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  • - 2 weeks ago
    job employment house family act
  • David Allen - 2 weeks ago
    Please remember me and my daughters and families in your prayers today, please pray for my mother, please pray for a coworker who has been sick and, in the hospital, please pray for a friend's sister who is in desperate need of prayers
  • Brigitta Immaculata - 2 weeks ago
    My name is Brigitta Immaculata, please pray for the salvation of my soul, so that I may receive Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and receive eternal life. Please ask forgiveness for my atheism, for doubting Jesus as God and the existence of eternal life after death, and the immortality of the soul. Please ask the same graces for my family and loved ones. Thank you very much.
  • KathyP - 2 weeks ago
    Hi I just want the Lord to make me a church girl and the word to help me. I read a lot at home
  • Kim Shinuald - 2 weeks ago
    My Brother, Odie Smith, had a heart attack and has been in the hospital for over 3 weeks. The doctor put in 4 stents, he is still have the respirator on him but he is breathing on his own, he has responded to commands but the staff will not put them on record, some doctors and nurses have been been speaking defeated talk and some doctors and nurses are speaking hope, the staff are divided. We are looking at life and the progress he has made. We ask everyone to pray with us for: His wife and children, all of us, and Complete and Fast: Recovery, Healing, Deliverance, Guidance, Encouragement, Strength, Rest, Peace, Grace, Mercy, and Positive Words to be Spoken. We ask for you all to stand in prayer with us over the Whole Hospital Staff and the patients in the Hospital. We thank you all so much for the prays in advance. God Bless and God Keep You All.
  • Rick - 2 weeks ago
    Name is Rick please need prayer for mercy and protection and vindicated over bad work situation management didn't let me have my lunch but everyone else had theirs please need prayer for this please and thank you God bless you
  • April Gaines - 2 weeks ago
    Upper left jaw bone/ gum infection. Have had 5 surgeries.

    It is infected again. Please help!!
  • E. - 2 weeks ago
    Asking for extra strong protection, intervention, grace, mercy, much more strength, much more love, the power of the Holy Spirit, guidance, wisdom and breakthrough for us and all in need. Also asking some help with something painful concerning some old friends (may not impede the ministry). Also help with P. and job and healing for M. and K. Thank you.
  • - 2 weeks ago
    Family friends' health etc. house, apartment, job employment
  • David Allen - 2 weeks ago
    Please remember me and my family in your prayers today
  • Teresa - 2 weeks ago
    Please pray for me a my family. I recently had 2 surgery, have been out of work for 6 wks now. I know God is in control, and has works for me to complete. God continue to bless us daily. Thank you in advance for your prayers.
  • Onesimus - 2 weeks ago
    If you would please pray that Brian and I would get the extensions we need for our living situation I would appreciate it. Also, if you would pray for health, healing and salvation for Brian, Allen, Danny, Derrel, Samuel, Timuson, Jose, Fernando and Arturo. Please pray for they are able to get their lives together and that The LORD provides for all their spiritual and material needs. Thanks.
  • Twila Taylor - 2 weeks ago
    That our family can heal from the list of a family member.

    The birth of my latest grandson.

    A job that I truly enjoy helping people.

    To keep my mom safe with her life, health, and strength.


    Writ of possessions

    Thank God for everything done now and forever.
  • Michelle - 3 weeks ago
    Please pray for me to be healed from this anxiety disorder. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it!
  • TAmar reed - 3 weeks ago
    health strength safety etc family friends
  • David Allen - 3 weeks ago
    please remember me in your prayers today, please remember my daughters and their families, please pray for a coworker Kenya who has been sick and, in the hospital, but is out now, please pray for a friend's sister who is going through depression
  • Tekha - 3 weeks ago
    Please pray for Financial break through
  • Gabby - 3 weeks ago
    Asking for prayer for sin to leave my life. And that I may live a clean life physically in my home and spiritually thru my walk with God. Thank you
  • George jenkins - 3 weeks ago
    please pray that i will be stronger in serving the lord and in following him and be a light to my grown kids that they may come to accept such a great salvation
  • David Allen - 3 weeks ago
    Please pray for me and my family please pray for my co worker who has been in the hospital that she is back to work soon
  • Chuck - 3 weeks ago
    Pray for me battling with sexual sin.need to be set free I cannot take it much longer.
  • John - 3 weeks ago
    pls pray for clear direction to His will and grace to walk in it whatever the cost
  • E. - 3 weeks ago
    Lord please deliver us from all this dysfunction and please remove this blockage from us, this heavy oppression of the enemy. Please restore the years the locusts have eaten. Please help us to live life in a manner pleasing to you. Asking for strong protection, deliverance, healing (incl. M, K and all of us), salvation (A. and all others not saved) and your power to work in and around us. May people see you in us, may they realize a big change and may you receive all the glory. Asking for us and all others in need. Please also help with the new boss and P. Thank you Lord. Please send encouragement and strength too. Thank you again.
  • Bibleman72 - 3 weeks ago
    Folks ,please pray for my mom Paula ,she is dizzy and is having standing problems.
  • David Allen - 3 weeks ago
    Please pray for me and my family today
  • Chayil C Tephillah - 3 weeks ago
    Agreement in Prayer for Roz, a coworker of mine at American Airlines who is a Believer... who is experiencing challenges with joints, knees, legs from standing behind desk as agent and is challenged with a heart issue. Asking for her to be covered by the blood and healing of her entire person. Thank you
  • Ash - 3 weeks ago
    Please pray for my three sisters to get saved
  • Wayne mason - 3 weeks ago
    Jesus how to heal tinnitus
  • Anna - 3 weeks ago
    In Jesus name, pray for Guidance, conviction,repentance and healing of believers who accepted the vaccine. Let

    this be brought to light in fellowships and prayer

    ministries. Many have suffered. Exposure brings

    Healing. Alleluia. Amen.
  • Davita - 3 weeks ago
    Please pray for my friend Joe who is in the army to be released from the kidnappers and not to have to send money in to be released .so please pray for my friend Joe who is in the army to be released by the kidnappers in Jesus name amen

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