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  • E. - 4 weeks ago
    Lord please deliver us from all this dysfunction and please remove this blockage from us, this heavy oppression of the enemy. Please restore the years the locusts have eaten. Please help us to live life in a manner pleasing to you. Asking for strong protection, deliverance, healing, salvation (those not saved) and your power to work in and around us. May people see you in us, may they realize a big change and may you receive all the glory. Asking for us and all others in need. Thank you Lord. Please send encouragement and strength too. Thank you again.
  • Atlene - 1 month ago
    Pray for Tommie. He needs amazing grace, & godly sorrow that brings repentance without regret, In Lord Jesus.

    Thank you
  • Jerry jacob apprey - 1 month ago
    please pray for my Business to flourish and Gods protections upon my life and my families

    and also i commit my children into the hand of god let me and them don't lack anything in our life.
  • David Allen - 1 month ago
    Please pray for me and my family
  • Roberta - 1 month ago
    I would like prayer for unspoken struggles

    I do love Jesus n so want to be obedient in all things Two bad habits. Haven't been to church long while. Watch on phone. I don't want to be left behind Please pray
  • David - 1 month ago
    Please pray for me and my family , pray for my daughter Jessica and her young family , please pray for a co worker Kenya who has been so sick pray she gets better
  • Joy MK - 1 month ago
    In your prayers please ask the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive me and to soften my heart and mind and to help me experience HIS AMAZING GRACE and to put my name in the book of life. to not only bless me but to bless everyone and to forgive everyone of their sins so that they to may experience God's love and mercy
  • David Allen - 1 month ago
    Please remember me and my family in your prayers today
  • Bryan h ingram - 1 month ago
    god bless all my enemy and the who don't like me

    may god give so much blessing and favor

    god bless all kids

    god bless all elder people

    god bless all religion faith

    god bless everybody bosses may everybody

    have so much favor with their bosses all the time

    god bless everybody family

    god bless everybody friends

    god bless all christianity

    god bless all lds mormon

    god bless all house

    god bless everybody neighbor

    god bless all jehovah's witnesses

    god bless all churches

    god bless all pastors and churches leader

    god bless all plants

    god all kinds of foods

    god all pets and animals

    god bless all neighborhood

    god bless everybody jobs

    god bless all parks

    god bless this whole amazing world

    god bless all places of worships

    god bless all power line and Electrical grid so nobody

    will never be with out power again

    god all school
  • Troy kinsey - 1 month ago
    my wife Penny has had 4 back surgeries in 2 years and is still struggling please pray with us and for us about her COMPLETE HEALING over all this . thank you and GOD BLESS
  • Bryanna - 1 month ago
    I have been struggling to let the lord in and live a godly life. When I do I know that he's there with me but everyday catches up to me and the wages of sun overcome me time and time again I would like to be closer connected to god and Jesus Christ and let them into my heart.
  • Terry - 1 month ago
    Pray For Peace and Blessing. For The, Jew's and Gentiles
  • Man who needs prayer - 1 month ago
    Please pray for my neck. I am having pain and my job requires a lot of strain in my neck and lower back. Please pray for energy, focus and strength for me and for the endurance I need to get through this time in my life. I've been going through lots of stress physically, mentally and emotionally. Thank you and God bless.
  • David Allen - 1 month ago
    Please pray for me and my family
  • Lwanyaga Junior Robinson - 1 month ago
    I would you to pray for me to overcome devil thoughts, temptations, fears and worries in my mind and to strengthen my faith in Jesus Christ our Lord. Pray for my parents that they may be delivered from health issues and save they from their wrong doings and turn to God and His Jesus Christ our Lord.
  • Mirjam - 1 month ago
    To sum it all up into something short: That God would hear and answer my desperate cries for help in a situation that's beyond hopeless. I'm so tired of hurting and I've lost my life, my youth and all the best years to it all. I need a miracle.

    -My health (body, mind, spirit and soul. Chronic pain. Dangerously bad breathing issues. Severe loss of hair. Badly broken teeth. What I call a trauma brain, after a lifetime of abuse and neglect that I have no way or place to escape. Brain fog so bad I can't think clear and it's getting harder to wake up and when I do, I'm barely there; too numb or in too much inward pain to function. Touch-starved.)

    -My life (to get to a place with likeminded people, and safe. Where I have value, a reason to have been born. Where I'm a real person. To have a good Christian husband and children before I get any older, because I'm almost 40. To be no longer available for the energy vampires. No more playing the role of a whipping boy/girl.)

