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  • Thelma Taylor - 1 month ago
    to gigi the ward you are saying are wrong stop tell him about jesus how he love him and wont him well by his spride he is heald and those thought are divel i hope you will hear what i am saying to you= in the name of jesus love you
  • Mamakay - 1 month ago
    Tomorrow I have court regarding an anti harassment order on my landlord. The bullying and stalking has been absolutely unbearable on my mental state. I tried to end my life over it. They now are retaliating with threatening to make me and my children homeless. I'm 24, have a fianc who is the father to all 3 of my babies. I'm 3 months postpartum and I'm scared. Please pray for grace, wisdom, strength and patience as I enter the courtroom tomorrow. I have been calling on god for weeks, he has delivered as have I, repenting for my sins. He listens, he is there. He is amazing.
  • Jaulinda Renee Winslow - 1 month ago
    I ask for prayer to be a born again saved Christian. And for the Lord almighty to give me strength to not be tempted to sin against God or man, for stability. And learn my purpose.. In God's name I pray
  • Tina - 1 month ago
    Please pray for me. i been dealing with cyberbullying for almost 3 years now just because i'm an African-American woman and i can't get rid of the trauma. i wish these racists and bullies leave me alone. i'm a human being just like them.
  • Bibleman72 - 1 month ago
    Hi its Bibleman72 again,i am currently struggling with a lot of trials and tribulations,and this is the place i thought of first to ask for your prayers.I come here about once a week or once every two weeks.I am having pain in my ankles that make it difficult to manuever around.I hurt my knee at the beginning of january or very late late december. I still need to have it examined.My teeth have not been cleaned professionally in 5 years.i am planning to go to the dentist in may,please pray it will go well.i am divorced and took Gigis advice on here and reached out to my ex to make amends and talk.She did talk a few months initially,but now i try and say hello on the text and i get a one sentence answer and nothing else .i have concluded that while she may speak a bit ,she must not really be interested in reconciling our marriage because i cannot get her to really truly connect any hurts but i am not shocked. I just meant it when i took that vow and i try and listen to what the bible states.Which is those that are divorced either reconcile together or not remarry another.Which i have not remarried ex wife did remarry another man not long after me and i believe divorced him as well.
  • GiGi - 1 month ago

    I have asked in recent weeks for prayer for my nephew who was hospitalized for severe depression and suicidal intentions.

    He has been released and is at home. Please continue to pray for him. he still thinks about committing suicide many times each day.

