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  • Lois Williams on Luke 6:37 - 10 years ago
    This is my first visit to this site. My interest is in the KJV Authorized 1611....As I downloaded the book of Luke, it was difficult to read without getting a headache. There are so many misspelled words that if anyone who is unfamiliar and hoping to study this book or learn more, it will be a deterrent. The site is wonderful when search individual verses out specific phrases but the errors in this book is extremely distracting.
  • Olgar on Luke 6 - 10 years ago
    Jesu is the Master and even the Master of the sabbat Sometimes people use meanlingless things to hold graunds on christains But the reply of Master Jesus said it all Which because of sabbat will let his fallen sheep to die in the well Tricks of thr devil
  • Sharon on Luke 6 - 10 years ago
    jesus is the truth and the light always trust and pray and believe in him take it to him in prayer amen
  • Rina on Luke 6:45 - 10 years ago
    If your heart is right with God you dont live in the flesh but in the spirit and it will flow out of your mouth God Bless Rina
  • Anthony on Luke 6:38 - 10 years ago
    this has so much meaning and so powerful....What comes to mind is when I was young my father made me go out and pick up leaves in the yard we put them in trash bags and in order to over fill them we would shake them down and press them to gather sit on the bag too push the air out to put more leaves in, when we were done it would be so many leaves in one bag, if it would pop leaves would go everywhere, it was so full,, press down shaken together and running over..................God is so good,, Amen??
  • MARY A FORD on Luke 6 - 10 years ago
    Always put your trust in Christ Jesus, he will never leave or forsake you. The Law of the Sabbath Day was made for man an not man made for the Sabbath, because Jesus Christ is the Sabbath today.
  • Robert on Luke 6 - 10 years ago
    Jesus picks his twelve to continue on with him.
  • Robert on Luke 6 - 10 years ago
    Jesus is becoming more tested, yet he continues in the word and teaches the wicked, sick and unbelievers. He also is beginning to heal more and more people to demonstare who he is and what he can do.
  • Lorraine on Luke 6:15 - 10 years ago
    l love Read the chapters of the bible l do bible studys and love it
  • ISLEA on Luke 6:21 - 10 years ago
  • Lee on Luke 6:27 - 10 years ago
    We can't hear or truly love unless we are born again. out side of Christ love in us it is selfish love. We can't love with self pride. We must be humbled.In Christ we don't need to judge others. until one is truly there and walk by faith you can't see it to be it. Amen
  • Andy Buluran on Luke 6:45 - 10 years ago
    I just want to share about the "heart"
    When Adam & Eve ate the knowledge of good & evil, my conclusion is that all people have the good & evil that stored up in the heart.
    So the heart dictating a man what to say or to do, according to what is in the heart. It is the storage of "good & evil".

    Now, what will happen when the man's heart transplanted by another heart? What wil happen to the good & evil that was stored up in his heart, will it be change?
  • Sigmund Ivarsson on Luke 6 - 10 years ago
    He that has not even that which he has shall be taken from him. Speaks of faith. We were all given a measure of faith but then if we do not invest it in the world and grow it it shall be taken from us .However he who has icreased his faith by investing it in the world shall be given that which the person with no faith has.He said about the legionaire verilly I say in all of the land I have never seen such faith. This guy had faith. You could also say that this refers to the oil in the lamp.
  • Sigmund Ivarsson on Luke 6 - 10 years ago
    you say that the christians are the good guys but I say you shall know them by their fruit. I see many Christians getting into vain disputations and the fruit thereof is anger. Many Christians when they hear my words get angry and ban me from posting. Those who incline their ear however have a circumsized heart and hear the voice of the father. Correction starts in his own house.
  • Simon Manyama on Luke 6:27 - 10 years ago
    It is very difficult to love your enemies. I know that's what is expected of us, however it is challenging.
