King James Version

King James Version

The King James Version is a translation named after King James I of England who commissioned the new English Bible translation in 1604 A.D. King James 'authorized' the new translation to be read in churches in England and beyond after it was first published in 1611 A.D. Later known as the 'Authorized Version' in 1814, the King James Version became a standard among English-speaking Christians.

The King James Version is considered one of the most accurate English translations in existence. A skilled committee of 54 translators worked for 7 years to carefully complete the King James translation project.

The translation is most noted for its poetic feel - prose that seems to flow with a certain rhythmic quality. The book is cited as the most published book in world history with a significant influence on literature and culture. It is estimated that more than 1 billion copies of the King James Version have been published.

The English from the original 1611 published version is noticeably different than the newer 1769 version, as the English has been updated for modern readers. People who are unfamiliar with the English language in the Elizabethan and Jacobean era can easily mistake the 1611 King James Version writing style for spelling errors. The same can be said for other writings of that era as well, for example Beowulf.

It is widely recognized that the King James Version has made a significant impact on the English language and it continues to leave impressions on people and culture.

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Why do people read the King James Version?

268 King James Version (KJV) Bible readers would love to answer that question!

"We read the King James Version, because..."

KJV was the original. Where God breathed upon men to write. It is the living word of God where the author is always present, It gives me my breathto live, it gives hope joy and peace. These are the main Desires in life, it is the manual for life and our road map for going to heaven. People have made millions off of self help books and they got their info right out of the Bible. If all would just read and obey the Bible, the earth would be a better place.

The most sold, read, bought, published, given away, believed, translated, quoted, and accurate book the world has ever experienced.

It is the only infalliable written word of God.

King James Version of the Bible is the true word of God that we read, understand, apply in our daily lives as we await His coming to take us to Eternal Life :)

I have read other translations which to some might be ok but to me I feel the KJV brings me closer to what God is saying to me when I read it. I thank Jesus for the freedom to have and read my Bible openly and for my church that teaches only frrom KJV.

The KJV is the perfectly preserved, infallible word of God.

Most published, Most owned, Most read, BUT...... most MISunderstood. The BIBLE. It shall remain the true word of God forever.

Praise the Lord Saints! The King James Bible is the best book in the world. I pray that everyone start reading the Bible to get a closer walk with the Lord!

To me, the King James Bible is a timeless version of God's Holy Word-- accurately and beautifully transcribed for generations of faithful Christians, a "lamp to [our] feet and a light for [our] path."

The KJV Bible is Gods Holy preserved Word for the English speaking people.

The KJB has been a life altering experience that I plan to experience the rest of my life.

Kjv allows everyone to know that the world we live in has always stayed the same.Us living creatures is the ones thats changing daily.

The best translation of the word of God in existence.

It is the inspired preserved Word of God to english speaking people.

My road map to heaven.

400 years of truth and still going strong. It is the "lamp unto my feet" and the "word I have hid in mine heart". All other versions mearly compare.

The King James Version is undiluted.

The KJV Bible is My GPS and my Lifeline.

Life giving and soul saving book.


Atheists just can't get over why the Bible does not go away or diminish in popularity. DUH! It's God's Living Word that as the it says everything else will pass away but '....but MY WORD will never pass away'.

God-breathed truth

When I fill empty and alone, by reading the holy bible I get strong and have hope in life. I feel great when I know that Jesus Christ died just for me and the all world so that I can have life that have no end.

The King James Bible is life to me!

To me it is the inerrant word of God, infallible, full of grace, truth, wisdom, power, and love!

Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (B.I.B.L.E)

King James Bible means to me and follow Jesus and do what he say. King James Bible to me is the Law of Jesus and we Shall do what it say

God's Holy Word

Way to life

The last true ray of truth in humanity's darkest hour.

Word of God is deep! It's quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit

It means everything because it is the word of God.

God's Word the James Way...

It is the Instruction Manuel on how to make it to The most wonderful get away that's out of this world.

the most CREDIBLE translation of scriptures that have TRUE Spirit.

