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  • Joseph Moffat - 3 weeks ago
    I asked for God's speedy intervention on my affairs, I pray for sound mind and better opportunities, I asked for God's protection and unusual turnaround in Jesus name Amen.
  • Oyedeji Moses - 3 weeks ago
    Please pray for me for divine promotion and rest on every side. 2. Healing in my body.
  • Theresa - 3 weeks ago
    Need directions in love

    I don't understand what God is telling me
  • Roshini S - 3 weeks ago
    I have a question about feelings or falling in love. I am a divorce and I am in love with one of my friend & my friend doesn't love me & is in love with someone else & he has still not expressed his love to her. He says God's will is not there to marry me, but God spoke to me that he is the right person who will restore everything that I lost. I am continuously praying for him to accept me, is it wrong to do it
  • Loree Smith - 3 weeks ago
    I have cellulitis and have been on different antibiotics for the last couple months and it's not healing. My husband almost died from this last year. Please pray that they will find an antibiotic that will work. Also salvation for Brynliegh.
  • Sarah - 3 weeks ago
    My mom has been on a ventilator for the last 2 and half weeks. The doctors have no hope that she will make it. But I know God's plan are far greater than ours! Please pray for her and my family as we all face this difficult time.
  • Lorraine Strachan - 3 weeks ago
    Please Pray me for strength in healing and Job
  • Robert - 3 weeks ago
    Please pray for my marriage. Wife and I are more like two people living together then husband and wife. There's no physical affection or getting the attention I once received. Need God to do something
  • John Favour Mendy - 3 weeks ago
    Please in the name of The Lord Jesus pray for me I want to go to the university pursue a degree but having financial difficulties! Pray that God would miraculously send a Good Samaritan for me in Jesus' name.
  • Meena Yesu - 3 weeks ago
    Prayer for womb our children's should be blessed with his grace. 4 years completed our marriage, we have faced many shame in family and handful words. Please pray for me(Meena) and to my husband(Kumar).
  • Rhonda - 3 weeks ago
    An unspoken prayer request for my son. And prayer for me that my insurance will approve surgery to help reconstruct my face (fat injections) after I survived a deadly sinus infection (mucormycosis). They said its not medically necessary but are reevaluating it. Also approve the dental implants so i can have teeth..the disease took my top teeth. And healing for the damage done to my eye and ear, and I can get my taste and smell back. Also help with our finances. Prayers that my doctors will help me. Everything that disease took restored. Thank you, God bless you and praise God
  • Jason Brimm - 3 weeks ago
    Going through a difficult time and potentially facing devastating financial hardships. Exhausted my resources and don't know what to do. Need prayers please.
  • Johnny - 3 weeks ago
    I'm praying for reconciliation with my son's. I wasn't the best father I could have been.
  • John ray - 3 weeks ago
    I can use prayer I've been taking the wide road I stop praying I lost my faith I don't take up my cross anymore I don't love the Lord with all my heart soul mine is strength anymore I'm too far in the why road now do I tell people about what I just told you yeah do I tell there's two places yeah I guess I don't care anymore I lost the edge I think it started when I couldn't forgive certain people and I won't that's where I grew I have too much anger now I know a 19-year-old it's in the army he's having a hard time right now his name is Christopher Johns pray for his health
  • Gwyenette wright - 4 weeks ago
    Most holy i thank you 1st for another day of your grace and favor and mercies.i come lifting up to you my family. an continue to make my home a center of christisn light an love cover my grandson in school.watchower my only granddaughter and if you will master bless my two sons with good said in your word that if a man doesn't work he can't eat so please lord do that for me. bless all my friends and love ones neighborhood.i bless you dear god and i lift you up because of who you are, in jesus name i humbly do pray amen
  • David Allen - 4 weeks ago
    Please pray for me and my family
  • Florence A - 4 weeks ago
    Please keep my family and I in your prayers. That we will draw near to God and he will draw near to us. As the children go back to school, please pray for God watch over them.
  • Anna - 4 weeks ago
    Thank You Lord Jesus for how You are helping Jackie.

    Let there be a Testimony. By Your grace.

