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  • Glynda Wishnevsky on John 8 - 10 years ago
    John 8 teaches us how God the Father views His Son, Jesus and how Jesus views himself and God, His Father. It shows us how we should see them, too!
  • Mrs. Cox on John 8:23 - 10 years ago
    Just before John 8 32 it reads, IF ye "continue " in My word, and that is the real secret in coming to the knowledge of the truth. If we don 't live it and don 't have God 's Holy Spirit, He will never guide us into all the truth. It will remain a mystery. That is why there are so many various beliefs and we have all of this religious confusion. People will only go so far in their obedience and think that they can add or take away what they like or dislike. I feel we must accept and live it all. That is why I need to have daily devotions and seek His face, since I have been saved and sanctified. Without His grace day to day, I could loose my vision of His truth as well. God help us all, His return is fast approaching.
  • Bazamile on John 8 - 10 years ago
    John chapter teaches me not to judge a person because nobody is perfect in this world God love us all,Thank father for lovin me Amen
  • Gladys on John 8 - 10 years ago
    I love the Chapter 8 the whole BIBLE
  • Adesola on John 8 - 10 years ago
    Jesus spoke the word of God without the fear of man, a lesson for every believer in this age and time. God help us.
  • Doyle Duckworth on John 8 - 10 years ago
    The amazing thing in chapter 8 7 is Jesus is the only one there without sin.
  • Mark on John 8 - 10 years ago
    For those who believe Jesus is God Then why do you not believe him when he says I have not a devil John 10 21 can the devil open the eyes of the blind Gen 3 7 And the eyes of them both were open
  • Florence on John 8:32 - 10 years ago
    and u shall know the truth and the truth will make you free in john 1 in the beginning is the word the word is wth God and the word is God who is the word our lord Jesus christ who is also God who has been given to us as our lord and saviour if we know him he will save us how do we know him By working in light because he said i am the light the truth and life when we live in light and truth we will be saved
  • Darlene on John 8:32 - 10 years ago
    I know that the truth will set you free I am a living witness to this
  • Lenosh tamang on John 8 - 10 years ago
    Really jesus was the son of god i thank jesus for his selfless act of dying for me Had my fren knew jesus Plez pray for them
  • Roy Wuthier on John 8:56 - 10 years ago
    In Genesis 14 18 Melchizedek an acknowledged type of Jesus Christ king of Salem peace priest of God Most High brought out bread and wine and blessed Abraham saying Blessed be Abram by God Most High maker of heaven and earth Then Abram gave him a tenth of everything he had won in the battle with Chedorlaomer One needs to read the full account in Genesis where the Lord came to Abram in a vision and told him Fear not Abram I am your shield your reward shall be very great From all this it seems to me that in these encounters Abram indeed saw Christ and rejoiced exceedingly from this revelation
  • Gods Grace on John 8:11 - 10 years ago
    1 John 5 18 We know that whosoever is born of God sinneth not but he that is begotten of God keepeth himself and that wicked one toucheth him not Note we are not under law but grace if saved and the commandments are kept by the Blood of Jesus if you have the Holy Spirit ie saved You failed to Christ is the end of the law of righteousness to all who believeth Not all do The Law justifies no one even if kept perfect but would give knowledge of sin No man ever has kept it not a one and all fell short A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit Matthew 7 18 No Evil fruit Luke 15 7 I say unto you that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth more than over ninety and nine just persons which need no repentance The Just need no repentance
  • Jonathan on John 8:58 - 10 years ago
    Jesus was explaining the fact that he was the unseen God of the Old Testament that became the visible God of the New Testament
  • John Baker on John 8:44 - 10 years ago
    I see some good comments...yes I think the Cain line comes to play here and how interesting it is that the coronation stone of David has been in N Ireland at/around time of Jesus. Do you think Jacob lost it or left it behind?? NOT LIKELY. These false jew moneychangers were getting called out by Jesus and he was probably killed for it
  • John Baker on John 8:41 - 10 years ago
    Whoa hold on Tim...Mary and Joseph?? I think you need to put this into the proper context friend. They were talking about Abraham...millenia before Jesus pal. Mary and Joseph had exactly zero to do with the Jew moneychangers Jesus was addressing. He was calling them out as illegitimate in their claim as "Gods People" and not descendents of God's chosen line of David....evil fakes and devil's folk is the way we read it in the unmolested versions in Greek.
  • Brother Pete on John 8:32 - 10 years ago
    you are right the word MAKE IS CORRECT.IF A MAN IS IN PRISON ,his friends or a prison guard can SET him FREE .But ONLY the JUDGE Can MAKE you free. Because of the death and resurrection of JESUS, HE MADE US free. BECAUSE HE WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT HAD THAT ATHORITY .
  • Susan on John 8:7 - 10 years ago
    @ Linda Klinkhammer: I am very sorry that happened to you. I too was raped at age 17 from an abduction. The man that sent you that is clearly trying to minimize his responsibility for what he did to you. It does not mean that you are the one that sinned. What it basically means is that all the people that wanted to stone the woman for committing adultery have all sinned in someway themselves and had no right to condemn her for what she did unless they were without sin, and as we all know Jesus was the only human being that never sinned. So he is the only one that had the right to judge her. At least that is my take on it but I could be wrong.
  • Samuel williams o wilil on John 8:32 - 10 years ago
    Jn all about know the word of God.because the Word of God is God when ever a man know the truth the me will be set free,because he read the word and he discovered that the bible says let the sick say am strong that is the truth because he have program the truth so the me is set free form sickness that is the truth.
  • F Stephen on John 8:58 - 10 years ago
    Here, Jesus Christ clearly states His Divinity and Person.