Three in one,one in three,the One in the middle,He saved me.

it is like a recorded tape through which God communicates to me

The inerrant word of God.

It's like taking a breath of fresh air after being submerged under water. It's life, truth, happiness, my road map!

The truth! Life Stories of our ancestors that we should learn from and live by!

It is simple and true instruction for God's people.

Because its Gods word

Restoration,happiness&growth in Spirit!

The true and only Word of God for English speaking people!

It full off truth and best true action drama....

The Bible to me is the book of life and my guidience to every day living. when i live by the Bible i am living according to God's will over my life.

The Words of The Living God spoken to me by the Power of the Holy Ghost.

I see it as the press' newspaper of old times, which never expires.

It's undeniably the inspired Word of God that offers eternal life to all who will accept the free gift by believing that Jesus was born, died to take away our sins, and rose again and is our Living Saviour!


King James has make me grow spiritual I love it.

The King James Bible is alive, it breaths in me through the Holy Spirit.

search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me...

Truth, thats it, Truth!

This book gives me such inspiration,devotion,and hope.

It's the only book worth reading because it's the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

King James Bible is God's word, which is the truth, and the truth did set me free!!

Without the King James Bible I would not have the pure and preserved words of the Lord Psalms 12:6-7) to hold in my hands, meditate upon, press to me heart believing every word means what it says, as it says it and to whom it says it.

What it means to me is that it says "there is more out there than this"


It means everything to me!

GOD'S Basic Instructions for his people Before they leave this Earth.

A guide to living a Christian life.


Though Muslim: 'It is the touch and torch of everything existing and non-existent'.

Bible stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.....

In the begining was the WORD, and the WORD was God, and the WORD was with God! ENOUGH SAID!

Kjv means more than just a book but inspired word of God

King James is the life of Jesus.It inspires you in your every-day living. Teaches you the love Jesus. How temptation is all around you and how to deal with it

A King James Bible represents the true words of God. No other book like it.

It means sooo much to me, God's word is so comforting, especially lately, I just lost my husband the 29th will be a month, and the bible is right at my fingertips, with this KJV right online. and the KJV is the only true Bible I THINK, there is, because w

Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth!!!!!

If you find when you read it that there's something wrong, there's something wrong with you.

C to me, the Bible which is the KJV . .the preserve ,pure ,quick and powerful word of GOD. Thats why my heart captured for this Word.

The King James Bible can be easy to read when you ask God's Holy Spirit to help you!

The King James is my guide in all directions of my life,.

Its gvng me strength to my everyday life...its a book of fruit of life.

It is the book that my mama read to me as a small child It is The Book that she gave before she left this world Because of that Book I know that I will see her again what does that Book mean to me there are no words to tell you

I prefer the King James Bible because God's truth deserves to be expressed in compelling, memorable language.

The King James Bible means to me a pure source of God's Unchanging Word that is sweeter than the honey and the honey comb.

It is the real word of God that got me through Hurricane Katrina, the levee breaks and the Superdome.

The Map of Living Life

In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, the Word was God. KJV is the closest, English version, to GOD!

My Map.

It means tha word of God.

Its the most widely circulated, most popular, affordable and reliable translation that discloses the plans of God for this world and hereafter.

Its the most reliable version and used by almost every christian

its a guidline by witch i choose to some what follow

Super Understanding


the original translation of the revelation of Jesus Christ(bible)

The Bible is the inspired words of God, our creator. It is our pattern for daily living and our hope for a brighter future in glory with our Lord and King. Without the word of God man would be hopelessly lost.

God's word the way it was meant to be

The devil tried to take my mind while reading other versions, but here this is the REAL WORD of GOD!! The KJV stands alone by itself!! Not man's opinion or view of what they think it should say!! I thank GOD for the KJV!!

The Kjv Bible is a living thing all other Bibles do not speak to me

The living word of God to mankind

Authentic God's word in paper.