    Also, pray for me to have wise and compassionate words for him when I speak to him on the phone.
  • TAmar reed - 1 month ago
    safety health job help with ect family friends find the right church help me make the right decision
  • Man who needs prayer - 1 month ago
    Please pray for me. I am under spiritual attack and I am going through a lot.
  • David Allen - 1 month ago
    Please remember me and my family in your prayers
  • Brandi - 1 month ago
    In Jesus Name every and any perverted spirit shall not take root in my husband, nor in me, nor in my kids, nor in their boyfriends, Amen. Lord I rebuke and block all perverted spirits and every evil spirit away from us all, I pull them out at the root and crush them under my feet on our behalf in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen and Hallelujah!!!
  • Stacy - 1 month ago
    Hello. I'm asking for prayers for My husband Carl. Carl is a large man with type 2 dibetitse, high blood pressure,calcification of the heart, tumor on right lower pole kidney and two places in his colon. I'm asking for prayers of healing and grace. Carl loves sharing the word of God with everyone. Thank you,Stacy
  • Dee Richardson - 1 month ago
    I need prayer for discouragement. I feel like God is angry with me and I don't know why. My prayers remain unanswered and my dilemmas just keep piling up and the Lord seems to be absent. Today I keep crying and feeling hopeless. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Lena - 1 month ago
    please pray for me to grow in my spiritual life and that all the people that i will ever be with in my life can be christens and that i can be respectful to everyone and also that i can shine my light for ALL to see that today we still have the chance to be saved we don't know if we'll be here tomorrow. If anyone isn't saved yet, please go to Jesus he can save you. If your going through something that feels impossible to overcome give it to Jesus he can take care of it. But please if you haven't given your life to Jesus do so today don't wait until tomorrow, it's your choice to be a child of God or not. If you have chains that are holding you down/back Jesus can break and take those chains away, if you ever need anything you don't have to go to a preacher or teacher or a priest, go to Jesus nobody else died on the cross to save us from sin, nobody else died on the cross to forgive our sins, AND NOBODY ELSE EVER DIED ON THE CROSS TO SAVE US FROM ETERNAL HELL, Nobody but Jesus.
  • E. - 1 month ago
    Continuing to cry out for release from bondage (all of us), strong protection, healing (heart, soul, body), salvation (those not saved) and for us to live lives pleasing to the Lord. Also may the Lord protect and anoint our prayer gathering on Friday. Thank you.
  • Stella_ml - 1 month ago
    Can you please pray for my step father - he is extremely weak, not able to walk and not eating, caused by too many medical interventions on his body. The Lord knows. I will appreciate each prayer, in the name of Jesus. I need people to agree with me, I have faith!
  • David Allen - 1 month ago
    Please pray for me and my family today
  • Erica Aragon - 1 month ago
    would be nice if we can pray for the children. all the trash that tv streams and the internet provide for the children to see witchcraft vampire's magical powers etc. etc. its wrong and Americas poisoning our kids.
  • M.M. - 1 month ago
    My boyfriend, Elijah is in a church that twist Gods word and is full of deceit. he doesn't see it, & wont believe me! he's been taught how to read the bible and morph it to wrong beliefs! he needs freedom, truth, and true salvation. he needs to hear From God. he needs freedom from satans lies and the Lord to work on his heart! A miracle
  • David Allen - 1 month ago
    Please pray for me and my family
  • Elisha - 1 month ago
    My son has had diabetes for ten years now, he has since develop other illness. He is constantly in the hospital and is currently right now. Now because of the gastroparesis he is having bad anxiety attacks fearing that his stomach will start hurting and he will start vomiting again. I'm for prayers for a complete healing so he can live a normal life, his name is Christian.
  • Sjr - 1 month ago
    In Jesus Name praying every E.B.B, LDR, , M, K,and C. spirit, and every evil spirit is removed and blocked from Sarah R., immediately, and blocked from all of us, deliver Sarah and us from every evil, remove and block every evil spirit, from us Lord, Lord cast down every spell and break every curse off of Sarah and us, now,I decree and declare Sarah is delivered now, and walks in the Kingdom of God, Lord heal her skin and take away her vaping addiction, quickly, fully and permanently, in Jesus Name, Amen.
  • Esther - 1 month ago
    Salvation for my grown children. The Last trumpet call is drawing near.

    I am not a perfect mother, but I strive to be Christ like. I am asking God to bridle my tongue, from fowl speaking.

    We are to be the Godliest example for our children. I feel like I have failed in every aspect of my life. I NEED to do better.
  • Amy Mac - 1 month ago
    Thank you Jesus!!!!!! Please help all the unsaved to find you. I cannot imagine life without you. You are the only one able to fix the worlds problems. Let everyone bow down before you and profess that you are their Lord and saviour.
  • Rojofox - 1 month ago
    Please pray for my husband and me. We are having difficult times with health problems and financial issues. Thanks for the prayers. God bless you all.
  • David Allen - 1 month ago
    Please remember me and my family in your prayers today
  • David Allen - 1 month ago
    Please remember me and my family today in your prayers
  • Sus - 1 month ago
    People get ready now!!!!!!!!!! if jesus came today would you be ready!!?? if you died today where would you end up!!?? it's time to wake up!!!!!! if you haven't given your life to jesus already do so right now don't wait until tomorrow do it wherever you are and now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sus - 1 month ago
    sisters and brothers in christ please pray for all of my family to be saved and same for my brother-in-law and his parents and all of his siblings and all of their siblings boyfriends/fiance. Also that i can shine my light through Jesus Christ for ALL non-christens to see that we can be saved and that God is a loving caring providing God, God is not a mean God. We ALL who have accepted Jesus as our lord and savior should thank Jesus/God every day for all the wonderful things that he does. God bless you all and have a wonderful night.
  • Miss Z - 1 month ago
    I want to remain a mystery lady but I work at a store that most of the workers there isn't Christian at all. I would like prayer for all my coworkers and boss, that they would see the truth about Jesus Christ. God knows what's going on.

    I appreciate the prayers for them.
  • E. - 1 month ago
    Asking for strong protection, intervention, peace, joy, more love, more strength, wisdom, guidance and breakthrough for us and all in need.

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