  • Ronald l. collins on Luke 6:26 - 10 years ago
    Jesus said I come to bring a sword not peace. This talking about bad men saying good things about bad men. But the application to this verse is professed Christians living there lives like there worrying about losing a vote. instead of standing for bible truth and telling there friends what they need to here the real truth that can save there souls they take the beaten path. When Jesus started his public ministry he lasted three years and they beat him beyond reconistion. It's going to cost you when you take a real stand for the Lord. they delievered him up for envy.
  • Ram on Luke 6 - 11 years ago
    Very nice, very interesting.
  • Tunji on Luke 6 - 11 years ago
    No doubt, Luke 6 is loaded with truths, but I would just like to comment on verses 47-49. The first striking thing there is that; whatever you do, you are building. Your action or inaction, is in some sense a kind of building. This idea of "no vacuum" seems to run through the whole of the bible, Jesus, in another discourse said "...he that gathereth not with me, scattereth" , again he said in the parable of the talents, "...he that hath not, even that which he hath, shall be taken away fom him". So it�s either you are abounding or retrogressing, increasing or decreasing. Secondly, taking heed to God's word is building on the rock. And lastly, whatever you build, would be tested by the elements. Choose to build on the solid rock because all other ground is sinking sand. Shaloom.
  • Benjamin on Luke 6:1 - 11 years ago
    Shalom! There is a first Sabbath (protos sabbaton) in Mark 16:9, translated "the first day of the week". But sabbaton is in the singular and therefore refers to a Sabbath day and not a week. This first Sabbath is the weekly Sabbath, counted 7 other ones till Pentecost. By the way the Lord is risen on the first Sabbath and not on Sunday. There is a mia sabbaton, which is in plural and refers to the 7 weeks ( Leviticus 23:15), this refers to the Sunday in Matthew 28:1, Luke and John. But a singular sabbaton refers always to a Sabbath day, as in Luke 6:1.
  • Goddey on Luke 6 - 11 years ago
    This is a beautiful chapter and it is loaded with great lessons. It shows that God loves everyone so much and would always love to see him/her in good health and enjoying life. Hunger was quenched via non conventional and traditional way on Sabbath day, a sick person supernaturally healed on Sabbath day? Can you imagine how much God wants all men to be fed and be in good health? We should follow the example of caring for the needy. Many times we quote Luke 6.38 without recognizing that the conditions for having baskets full and running over is attached to how we treat other people and not just the giving of offering in Church. Give to everyone that asks, love your enemies, be committed to doing good, making use of spiritual gifts etc. I think we should renew our commitment to the full teachings of the word of God in order to reap the full benefits of the promises. Amen
  • Susan Dalton on Luke 6:39 - 11 years ago
    Luke 6:39. And he spake a parable unto them, Can the blind lead the blind? Shall they not both fall into the ditch? As Jesus spoke to these people at that time He was aware of the society in which the people lived and how people related to one another. In our society and in our relationships with people the same conditions can be seen. Some people may feel that some get a gain off of someone else; the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. Or, if that's what it takes to make it, that's what a person has to do in this society. Jesus said not so. If the one person is blind, and the righteous blind their eye also, then both are blind and both will fall into the ditch. Keeping one's eye from becoming blind may be the only light the blind see - and it keeps the seeing from falling into the ditch also.
  • Ted on Luke 6 - 11 years ago
    I believe this chapter sums up the type of lives we should strive for after we truly believe. Jesus died on the cross for our sins. I say "strive" because for our entire lives we will be humans on earth, we will be sinful in some ways. Just being of the flesh is sinful. But if we believe in the grace of the Almighty God, then we will be a work in progress for our entire time remaining here on earth. As it is written, "For by grace are ye saved through faith, and that not of yourselves, it is the gift from God". May God bless all of you and all of your loved ones as well.
  • Jay on Luke 6 - 11 years ago
    I am sympathetic to your situation for I have recently lost my position in a hospital that I have been with for several years because of knee replacement and no longer am able to perform my position at the level that is expected.