The life line drawing me closer to the life giver.

BIBLE= Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

To me is great letters that is full of power and devine success the lord wrote long ago for us to pass on

It's actually d un-diluted word of God,in d process of translating to other versions,der may be alterations..d KJV is jst so awesome..!

Basically a much better version of The Truth than the Douey-Reims Catholic Version!

The word as I read it every day gives me the strength to live just in this uncertain world it lifts me to be one with God because God has given me two great things thats life and the gift of the Holy Ghost my life is in the hands of the most highest I'd h

The King James Bible is the inspired Word of God that I aspire to live according to on a daily basis.


The Word of God to reach salvation.

Mersburgh Closes to GODS WORD


Although it's not the original manuscripts it is a full and sufficient guide that enables us to live better lives if we follow God's commands and not use it to persecute others in the name of the LORD!

I love the King James Bible and use it to memorize scripture because it was my first love.

A King James Bible represents the true words of God.

it means learning about God and putting HIs Word in my heart

God's Word is not only Jesus Christ, but also our guide to life.

My King James Bible is my lifeline and my foundation-without it I would be lost.

To be able to carry GOD sord every where I go.


The King James Bible is the Word of God spoken to the spirtual rhythms of the soul.

The King James Bible means life to me!(:

The divine word of the living God!

The King James version Bible is the closest to purity in the context of the truth of God's WORD, ie. though it maybe written in a form of English that may be difficult for some, however a sincere search for the truth will tap into the divine power of the

The KJV bible is the true word of GOD, and is everlasting life to everyone that believes in it.

I was brought up with the auth vers of KJV - and it means life - eternal life to me - for it is by God's truth within, that I now belong to Christ.

Life, love, happiness, perseverance and completion.

Only Bible can be trust..Book of scripture made up of the Old Testament and the New Testament. Contains prophesies, a history of God's people, and the birth, life, death, and teachings of Jesus Christ.

It is an answer to every questin in life. It is eternal life! It is my peace love and joy in the myths of all stormes! It is hope! Without hope we have nothing!

The King James Version of the Bible is where I was taught about the Lord from.. All the stories you hear as a young child.. The creation story.. Noah and the Ark.. The coat of many colors.. my Mother and my Sunday school teachers all taught from the KJV..

The most reliable English translation of the Word of God.

I thank God for every word of this Holy bible that was written by king James and give all praise and honor to the Author, the King of Kings Jesus Christ.


King james bible means my guide to salvation

The Truth, Way, and Light to many that's what the King James Bible means to me.

Portrays the original words of christ.

It is better than any GPS ,or any high tech device ever inventied, It leads me, comforts me, feeds me, teaches me to grow, its everything I need to prepare me for everything here in this life.

King James bible means the only way to raise my daughter, the only way for me to set an example for my family, friends, the people whom have chains that tie them to the earth(satan) which keeps them further from our heavenly father and saviour Jesus.

The Kings James Bible is and always will be the living truth.

the real history of life

It has ther rules to life and is my road map.

The word of God

The Living Word of God.

King James Bible is a food to my life and a spirit boaster to me.

Life, love, fear, authority, passionate, caring, forgiveness, and eternity.

The Truth!!!

The King James Bible means miracles to me and to everyone that reads it.

It helps me understand the meaning of our savior!

The KJV is as close to the original as I have found.

?1 Peter 1:25; But the word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you.


It is the Bread of my life!

The King james Version Bible,has Clear Ansers and Original Scriptures. Ajehovah witness asked about God the father,Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, itold him the three are one. He was wanted to ague but after reading 1 John 5:7-8 the King James Version,h

?66 Books, 40 Authors, The Infallible word of God & The Revelation from God to Man!

its my life line and helps me everyday to not only make myself a better person but to instill the love of jesus into my children's lives and to let them know ni matter where life takes them jesus will be there all the way to the end

It is the Inspired word of Jehovah.

The King James Bible has all of the answers to lifes problems, and it means the world!

God's words to guide my life.


