Psalms 72:18 MEANING

Psalm 72:18
Verses 18, 19. - Blessed be the Lord God, the God of Israel (compare the other doxologies, which begin similarly (Psalm 41:13; Psalm 89:52; Psalm 106:42). Who only doeth wondrous things (comp. Psalm 86:8, 10; and Job 5:9). And blessed be his glorious Name forever (comp. Psalm 29:2; Psalm 34:3; Psalm 46:2; Psalm 69:30; Psalm 113:2, etc.). And let the whole earth be filled with his glory. The whole earth can no otherwise be filled with the glory of God, than by men everywhere glorifying him, and bowing clown in adoration before his Son. The promise had been made that so it should one day be (Numbers 14:21); and the psalmist anticipates the fulfilment of the promise. Amen, and Amen (comp. Psalm 41:13; Psalm 89:52; Psalm 106:48).

72:18-20 We are taught to bless God in Christ, for all he has done for us by him. David is earnest in prayer for the fulfilment of this prophecy and promise. It is sad to think how empty the earth is of the glory of God, how little service and honour he has from a world to which he is so bountiful. May we, like David, submit to Christ's authority, and partake of his righteousness and peace. May we bless him for the wonders of redeeming love. May we spend our days, and end our lives, praying for the spread of his gospel.Blessed be the Lord God,.... The Messiah, who is truly and properly God, Jehovah, Lord of all, and the Lord our righteousness; to whom such a doxology or ascription of glory and blessing properly belongs, since all good things are from him, and by him;

the God of Israel; that brought Israel out of Egypt; went before them in the wilderness; redeemed and saved them, and bore and carried them all the days of old; and in whom all the true Israel of God are justified, and shall be saved with an everlasting salvation;

who only doeth wondrous things; in the creation of all things out of nothing; in the government of the world; and in the redemption and salvation of his people; which is a very marvellous thing: as that God should become man, suffer and die in the room of men, and save them from sin and ruin; this wondrous thing. Christ has done alone, and there was none with him.

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