    1. A door closed by God cannot be opened by man and a door opened by God cannot be closed by man!
    2. Others maybe dependent on us, but we must always trust in the lord and be always dependent on him ( Proverbs 3:5-8; Philippians 4:19);
    3. As for judgment on the world ( John 16:8-11), we must first judge ourselves to check our standing with God ( 1 Corinthians 11:31,32);
    4. God has already judged sinners at the cross;
    5. God will judge the world, nations, and people according to his holy scriptures by his son Jesus Christ ( Romans 2:14-16);
    6. The judgment seat of Christ for born again Christians ( Romans 14:10, 2 Corinthians 5:10; 1 Corinthians 3:13);
    7. The white throne judgment for persons who have not been born again ( Revelation 20:11-15);
    8. Born again by the holy spirit only without water baptism or any other works related deeds that some religions require.
  • Vincent on Luke 6 - 11 years ago
    I believe that Rose's comment is spot on. If everyone would just read the Word of our Lord in Luke 6 and use it as a yardstick against their own existence, this world would be a very different place and we would all look forward to spending eternity in Heaven with our Lord and Savior.
  • Rose Umejiaku on Luke 6 - 11 years ago
    Luke 6 is the summary of what Christianity is all about. That was the life Christ lived and he enjoins us to live the same. We can never go wrong if we can abide by the principles there in. My prayer is for the grace to obey those injunctions.
  • Patrick I Rodrigues on Luke 6 - 11 years ago
    Mt 6:22. I worked for Whole Foods Market for 8 years,& never sole from them or such like, & yet they fired me @ 78 years old with no benefits when
    i should have been allowed to finish my work at
    age 80 years & a family that are dependant on me
    for some support. Matthew 6:22 in Chapter 6 speaks
    of this & i found It very helpful that it is better to 'Be Certain Of God' than to trust in man who does not keep God's Eternal Word.
    God will judge the world, and there has to be
    Standard by which God will judge the world,& it
    would be unjust in God to judge the world and the
    world knowing no Standard to go by.
  • Alice Lynn Bryner on Luke 6 - 12 years ago
    I surely by the Lord's own will and mine, needed to read this today for I have held such hate in my heart and unforgiveness to one who has hated,dispised and done wrong by me. And many times did I forgive and then hate again. And this last time I said I would never forgive again. And so with you as my witnesses and the Lord who hears me now, I by Jesus's blood do so promise to never hate this person again, but to pray ceasingly for him and love him for maybe his hate is because he does not feel love. Amen, Heaven Father, Amen
  • JEMIMAH MWENDWA on Luke 6 - 13 years ago
    luke challenges us to love those who hate us and also to do good to them
  • Jael on Luke 6 - 13 years ago
    Hey, Anonymous Luke 6 doesn't use the phrase "poor in Spirit that's Matthew 5! it's a telling phrase tho, key to accepting Jesus's teachingPoor in Spirit: it could mean a person who has chosen to live in material poverty in obedience to the teaching of all the prophets. Most people in poverty are resentful of the state and spend their entire lives attempting to get out if it . Today the delusion that the purpose of human existence is to "increase" wealth is so widespread, it has become an obsession. Yet Jesus teaches everywhere that renunciation is the first �pretty well compulsory step to salvation. Wealth and it's pursuit are so distracting and require so much wrong action that it is almost �impossible for a rich person to achieve eternal life. Though with God even this is not impossible. The pursuit of wealth is slavery: slavery to physical desires, slavery to mental delusion, slavery to unpleasant and even painful activity, slavery to anxiety hate and envy.
    Yet everyone believes the serpent when she says it's the better way,that we can't live without money THAT GOD IS LYING TO US �when telling us �right action leads to perfection under Divine Protection through the scientific design of creation.
    "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of God".
  • Wilfred on Luke 6:22 - 13 years ago
    here men is not the beleiver of christ rather someone who do not beleiveChrist

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