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  • Lovette Beyan Gbanmie on Psalms 35 - 10 years ago
    PSAMLS 35 is d PSAMLS of revenge. This is our ***urances that God will bring our enemies to total condemnation.He is the God that sees all hearts and reward men according to their dees.
  • Samuel olaniyi olanipekun on Psalms 35 - 10 years ago
    Allmighty Father let all those who want to hurt me and desroy me be put to shame in Jesus name , i also pray that all things the enemies have stolen in my life be restored in Jesus name
  • Anneline Shole on Psalms 35:26 - 10 years ago
    Let them be ashamed and brought to confusion together that rejoice at mine hurt: let them be clothed with shame and dishonour that magnify themselves against me.(God almighty let those who wants to destroy me & hurt me be brought to shame)
  • Jaybee on Psalms 35:19 - 11 years ago
    I love this verse. It has helped me when my enemies try to attack me.
  • Jeremaine Williams on Psalms 35 - 11 years ago
    This chapter help me through alot of situations, because when you know god is on your side everything will be ok. This chapter gives me protection and strength in the time of storms when i read it peace just enters into my body. When God is for you who can be against you NO WEAPONS FORMED AGAINST ME SHELL PROSPER. Thank you jesus for loving a sinner like me.
  • John Sheridan on Psalms 35:8 - 11 years ago
    Just because one knows the word of God doesn't mean they will make heaven their home. Only those who are written in the Lambs book of life. Those who know and do the will of the Father. Do you not know the devil knows the word of God probably better than any one of us, and he still is going to hell. He is a father of all lies and the truth is not in him. Are you written in the book of the lamb, if not turn to God repent of your sin then you will be able to see clear on how to proclaim Gods word. otherwise it is to no avail what you tell others about God. We can only do Gods will by obedience.
  • John Sheridan on Psalms 35:8 - 11 years ago
    Why is it that so many so called religions of the world change the word of God, into the lie of the world. bringing swift destruction upon their own head. The spirit of that came down and talked with their leader, leader of what , their false religion. The lies the devil portrays to lead the many to destruction, wake up read the word of God for yourselves. Why do you read any other thing other than the bible, do you not know the bible is the word of God, Not what someone has heard from a spirit, God says test all things and if that spirit preaches any other word other than what Gods word says, let him be accursed. And come out from among them. Lest the same curse that befalls them will also come upon you. Do you have ears to hear, or are you dull of hearing you cannot hear. What will it take for people to wake total destruction of family and friends. Maybe even ones self, then it will be to late. their will no longer be any time to repent. For the time of repentance must come before one dies in their sin. Then be found without a Lord and Savior. Who is the only one who can save you from your sin. And be sent to that place of weeping and internal torment for ever and ever Amen
  • Marcia on Psalms 35 - 11 years ago
    When the storm is ragging and all seems to be going down hill psalm 35 reassures me that all is well and by reading and beleiving i know no further distress or distruction will come the answers may seem slow but be assured god will answer dead on time.NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST MAN SHALL PROSPER true to its word oh lord thank you for your mercy and patience with a sinner like me justkeep praying and believing that mountain will be removed.
  • Michelle on Psalms 35 - 11 years ago
    This prayer is what keep me going when my enemy think the have win!!!!!
  • Alice on Psalms 35 - 11 years ago
    This psalm gives me hope at every point of my life. Thank you JESUS for everything you have done...
  • Sandra on Psalms 35 - 11 years ago
    This psalm reassure me that God is still in control
  • Ann on Psalms 35 - 11 years ago
    it gives me the strength i so desire when my enemies attack me.and god do intervenes because i do feels the calm assurance that all is well and is at peace once again
  • Tracy-Ann on Psalms 35 - 11 years ago
    This is my Psalm of victory. God has honored His word and I can testify to that. The angels of the Lord have scattered my enemies and the devil has been defeated. Let us give God all the praise. He has won the victory through Jesus Christ. Oh God, I thank you for your words.
  • Inez Garza on Psalms 35 - 11 years ago
    Whenever I have trouble with people, this is where I go to and everything starts calming down. I have faith on our Lord, help me.
  • Timothy Wayne George on Psalms 35:18 - 11 years ago
    The Psalmist said I will give thee thanks in the great congregation. I will praise thee among much people. When we give thanks to God in the great congregation, and praise God among the people, we receive the victory over our trials. In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. Praise is the response from a thankful heart. The Hebrew boys praised God in the fire, and the Son of God delivered them. Daniel praised God in the lion�s den, and the Lord sent an angel to shut the lion�s mouth. When praises go up, blessing comes down.
  • Shaye turner on Psalms 35 - 11 years ago
    Thank you Jesus, I appreciate you are my rock, I look to you.
  • Jen on Psalms 35 - 11 years ago
    This is a Psalm that will lead you out of the unrest that enemies can and will thrust upon you. I've been saying it for years. It gives you Victory over your enemies.
  • Harold Picault on Psalms 35 - 11 years ago
    When you face challenges and enemies in your life Palms 35 is the passage everyone should read for protection and strength.
  • Debra Crutchfield on Psalms 35 - 11 years ago
    I love to read Psalms because I know God answers all things through Christ.
  • Queen Itohan of Oshogbo on Psalms 35 - 11 years ago
    This is a great psalm, to pray when you are depressed. Pray it against evil in-laws, evil unfriendly friends of spouses, Evil family members.
  • Bro Sylvanus on Psalms 35 - 11 years ago
    This psalm gives me confidence in spiritual warfare.
  • EZRA DAN on Psalms 35:24 - 11 years ago
    If we allow the Holy Spirit to search our thought and deal with any form of ungodliness then our enemies will not have victory over us. Maranatha!
  • Juliana Enyi on Psalms 35 - 11 years ago
    Any time I read this psalm I pity my enemies that will not allow me to rest.
  • Julia on Psalms 35 - 11 years ago
    Psalm 35 is the psalm that gives me strength and weakens thy enemies. Amen
  • Ujunwa C on Psalms 35 - 11 years ago
    I love Psalm 35, it�s a perfect psalm for warfare. It gives me confidence whenever I pray it knowing that God is carrying me in his hands, protecting me.
  • Azubuike benedicta on Psalms 35 - 11 years ago
    Brethren, it is very necessary to pray with Psalm 35 always, be it at midnight or anytime prayers.
  • Joseph G. Conteh on Psalms 35 - 11 years ago
    I love this Psalm very much. The world we are living in is a wicked one and one should always rely on spiritual weapons like the word of God, prayers, faith, good works etc.
  • Cecilia mustapha on Psalms 35 - 11 years ago
    This verse let me believed that no matter what l go through my god is redemer. And will watch over his children and redem then from the hands of thy enemies.
  • May on Psalms 35 - 11 years ago
    Reading psalms. 35 gives me hope and the confidence that God is watching over me. Praise His Holy Name.
  • Shirley on Psalms 35 - 11 years ago
    GOD is mighty in battle, for there is a season for everything, battle is not easy nor is it pretty, we can not play with the enemy, saints it is time to defeat devil and his advocates, place the enemy under your feet, He will give you power to tread upon the lion and adder the young lion and dragon will you trample under your feet. Praise GOD in advance for the victory over your enemys!!!!

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