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  • Sundar Singh P.S on Lamentations 3:31 - 9 years ago
    For them who failed to follow the will of God and ardent in doing their own pleasure ignoring the voice of the shepherd, a great reviving promise to turn to Him or after turning to Him from the depths of spiritual depressions. Even to me a wicked ran from Him without chased by anyone.
  • MockingBird on Lamentations 3:22 - 9 years ago
    God is faithful : He could have wiped out the whole human race : He didn 't He chose to love me and forgive me : As He does all people : His compassions fail not and His mercies are new every morning : Yes and Great is His faithfulness !!!!
  • Sonia Smith on Lamentations 3 - 9 years ago
  • Emediong Akpabio on Lamentations 3:37 - 9 years ago
    God is omniscience,he has knowledge of everything even before it happens,No matter the evil plans of the enermies it will not come to pass,because it is not in consonant with the word.
  • Law cool on Lamentations 3:37 - 9 years ago
    Without God in once life,such a person is living a life of by chance.
  • Jeanette brown on Lamentations 3 - 9 years ago
    When I read this always bring tears to my eyes, of course God is truly merciful. I read Gods word daily, been in church all my life, this one scripture makes me cry joyfully .and thou hasst removed my soul far off from peace I forgot prosperity and my strength and my hope is perished from the Lord remembering my affliction and my misery the wormwood and the soul have them still in my remembrance and is humbled in me this I would call to my mind therefore have I hope it is because of the Lords mercies that we are not consumed for Because his compassions fail not, they are new every morning, great is thy faithfulness. Lam3:17-23.bless the lord.God bless you all who stay in the word.
  • Opuene woripre felix on Lamentations 3:37 - 9 years ago
    The supremacy of God exists till eternity through the infaliable,holy decrees of his word especially when the need arises. What a powerfull God.
  • Jay-jay chijioke on Lamentations 3 - 9 years ago
    our God is a faithful, those that understand him always fill his presence. one thing i know is that he will not disapoint his people. all his promises shall one day come to pass. I AM HAPPY TO HAVE HIM AS MY FATHER.
  • BISHOP Samson grace on Lamentations 3:37 - 9 years ago
  • Abby on Lamentations 3 - 9 years ago
    God is faithful. He 's full of compassion. His mercies are new every morning. As a believer, you know all that. So make it a point to remind your self of the benefits that are yours in Jesus. The benefits are in Psalm 103. He forgives all your sins. He heals all your diseases. He redeems your life from destruction. He crowns you with loving kindness and tender mercies. He satisfies your mouth with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle 's. He executes righteousness and judgment for you against oppression. He sets you free. He gives you His grace and mercy in time of need. Make it a point every morning to say those things out loud to the Lord.
  • Wicklif orina on Lamentations 3:36 - 9 years ago
    God has good plans for us,and he does not allow bad things to happen to us.AMEN IN JESUS NAME.
  • Daniel ifesinachi on Lamentations 3 - 9 years ago
    What give me joy as a christian is that our god has the final say in our life.
  • Christina Galay on Lamentations 3:10 - 10 years ago
    I am a nutritionist preparing a presentation about how far off we have come from God 's plan of how we feed our bodies. I see the serpant as always evil in the bible....why is a lion sometimes portraying evil and sometimes portraying good? Or do I have it wrong.?
  • Gabriel on Lamentations 3:22 - 10 years ago
    Great is His faithfulness and kindness
  • Chinwe on Lamentations 3 - 10 years ago
    yes! yes! yes! who said you shall die when the lord has n ot said so? who said you shall not hav your break through when the lord commanded it not? we need to know our rights as christians
  • Jonah on Lamentations 3 - 10 years ago
    Verse 7 is the most sweetest verse, If Christ is behind us, if God says you will be prosperous, who dares to destroy your life.... Praise be your name forever and ever. Love you Jesus for delivering me in times of trouble.
  • Toni on Lamentations 3:22 - 10 years ago
    What a wonderful God we truly serve God s tenderness and benevolence towards peoople who are wicked sinful and full of guile is beyond comprehension We don t deserve all His mercies and most truly don t appreciate it Yet God loved the world He created so much that He gave His only begotten Son Jesus to save us This verse lets us know that God could destroy us off the face of the earth but because of his many mercies and the fact that his pity for us does not cease that He gives each person a chance to find His Son Jesus The fact that His compassions are new each morning should make us want to run even closer to Him That with fear and trembling daily we should cry out for the Lord to continue to have mercy on us and to cleanse us of our sinful ways God is great in His lovingkindness and His tender mercies Each day they are brand new He will keep His word and do just what He says He will do It is us who have not been faithful to God Lord I pray that in me you grant me the wisdom and the humbleness of heart and the power to be faithful to you Bless the Lord
  • Jean on Lamentations 3:21 - 10 years ago
    I love this verse it helps me to understand the next two verses
  • Beverley Davis-Grant on Lamentations 3 - 10 years ago
    The writer started out by outlining all the evils assailing him then he came to the understanding that it is the Almighty that is keeping him according to His infinite mercies The devil at times wants us to believe that the Almighty has forsaken us but He has promised never to leave us alone Therefore when in distress call up on Him He is just a prayer away What ever His reply is It is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Almighty
  • Frank Lord on Lamentations 3:24 - 10 years ago
    Lamentations 3:24 is the scripture which is full of inspirations, and its tells us the goodness of God.
  • Doris on Lamentations 3:22 - 10 years ago
    Father God, we thank you for your mercy, kindness, goodness, gentleness, loving and strength as your children. We give praise unto your Holy Name, and we love you Lord.
  • Petra on Lamentations 3:15 - 10 years ago
    None at this time
  • Chelcy Etim on Lamentations 3:37 - 10 years ago
    It is advisable for all believers to build their faith in God and detest evil knowing fully well that God is the author and finisher of our faith therefore no evil shall before anyone when the Lord has not commanded it thus the enemies strives just in vain to destroy your live be happy that your creator the most high God reigneth in your live forever.
  • Christopher Ejuwehwe on Lamentations 3:37 - 10 years ago
    Who is he that saith, and it cometh to pass,when the Lord commandeth it not. This is the word of God to ever man he has creator in his image, this is to comfd the love God has 4 me. God know evil men will spake evil agaist the good men so He make a provision in isaish54 that said
    no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. The tongue means any evil spoke word agaist you in all direction. So the good men have upper hand the evil men. So thier action is nothing with me cos i have power to comdemn thier work. Thank you my FATHER 4 you word.
  • Kingsley Ohuka on Lamentations 3 - 10 years ago
    We are to know that sin brings grieve and pains, as children of God discplines us when we commit sin, because paul said in the scriptures that when we are chastised by the lord it shows that we are bonafide children. So whenever we are afflicted we should look at our lives and know when we erred and come back to Him for He will have mercy
  • Darius on Lamentations 3:22 - 10 years ago
    I think the mercies of God is inexplicable, may his compassion dwell forever.
  • Douglas Danor on Lamentations 3 - 11 years ago
    V37: It does'nt matter the status, dispositin or connections of the plotters of evil over my life! If God allows it, then He has an unseen but guaranteed upliftment plan inherent in their plots! And you know what, a good measure of punnishment for the perpetrators of the seeming evil. Joseph said to his brothers, you thought evil against me, but God upturned your evil unto good for me.

