet they have No Life. The Road is Narrow and Few That Find it( Matthew 7:13-14) with His Help,Prayer,Studying,We can Know
  • Sharon on Jeremiah 21 - 5 years ago
    This chapter reminds me of men religion, which is taught over the word of God in the churches in the US. It was not the not the pagans that God was punishing it was the people whom He had choose to be His earthly family the Jews. They were the one who knew his laws and commandments, and choose to be disobedient. They now would be punished and cut off from God. God is no respecter of sinful fools
  • Irene123 on Jeremiah 21 - 7 years ago
    To Calvin, one yr. ago - Jer. ch. 21; @ Pet. 2:21.
  • Kathy Evans on Jeremiah 21 - 7 years ago
    I thought this would help me understand the mean people I have met in the 2017 election.But I can't seem to find what God is telling me to share with them.And I feel very anxious to let them know God has this.Where can I look for this.
  • Stephen F. Zielski on Jeremiah 21 - 7 years ago
    Rest assure that our Heavenly Father Magnified His Holy Word of Life above His Name
  • Michael C. on Jeremiah 21 - 7 years ago
    Many look for help and pray to God, when fear of judgment and punishment for their sins comes upon them; but inwardly they have no heart for actually being converted, or doing Jesus' commandments. It is today like in Genesis 6: it was because of apostasy, and that the "sons of God" would no longer obey the conviction of the Spirit; that the whole of mankind was ruined beyond remedy, and destroyed.
  • Calvin on Jeremiah 21 - 8 years ago
    This chapter is trying to teach us, if you are a Christian and you turn from God, this is worse than being a non Christian. We should seek God's help and wisdom every day and every respect of our life, not only in bad times.
  • Etinzock on Jeremiah 21:9 - 11 years ago
    that scriptures means to protect
  • Elizann P. England on Jeremiah 21 - 11 years ago
    Lord, Jeremiah 21 helps me understand a dream I had of snakes in houses. They were all over the door of the houses, laying on the door seals as you enter the houses. I was setting fire to the houses.

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