    -Curses into blessings (family curses on both sides, curses put on me at least by my parents, which is mainly my mother who even recently called me a curse. I've seen her curses come to pass, over and over again. God knows who else. Any curses I've caused myself)

    -God's mercy, love, guidance, protection, blessings and peace.

    -Full armor of God on me. My life filled with God. More faith in God. To be deaf to the enemy's voice.

    -Free from demons of depression, anxiety, self-hatred, suicide, self-harm, bad mouth, bad thoughts and sexual immortality. Comfort eating that started from childhood.

    -Financially secure to take care of myself, have a home (I'm technically homeless, but forced to live with people who hate me), take care of my nearest and dearest, and get everything I need for my health and life.

    -To find beauty in the ugliness of my life and existence. To become whole. To be strong where I've been weak. To leave behind something good once I'm gone. To have a life worth living.

    God bless you.
  • Lena - 1 month ago
    Hello everyone hopefully you all are having a great day. Please pray for me, please pray that i can do the right thing for Jesus and let go of fear from what others might say or think, also that if Rudy is the right guy for me so that we can end up being together, but if he is not the one then please pray that God would send the right guy to me. Also please pray that the man that i will date/marry in the future can be a strong christen. And remember to pray that his will be done, not ours, also remember to pray in Jesus HOLY and ALMIGHTY name. Thanks
  • Terri - 1 month ago
    Please pray for my daughter. She went to the hospital the medication that they put her on, gave her chest, a little bit of chest pain and breathing problem and she has thyroid issues, grave disease pray that the doctors will have wisdom to know how to help her that she will be OK, she will be safe and healthy and that they know why she has disease and be able to heal it and that today at the hospital they will have wisdom and they will help her to get better and she'll get to go home to her husband and their children, please pray for healing and safety and protection in Jesus name
  • E. - 1 month ago
    Asking for strong protection, intervention, and breakthrough for us and all in need. Thank you.
  • Cheri - 1 month ago
    Please pray for my son who is an alcoholic a severe one he has so many opportunities right now God given talents. He was sober for 100 days and started drinking again thank you for your prayers.
  • Desmond Gaguh - 1 month ago
    Hello Brethren.

    Mr Name is Desmond Gaguh.

    Iam job hunting, and no positive response or signal that is coming from all the places I submitted my CV. I please want the prayer team to pray for me and my family for God's guidance, success, and breakthrough. In Jesus name Amen. Thanks!

    Your's faithfully,

    Desmond Gaguh.
  • Gilbert Moisa - 1 month ago
    prayers for my health and for my family that God brings all my family to church thank you
  • David Allen - 1 month ago
    Please remember me and my family today in your prayers
  • Atlene - 1 month ago
    Hi. I just joined to this website. Please pray for me, I've been a bit ill and my husband will be going into surgery next week. I need restoration and grace, and pray my husband will be well through surgery, in Lord Jesus name, amen. thank you
  • John Stedfast - 1 month ago
    Gods Grace never runs out
  • Murphy - 1 month ago
    I got saved when I was 21 and was doing good but my wife left after 5 years ! she didn't want to go to church ! So I had gotten out of church and back slide and when I remarried I started going but not all the time ! time flew by and a lot of years passed and than I started to have doubts about my salvation but I know I said the sinners prayer from my heart but I keep having doubts ! what should I do ? I'm visiting some churches now sense I moved back to my home state! I hope ya'll have time to pray for me ! THANKS !
  • Lena - 1 month ago
    how many of you still believe in MIRACLES??!! how many of you still believe that Jesus saves even the most sinful person??!! how many of you think we should not let our faith in Jesus sound weak and small by using the same word: believe. how many of us say "i believe were going to the park tomorrow" in other words, we THINK were going to the park or whatever it is. now when we put it like this "i believe in Jesus" [which hopefully everyone does] then it's not like we THINK in Jesus, right? [ you might think ABOUT Jesus which is absolutely NOT wrong] so why would we use the same word "believe" for doubt or unsertanity and for our belief [hopefully everyones belief is in Jesus] or what we believe in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Terry - 1 month ago
    Scripture References:

    Job 1:10 Psalm 91:4,5

    Zechariah 2:5 Psalm 91:8-11

    Psalm 34:7 Psalm 91:14-16

    Psalm 91:1,2
  • David Allen - 1 month ago
    Please pray for me and my family today
  • Thelma Taylor - 1 month ago
    to gigi the ward you are saying are wrong stop tell him about jesus how he love him and wont him well by his spride he is heald and those thought are divel i hope you will hear what i am saying to you= in the name of jesus love you

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