It's my Basic Instuction Before Leaving Earth!


i feel lyk readin it every scnd,minute nd every hour,

Old Person its life to my soul!

The undiluted word of GOD.

For me, the KJV Bible is fortifying acronym, Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

The real truth!

Inspiring words of power, much assurance

At first is like i was asleep and i don't know what going on and what passing me bye But by de help of king james bible am aweke and i can see feel and here de word of God is de food of my life.

The perfect, un-perverted of God of which all truth originates!

John 1:14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

Is my life, my love, my everything!

The King James Bible means eveything to me but if your would read the word of God and apply it to your life it will be a comfort when you're down, a Doctor when you're sick. help in the time of trouble, and everything in which you may need most of all the

It is life that brings newness every day, showing me grace in the time of need and leading and guiding in every circumstance with sometime straight to the quick and with sometime medical WORD OF GOD.

It is the only bible


it solved a lot of Q: for me and i believe it is the only correct translation bible (correct)

Love of God


Its my GPS. It keeps on the right road to get me to heaven.

The King James Bible means certainty to me. God speed!

It is the "living word" of God!

The way, and the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ to show us what we need to do to be saved and the ONLY BIBLE:)

The King James Bible is God's way of telling me who he is, what he is, why he is, where he is, and how he is

The K.J. Bible is a guide to my journey on this earth into eternal glory in Jesus name.

KJ is the basic information before leaving earth a.k.a (bible) Thats what King James is for me!!

Truth, life, liberty, & freedom! Without the KJV I wouldn't know Jesus Christ!

It is the most literal English translation ever made. It and the Amplified are the closest thing in English we have to God's word and not man's word.

I call it "my university Bible" all other versions are refrence Bibles.

The King James Version is a blessed one. I have other translations that I use to cross reference and study with. But I will always prefer the Kings James Version for my study of God's Word. I LOVE THE KING JAMES VERSION.



Its God's preserved word, and his love for us makes it accessible to us so we may live to serve him.


It is the Word of God that grounds me in peace in this troublesome world, giving me a light to carry in the darkness.

To me the Bible means God has already prepared us for the trials and temptations we face on earth and is preparing us for our heavenly home.

Knowing that I am reading the inspired word of GOD, from the original text of Greek and Hebrew, with no added or deleted inserts, like other copies. (its the real deal).

When people put you down enough, you tend to believe, until you find our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Wonderful Words of Life

The Word of God.

The Bible to me is like a road map for life.

The KJV is my security and my assurance of the Cross!


When we purchase something we get a instruction manual the bible is my instruction manual , Jesus purchased it for me with His blood

Find The TRUTH Inside King James Bible

It is only book that can take man out of sin (man's problem) or sin taking man out of it. It is our mirror of life. Each time u look into it u see either ur sin or ur righteousnes.

My sword against evil, Our Jesus

It is difficult to read every sentence, but my fav. is B-I-B-L-E- Basic instruction before leaving Earth. <<< Now that isn't mine, mine is: The KJV bible tells us of God's unconditional love.

Dont need 1 sentence 1 word will do it " LIFE "

The King James Bible means the world to me, because it is God's instructions for his children to follow in his path, so that we may obtain eternal salvation.

The word of God

God's word is my life and The KJV. is the oldest, translated to English in word for word accuracy rather than like other translations that use "general meaning" . When it comes to truth. I want it to be as accurate as is attainable considering the Bible's


Peace , love and joy..the song to my soul

Catholic Bible.

The King James Bible means "the truth" to me.

The Scripture in old testament and new testament (KJV)

KING JAMES VERSION, Personally its realy matter to me,Because its teaches us the real the truth.and there nothing omit , it doesnt matter how deep the words of God, God will give us understanding no need to translate in different words or version or make

King James Bible - a bible version proven to be trusted because it is exactly telling the truth of Word of God!

Authorized KJV~Bible i trust being first English translation made frm original language,Hebrew..unlike other version that hav altered original meaning thus misleadng,corrupted & unreliable.