    For Your glory. Alleluia. Amen.
  • Sirmichael jeff woolfolk - 4 weeks ago
    Heavenly father, take out all the laziness,fear, bad things and energy from everyone an me. I pray that everyone is having the best day of their life.I pray thateveryone follows your path and seek and look up to you. In Jesus name. Amen
  • Gail Coney - 4 weeks ago
    Please pray for my husband's health. Pray for me that I keep getting close to the Lord.

    Pray for me that I can tell people about Lord Jesus
  • ELDER LEE FIELDS - 4 weeks ago
    Please pray and interceed for my wife Gloria. She is due in court this evening for a court summons concerning traffic and vehicle. She is very much in need of GOD'S GRACE and HIGH FAVOR in and upon her, as well as in the court room itself . We are believing in HIM who spoke these words of truth and power found in Luke 18:1-6 .Believe with us saints and people of our GREAT GOD and SAVIOUR, JESUS CHRIST !
  • Please pray for me, I had a stroke and this stroke affected my left side arm, le - 4 weeks ago
    Yes I believe in Christ almighty that he is the one and only one that can heal my body from this dirty little stroke that I had that affected my left side my leg, arm,fingers and toes all on my leftside I can't move none of those body parts on my leftside, went to therapy and that doesn't help that's why I believe that GOD is the only one who can heal this body of mines because he made this body and he knows what to do for it please pray for me.Thanking you in Jesus name.
  • Jennifer S - 4 weeks ago
    For the Lord to send me the $9,000 I need by tonight, to keep from losing my home and to keep me from being locked out of my home!!!! I have been praying about this for 3 weeks now and it seems as though The Lord is not listening to me! Also please pray for my uncle Richard who is supposed to have Gallbladder surgery tomorrow morning May 1, 2024! Also my oldest Brother Joe who is supposed to have a mass in his colon surgically removed on the 17 th of May really be praying that it is NOT COLON CANCER PLEASE!! And also be praying for my parents to have safe traveling mercies with no more tires blowing out on them please!!! Thank you!!
  • Stephanie V - 4 weeks ago
    Please pray that my health is fully restored. I know that God is in control, and where two or three are gathered, there He is in the midst of them! I really appreciate your prayers. May God bless you!
  • Atlene - 4 weeks ago
    Please pray for my husband. Back surgery tomorrow- Wednesday May 1st.

    And for me, to walk in the Spirit, to trust all Gods Word, to Rest in Lord Jesus Presence.

    Thank you.
  • Rachel - 4 weeks ago
    Please pray for my grandsons. They are taking test today in their respective colleges. For finals that are taking place today.
  • David Allen - 4 weeks ago
    Please pray for me and my family , please pray for my coworker Kenya she is in the hospital
  • SJ - 4 weeks ago
    Jobs for family

    Plz pray for me life stagnant since I can remember.

    Indeed of job and everything else.

    I'm doing God's work but my life looks like a big joke.

    Been delivered counselling so much but nothing moves.

    I have a narc mom life struggling with her 30+ yrs

    My family is truly cursed nothing moves in our lives no one reached their goals and dreams.

    I prayed for any or everything daily,deliver ppl pray for them answered prayers sometimes immediately.

    I feel like just giving up hope.



  • Charlotte Buycks - 4 weeks ago
    I need prayer someone is throwing rocks at my house at night and keep me up all night , can't sleep and I feel they trying to harm me. What prayer do I pray bout ? For this to pass and keep me from harm
  • Paul Ross - 4 weeks ago
    I 'd very much appreciate your prayers for a total restoration in health and healing. mal.3;2 says, but unto you who fear my name, shall the sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings, and

    you shall go out and grow fat like stall fed calves. i'm in a wheelchair, and have been since the age of 14, i'm now 70, and being in a chair is really agonizing, it's really fustratingm, to say the least. the bible says, that if any two of you would agree on earth as touching anything that you should ask, it would be done for them of my father which is in heaven. psalm 103. bless the lord, o my soul, and forget not all his benefits, who forgives all your iniquities, who heals all your diseases. please,, i desperately need your prayers. i'd also appreciate your prayers for my sister, she too

    is pretty much in the same situation. her name is debra.

    thank you;

    god bless'

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