    The verse goes to confirm what psalm 91 says: a thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand side, but it shall not come near you. With your eyes only shall you behold and see the recompense of the wicked!

    Again, rather than glorify your chalenges and the works of the devil over your lives, magnify your God who has power over and above both the challenges and their fabricators! Celebrate His mercies and call forth whatever you want to see happen!

    I am truely blesses this morning. God bless you real good!
  • Caspar on Lamentations 3 - 11 years ago
    v.25 He who ic conscious that he deserves nothing, and that he needs much,will feel as if GOD were not exacting nothing unreasonable in making him wait.
    So Mr. J.M. 'Cosh
  • Evalena Jacobs-Latham on Lamentations 3:22 - 11 years ago
    I thank God for His mercies and compassions in our time even as they were in days gone. This assures us of our security in Him; even in this day of terrorism and destruction. Almighty God is still in charge of this world. We do not understand it all, but if was not for His grace all of us would have been destroyed by evil men.
  • Florence on Lamentations 3:37 - 11 years ago
    This tells us that whatever will be done or said against you by a man or spiritual forces will never have effect if the Lord has not approved it. We ought to know what God has said about us, we need to focus and meditate that rather than giving attention to what any other person or force will say about it. And the reason is that it is only God who has the final say in our lives in as much as we are connected to him. God bless you for hooking into his word.

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