Truth Wisdom Love the light to my Path.

It is the living word of God, that can live in our hearts if we believe on His son Jesus Christ as Lord and savior.

The King James Bible means miracles to me and to whoever reads it.

the bible is my map to the place that Christ has for me...

For man from God too witness:-)

Everything.... It is my dictionary, map, & GPS for living life here on earth..


It's the most accurate version ever published. The newer version only says a little more at Jeremiah chapter 23 at the end of chapter. Older version's can be found in car boot sales.

King James Bibles has the authoritative Word of God, King James Bible because of this, challenges people`s faith, by this I mean. People who do use King James Bible do increase their faith in God rapidly.

Most books I read once, but I find the Bible is a book that when I pray for understanding and every time I read it something new is revealed which lifts me to a step beyond "me."


The King James bible is the true word of God, without distortion.

it is al i was given to beliv in by my Father and Lord Jesus Christ

The truth to everything

The KJV Bible is my road map to Heaven and my everything.

It drew me closer to my GOD and will continue to by listening to HIM speaking through HIS wondrous Words from this marvelous Book, which gives me strength to continue on the spiritual battle I face everyday.




The mind of God, given to man through inspiration.

Life and my sword.

the bible is a way of life. live by the word and you will receive your just deserves


Jesus is the word; and I want to know the word.

light unto my feet

Chisom The king James Bible is the real inspired & undiluted word of God. I hear direct from God when I read The King James.

KJV is the Word for me

King James bible: experience the dynmaic,inspired logos word,clear concise and effective

I am not trying to be in the contest...but I have to let every1 know what it means to me.....I was a drug addict over 4 years ago and I went to a faith based rehab...they had different bibles there and didnt really matter what you read, but there was a ve

It's our A/A class, our N/A class our physician, our counselor,our friend we we don't have no one , a father to the fatherless it's our God. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. God Bless.


King James Bible is my life and everything!

it is our daily bread , you eat never get full, leave it and it will never go stail, always a piece of bread for everyones tastes and needs, never go hungry again!!!! eat pray love!!!

its the undiluted word of God

Unadulterated truth! :)

It makes us wiser than our enemies and more understanding than our teachers, because we delight in it every day.

Kjv is da word of GOD,n which is life,wisdom and knowledge...4 it bein dat completes ma daily lyf's abundance....its actualy what i exactly wanna know and do in everythin....

did i win yet? lol j/k

I believe that King James is the nearest translation from Greek, thats why I love it......

God's word in it's most pure and true form, poetic and beautiful!

Kjv means everything to me as a child at school @Sunday school we were given psalms Old@New Testament chapters @verses to learn off by heart and thankfully now @64 i can still remember them but other versions are good but i love my King James version its

Me too, it is like God himself is speaking to me. Awesome.!


When you open a KJV you know God is speaking!

It,s thy word Oh Lord, a two edged sword,with which thou admonish me and healeth me.

The perfect, un-perverted of God of which all truth originates!

It's a well of pure water when I'm thirsty and dry, bread when i'm hungrey and worn;when the battle is raging its my faithful sword my shelter in life's troubled storm.

It means giving me hope for my every day life

If one would read the King James Bible daily as his bread continually throughout his lifetime, from cover to cover, he would hide God's Word in his heart that he sin not against Him and God would use that one in His Kingdom to promote His Word to the peop

Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth...

When the King James version is 'quoted'... you know it is from the Bible... when any other version is quoted, it sounds like it could be from any book at all. I love the King James Version!

The inspired, inerrant, infallible word of God.

On my profession of faith in God and His Son Jesus; I am promised 1 day a home in heaven forever with God and His Son Jesus and all of my family and friends awaiting me there.

Like David's sling, The King James Bible has been proven!!!!!!!

The King James Bible is light in a darkened world, life in place of death, truth that reveals every lie and hope for all mankind!

The King James Bible is the instruction booklet to my life.

The personal staff in which to lean on.

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