    That men may worship the Son as they worship the Father.

    Oh I love Jesus because He first loved me!
  • Angel L on John 8 - 10 years ago
    Terry a person must repent of their sin which means to turn from it. To turn from your sin means you try, with the help of God, to not repeat that sin. If you do repeat it for some are not as easy to break from the first time like a bad habit, then you repent and turn from it yet again. God knows the heart and knows whether you are truly trying to walk away from a sin or just spouting words. "To go and sin no more" means to try to walk w/o sin the best you can while seeking God's help to do so and learning His word in order to help or resist temptation. Even Jesus used the scriptures to ward off temptation when satan tried to tempt Him after coming out of the desert for 40 days. Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee. We also need to put on the full armour of God to help defend ourselves from satan's attacks. With that in mind also know that when we repent, truly in our hearts, that God forgives us fully and remembers them no more. As David said in Psalm, He (God) casts them as far as the east is from the west. Don't let guilt and condemnation hinder you and shackel you and prevent you from walking in the Lord.
  • DENTON on John 8 - 10 years ago
    I KNOW .. that JESUS was trying to tell them through parables that HE is NOT ONLY the Son of GOD in the flesh; BUT that HIS Spirit is the ALMIGHTY GOD .. which is the GREATEST Reve{a}Lation that anyone can receive ...
  • Odunlami Israel Babajide on John 8:32 - 10 years ago
    And U shall knw d truth and d truth shall make U free.....Its d level of d intake of d Word of God that set U free 4rm Satan and his agants.."U" d contxt mean ur Personal relationship with God is d most imprtant tin.. Jer 33:3....Call unto me,I'll answer "U"..I will show "U"...Its not d gathering in church though its important bt ur personal fellpwhip with God that is most important...
  • Terry on John 8:11 - 10 years ago
    I have a question. What if someone says they are sorry and continue to live committing the same sins and have no change, are they forgiven? When it says go & sin no more, I take it that means just that.
  • Julie on John 8:32 - 10 years ago
    And you shall know the TRUTH (the name of the Lord) and the truth we are lead into through our hearts if we Believe in TRUTH. For Life so loved the world that Life gave Life's One and Only, TRUTH, that whomsoever believeth in TRUTH would not perish but have Everlasting Life.
  • Theaveragejoeforpresident on John 8:32 - 10 years ago
    A very common phrase is often heard in reference to the truth, �know the truth and the truth shall set you free�, and most people think of the word �truth� in relative terms. They want to apply it to the situation which is causing them mental anguish, whether it is fear, guilt or shame. They do not know that �Truth� is God and God is the Spirit. He gives the Spirit without measure to abide in those who practice the truth in search of the �Light� so that his deeds maybe manifested as having been wrought by GOD.
    Whether man or nation their course of action will show obedience to God�s word or the fact that they did not accept correction and the truth has perished and has been cut off from their mouth.
  • Noah Mangut on John 8:32 - 10 years ago
    Jesus was saying to his disciples about him.his d truth and if you know him you will be set free
  • JAMES BUTCHER on John 8:56 - 10 years ago
  • Lee on John 8:58 - 10 years ago
    God; eternally existent, He also said,Abraham was.
  • Lameck Simuyemba on John 8 - 10 years ago
    Any one who believes upon the Father follows Jesus' teaching & Jesus is not divided in His teaching/ doctrine & yet there're many doctrines within Christendom all claiming to be following Jesus. Isn't this a disparity? Pray for the Father to show you the truth because the Father seeketh only those who worship Him in truth & in Spirit John 4.
    NB. 'Father' was omitted in the 1st comment.
  • Lameck Simuyemba on John 8 - 10 years ago
    Any one who believes upon the Father follows Jesus' teaching & Jesus is not divided in His teaching/ doctrine & yet there're many doctrines within Christendom all claiming to be following Jesus. Isn't this a disparity? Pray for the Father to show you the truth because the seeketh only those who worship Him in truth & in Spirit John 4.

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