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  • Anna - 3 weeks ago
    Lord Jesus , Thank You for Your Mercy.
  • John Stedfast - 3 weeks ago
    Please add me to your prays, I need help I was strong but had one weakness and that was computers. I have fallen so low that it has affected my family, who are now following me. I need strength to overcome. Please you pray will help
  • Tamar Reed - 3 weeks ago
    help safety help etc
  • David Allen - 3 weeks ago
    please remember me and my family in your prayers
  • Jane Aycock - 3 weeks ago
    Prayer request for mental and physical healing.
  • Cody - 3 weeks ago
    I have a prayer request for myself, I have been suffering from avascular necrosis and lost some sleep. Please remember me in your prayers!
  • A. - 3 weeks ago
    Please remember others and their families too in your prayers.
  • Scrow66* - 3 weeks ago
    I suffer from major depression. It's debilitating.There are some days I can't get out of bed. I presently am in Celebrate Recovery.God is so good.Please pray God will heal me mentally, physically, and spiritually. I'm seeing some improvement! Pray the Lord provides me and my son a rental home that meets our needs. My apt. Manager ignores my request to fix my stove. It hasn't worked for the 5 years I have lived in the apt. Thank you! God Bless you!

    meals. I use an air fryer.
  • Moma G - 3 weeks ago
    PPlease continued prayers with son and daughter in law to be blessed with God's miracle of child and for their Faith in Him to remain and grow stronger
  • David - 3 weeks ago
    Please pray for me and my family
  • AllInGodsTime - 3 weeks ago
    Please pray for my family not to be separated in any way. We have experienced injustice that is causing so much pain. I know that through God anything and everything is possible. I pray for everyone seeking God in this prayer request section, that they find him & that God hears them. Amen
  • Atlene - 3 weeks ago
    Thank you all for praying for my husbands back surgery! He is okay.

    However, they say his white blood cell count is a bit elevated. Pray for him. For his medical team to know why- wisdom, understanding.

    Thank you
  • Bibleman72 - 3 weeks ago
    In a lot of discomfort right now,plesse pray for me.very tired and feeling grouchy as well.please pray for me to be happy again.
  • Tdianne - 3 weeks ago
    Why does God allow people to suffer when they did something right, but let's the one lies prosper? We had an agreement with a family member that we would live in the family home until we die. We have spent a fortune remodeling the house, paid the taxes and insurance, she has never put any money in the place. Now that I am not able to work and putting most of my savings in the house, we were told to leave. We have papers drawn up because we trusted her. The one preaches to everyone constantly, only to learn she a greedy person and the truth is not in her.

    So now I am trying to get an apartment in the projects before she has me evicted so I don't have to live in my car. Is this what being a Christian is, I am so lost thinking God loved me, l am trying to live right. Why would God allow this?
  • David Allen - 3 weeks ago
    Please remember me and my family in your prayers
  • Grace - 3 weeks ago
    I am being threatened and harassed at work by my principal. I am a teacher. He is using me as a scapegoat. And I am being threatened with job loss and other things. I have been threatened not to even complain. I need wisdom and strength to fight this battle. So there is no room for me to complain or talk about it to anyone. My husband works in the same school nd my daughter is a student too. The family is under tremendous stress due to this. Need prayer support
  • C - 3 weeks ago
    PRAY FOR husband's health that by some miracle he should have a full recovery knowing that the Lord's light shines upon him.
  • Tamar reed - 3 weeks ago
    saftey job plcce to stay health
  • E. - 3 weeks ago
    Asking for extra strong protection, intervention and breakthrough for us and all in need. Also Lord please help with the new boss that co-workers met already and are concerned about, a new job, M's, K's, B's, F's and H's health. Thank you Lord. Amen
  • AJ - 3 weeks ago

    So it's National Day of Prayer in the US today. And I am not sure if God is angry at them, because their country is rapidly falling to smitherines, sadly :( And Canada, too.

    Anyways, I am here to ask for prayer for this church that I attended back during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Lord knows the details.

    And for my dear sweet ex ( the Lord knows the details ) and for 2, young-ish upcoming American Christian artists PW & Mr. BL. Please pray that the Lord be with them as they tour, and with their wives and their families, as well, in their absence. Please keep the nasty Conservative Christians of America away from them and please help them all to continue faithfully serving the Lord.

    Thank you so much and God bless :)
  • Tunney - 3 weeks ago
    Thank YOU FATHER for the peace and comfort we have in YOU and the work done at Calvary by YOUR Son JESUS CHRIST our SAVIOR. GOD to shine HIS face and gloriously bless all who love and seek YOU diligently. May we diligently read, study, meditate, memorize and especially apply YOUR commandments in our lives daily.

    LORD, bless our leadership and our nation to be obedient and faithful to YOU.

    GOD bless all on this forum on this day May 2, 2024. Help us to turn our eyes upon JESUS and look full on HIS wonderful face.
  • Rayne - 3 weeks ago
    I have a prayer request for a friend of mine she has stage 2 cancer in her wrist and lower arm she is only 12 years old.
  • Atlene - 3 weeks ago
    Please pray Lord Jesus bind any harmful effects from my drinking coffee, that had a spider in it. Please pray Lord Jesus bind any danger from that, keep me in good health. In Lord Jesus name
  • Kandi Boni - 3 weeks ago
    Guidance and protection for me and my family. Financial assistance and help with guidance within my marriage.
  • Carolyn - 3 weeks ago
    Please pray for my husband who is having surgery next week.
  • 73Ferrante - 3 weeks ago
    For I hope to be born in Christ Jesus. I have been astray my entire life, but believes Christ Jesus died for me and the heavenly father resurrected him. My belief and faith is because of my Lord and savior Christ Jesus. I hope and pray for prayer's from my sister's and brother's in Christ. This is my first time on this app so All, please bare with me, thanks
  • Satyajit Mondal - 3 weeks ago
    Pray for the ministry as we are doing ministey in West Bengal India, many challenges,problems and opposition.
  • Tammy Pengryn - 3 weeks ago
    Prayers for my great niece and nephews, that they are returned to my custody if that is Gods will. And keep them safe either way.
  • David Allen - 3 weeks ago
    Please pray for me and my family
  • Aike - 3 weeks ago
    I am asking for prayers for financial breakthroughs to settle all debts and to buy a house. Many thanks

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