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  • GiGi on Numbers 29 - 10 months ago

    Jesus was the only being worthy enough to be given as an offering. No other human, nor any amount of animal sacrifices is worth as much as the Son is to the Father. God can always cause animals and people to be born to replace the ones that die, but the Son, being eternal is the only Son begotten of the Father who is eternally Divine as the Father is. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit were all willing for the Son, one of themselves in the Godhead, to become human and die a human death for the sin of man. Oh, the love of God for us! We are undeserving of His love, but Jesus is infinitely worthy of the love within and between the Godhead. Jesus is the most costly offering ever made, and He was an offering made by God, not by man. How precious is He!

    May we always remember these things when we partake of communion and reflect on his death and resurrection. We have been given such an unspeakable gift in the salvation in Christ that transforms us from sinful enemies of God into righteous children of God made clean from sin and able to have fellowship with the Godhead always and forever more. Praise to our Almighty God who has wrought such a complete, thorough, and eternal salvation for us He has called to Him.!
  • GiGi on Numbers 29 - 10 months ago
    in both chapter 28 and 29 YHWH speaks through Moses concerning feast days that are to be celebrated and the Israelites are to be assembled. This is why at Passover, Pentecost, Trumpets, Atonement Jews came to Jerusalem. It was required that they do by this Mosaic law.

    In both Passover time and at the seventh month feasts many more animals are offered and sacrificed. A sin offering is offered each day.

    A few things I am thinking about after reading these two chapters:

    One is that these offerings and sacrifices indicate that YHWH must be appeased due to the overwhelming immensity of our sin and sinfulness and His infinite and uncompromising holiness. Thinking of the great number of animals offered throughout the time of the Israelites in the wilderness and up to the destruction of the temple in A,D, 70, how costly the price for us to come into fellowship with God. Being a people who raised flocks and herds and grew grains and trees for oil as a livelihood, the nation's debt to God for their corrupt state was truly impossible to be paid by the blood of animals and day to day and year to year the debt was never fully satisfied this way.

    The second thought I have is that the completed payment of this debt for our sin was thus unattainable by. But our Lord was able to satisfy this debt and the wrath of our God for sin fully once and for all. Therefore, there was no longer any need of all these sacrifices anymore after the cross. God ended these ordinances once and for all in 70 A.D., just as Jesus had said in the Olivet discourse. Christ alone was what was needed to fulfill all the purposes for all of these OT sacrifices.

    the last thought I have is that the sheer number of animals slain which could not blot out our sins shows us the infinite worth of Jesus to His Father. Jesus, being the most valuable person to the Father was given for us. This was the greatest act of God in all of history. The Son, whom He loved eternally, was given to expiate our sins,.. cont
  • Walter on Numbers 29 - 2 years ago
    I must say in the questions for Chapter 29 it asks how many days are the days of the Jews festival? Are these not the Festivals Of the Lord as given to Moses before the Hebrews ever even got to Judea?
  • TJ on Numbers 29 - 2 years ago
    Numbers chapter 29 discusses the offerings for the Feast of Trumpets and the Feast of Tabernacles. Verses 2 and 8 specify seven lambs "without blemish" for the Feast of Trumpets.

    Verse 12 the Feast of Tabernacles would be seven days, and then verse 13 specifies that on the first day there were to be fourteen lambs "without blemish".

    Then, on the second day in verse 17, there were to be fourteen lambs "without spot".

    The third day (verse 20) and the fourth day (verse 23) were also to have fourteen lambs "without blemish", then on the fifth day (verse 26) there were to be fourteen lambs again "without spot".

    The remaining sixth (verse 29), seventh (verse 32) days also specify fourteen lambs "without blemish", then on the eighth day (verse 35-36) there were to be seven lambs "without blemish".

    One would suppose that "spot" and "blemish" are interchangeable, yet verses such as 1 Peter 1:19 - "But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish AND without spot:" [capitals mine] they are certainly two separate and distinctly different words.

    Why are the lambs on days 2 and 5 to be without spot, and the rest of the days the lambs are to be without blemish?
  • Stanjett - In Reply on Numbers 29 - 4 years ago
    Yes they ate their own offerings. BUT only after the priest took a portion for themselves. You will read how this was done in Samual.
  • Jean primus on Numbers 29 - 7 years ago
    this is deep I need Jehovah to help me open up my mind for the wisdom knowledge and understanding that I need
  • Jorge Salgado on Numbers 29 - 8 years ago
    The excess and abundance of animals killed and the much blood spilled out of them, it speaks of the deep seated sin and also of the powerful reach of the blood of Jesus, Whom is the ONE UNBLEMISHED LAMB.
  • Prophet ugokwe prince on Numbers 29:1 - 9 years ago
  • _Rosalina_Sayson_Ko_Tapay_ on Numbers 29 - 10 years ago

    Regarding all the sacrifices mentioned here in the book of NUMBERS, these were all being done with the "Priests" in the "First" Tabernacle accomplishing the service of God (Hebrew 9:6) But into the Second Tabernacle went the "HIGH PRIEST" alone "ONCE EVERY YEAR", with blood, which he offered for himself, and for the errors of the people (Hebrew 9:7).
  • Patty on Numbers 29 - 10 years ago
    I,ve a Question, since everyday a meat and drink ,and a sin has to be offered,for several days Is this not when once a year that the high priest has to go in the santuary In the most holy place that all this offering has to be done???
  • Jess on Numbers 29 - 14 years ago
    i dont think the congregation ate the offering but the priests, did and the levites . offerings like burnt offering were for the losd. looking at what is sacrificed and the whole of israel it could not be possible that the could eat the offerings unless specified by God
  • Jeff johnson on Numbers 29 - 14 years ago
    do the congregation eat the offerings in there feast?

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