Jeremiah Chapter 37 Discussion

  • Leonard Halleen on Jeremiah 37 - 2 years ago
    How come Nebuchadnezzar's name is spelled with a z in some passages and r in other passages...such as Nebuchadrezzar
  • Obbie Beal on Jeremiah 37 - 4 years ago
    Above we learn see THE WILL OF GOD is being carried out... we must agree it is not a rejoicing moment, nevertheless JEHOVAH, GOD, was in full control of all. Fast forward from then to 2020 and nothing has changed THE WILL OF GOD is being carried out, nevertheless GOD is in full control.... reminds me of that day the disciples was in the wave-tossed boat and JESUS, THE LORD OF THE SEA was with them....fearing death they cried out to JESUS and JESUS fulfilled their desire....sea calmed, fear gone, safe again....JESUS waits for us to cry out to HIM to save us from the lake of fire....we will be safe again, fear gone... John 3:16-21 once applied secured ones SALVATION.
  • Nimo muiru on Jeremiah 37 - 9 years ago
    Despite Jeremiahs fate,he went on proclaiming the message as it was from God. King Zedekiah was lukewarm on whether to follow the false prophesy or Jeremiahs message from God. Due to Zedekiahs ignorance and fear of his prophets and people,Judah was destroyed.
  • Andrew on Jeremiah 37 - 10 years ago
    Irijah and all the princes that smote Jeremiah, no doubt must also have their share of curses from God for their wickedness.
  • SILVANUS MATHIAS on Jeremiah 37 - 10 years ago
    Sometimes when God uses man to show how strong and Mighty He is...He wont care the persecution the Man will face until His word comes to pass and this means we are His servants

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