Christian Testimonies

  • Josiah Bayne - 1 week ago
    My Testimony.

    I have been saved at 2024, April 7th. It was a very big and straining experience.

    I am new to this sit and hope I can find some advice as being a new Christian. The work of the Holy Spirit has lasted 3 days. This is His final salvation work in me.

    My testimony is this,the Lord came down to me in my room and showed me a verse that read, "For now is our salvation, nearer than when we believed." Romans 13:11. Then I was hit with a spiritual crushing power that filled my soul with The Holy Spirit! I felt God's presence standing behind me and it was so great that I was unable to get up. After all was done, this was the third and last time of the Holy Spirit's salvation work in me, God had to help me to my feet. In a matter of speaking, I was half lifting myself and half lifted by the Holy Spirit. I felt peace when all was over and a joy in my soul!!!

    My eyes were hurting from many tears and my head was aching. Today, I am striving to be as Christ-like as possible!!

    This all happened for three days long. Yesterday was the last day! I hope you read this and rejoice as all of heaven rejoices when one is saved!
  • VincentHenryBallou - 1 week ago
    I have spent a lot of time on the street . I find strictly following the King James Bible get you there but keeps me alive . and living out of a suitcase . are there any other members here? I've been here a while I've only spoken to one . please talk to me.
  • Trishkus - 3 weeks ago
    I will continue here. God spoke to people in the Old Testament through his spirit. Moses received the Ten Commandments, Noah built an arch, the prophets received their knowledge through his spirit. The burning bush, striking the rock to get water, leading the Isrealiites out of Bondage, etc. These people received their instructions through the spirit. Then, Jesus came in the flesh, to tell us what to do, what to expect, with a warning to be ready at all times, to be caught up, in Heaven. I believe that the "great falling away" of the Church, happened when these different religious sects , and translations were adopted. Even the King James Version is represented differently than the scrolls from the Jewish Bible. One example, is the last words of Jesus Christ on the cross before he died. The translation we were taught was that Jesus committed his spirit to God. The Jewish Bible taught that he committed his spirit to God on loan, to receive back when he entered Heaven. Another word that was misconstrued was shoal, we were taught that this meant Hell. A final resting place. Shoal actually refers to a place the dead go before they're lifted again to receive their final resting place. A place of darkness where your spirit is conscious of it's surroundings. I've read different descriptions saying Christ is with us and we are able to either see, or know, that he's there. A long time ago I had this experience when I was in a situation where I thought I was dead. It was very black, I thought my eyes were actually opened to experience this blackness, and my consciousness was aware of it. I thought I was dead. I said to myself "I must be dead" then I felt like I was being pulled back, then I felt the sensation of someone blowing in my mouth, I opened my eyes and I was back in my bedroom on my bed. I don't know, but I don't think I was dead long enough to meet Jesus, from what I have learned from what other's say about similar experiences. But, I was left thinking that I died.
  • Trishkus - 3 weeks ago
    I have already felt the sensation of being "caught up", quite some time ago. Let me explain further...I was laying on my bed, and all of a sudden I felt like I was lifted up in the spirit above my body into Jesus arms. I felt exceedingly happy and full of joy. I then felt like everything I knew was being pulled out of my mind. I was then given my destiny and released back into my body. I immediately stood up and another sensation of grinding my teeth. Then it was over. I don't really know what this means but I know, it resembles what I learned, when someone is condemned. I know a lot of Bibles say that if you're baptized and believe in Jesus you will be saved. I believe there is a lot more to do then that. I also read only true disciples of Christ will rise, and few will be saved. To be a disciple, you must sell all you have, give it to the poor. Leave with nothing, but the clothes on your back, and no sandals, no staff, no food, finding shelter with those who give you peace. If they won't listen to you, then you should leave. I found my answers researching True Believer. This is the name of the body of Christs Church. The only ones who will be saved. There are commandments given in Mark, Luke, John, and Matthew, for the TRUE BELIEVERS to follow, given by Christ himself. I have also learned that humanity being separated into different nations and developing different languages is a curse. I believe this is in Genesis. Humanity used to all speak the same language. I also learned that all these Bible translations are of Satan. They misconstrued, ever so discreetly, some words, that entirely changed the meaning of the Bible verse. I believe that the reason the Jews were scattered is because they were supposed to teach us Hebrew, so we could understand the sacred scrolls of the Old Testament. The truest written form of God's words. The New Testament scrolls are written in Greek. Jesus spoke Aramaic. People don't realize that God's spirit is here with us, has been always
  • XavierSaucedo39 - 1 month ago
    After many trials and tribulations, I knew that God had selected me for a purpose. War, jail, drug addiction, suicide, and PTSD had only been overcome by my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. In a world and time like this, it's not easy to be humble and loving but it is possible for Christ led by example. We must also lead by this example in a world full of demons that try to block of us of our given purpose to make the world a better place. Remember a day at a time and even when things don't go our way, we must remain faithful and believe that God does everything for a purpose. In Luke 22:42 (NIV), Jesus says, "Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done."

    In the name of Jesus, Amen
  • Momsage - 1 month ago
    I grew up in a church that I now know was full of false doctrine. It never really stuck with and me when I got old enough to really understand what was being taught I didn't like it. At least I did learn to believe wholly in the one true God; the Father and Jesus His son but I didn't really know them. At 18 I left home and left that religion behind. A couple of years later I met Tim and we were married. Tim began going to a friend's house after work and listening to the gospel. I soon met his wife and we went on a women's retreat together and I was thrilled that the preacher was telling me that Jesus was a personal God, not just a God up in heaven. I did go to the alter, but didn't get saved, I was to self-conscience, but my friend gave me a book that told the story of how Jesus was our salvation. The next night, Tim was at work, I read the short book which stirred my soul and then I knelt down at my bed and had a glorious time of pray and Jesus became my Savior. Tim was very late coming home but then he called me and said he had gone over to his friends house and had gotten saved. I told him I had also received that wonderful blessing and when he got home we worshiped the Lord together in a wonderful time of pray. God Bless :)
  • Alan Kopilec - 2 months ago
    I have a pain on my left side. I need healing I need healing and strength to help me through and be there for my disabled wife and our blind dog. Our car is at the dealership garage with an unknown issue. With faith I had it towed there and it's hard to believe I'll ever come up with the money to get it back. We need our only car to get us to our doctor's appointments. May God bless us and our neighbors who help us with rides to the store. May God Bless Florence Foodshare and may God heal us and help us through these dark times. Thank God for all our blessings and healing. Thank you God for healing our dog's eye infection and giving him the strength to make it as a blind dog. Father please heal me and give me the strength to carry my wife and dog. In Jesus's name Amen.
  • VincentHenryBallou - 2 months ago
    I've had a 7 year Dark Night of the Soul ,immediately following my mother's passing . Satan felt the need to attack me at this most vulnerable time in my life. and it was not an ordinary attack through human beings as we see them. I am sure the people in here are open to this . I was translated to another dimension . I was still in the same Hotel in which I was living in Los Angeles. in retrospect Jesus told me this is why I must keep my eyes on the King James Bible . the only real Bible . the only Bible that is free , as you're not supposed to profit from the word of God like that . the only real book that Satan tried to prevent getting printed by setting people afire in cages. in retrospect Jesus showed me that that was Satan . but at the time I thought it was God . Satan was determined to make me believe I done wrong after the power of Jesus taking place in Romans 10:13 . but you see if I'm determined to have been wrong past that moment , and that would be taking credit away from Jesus . but my mind was in a fog at that time , and I Heard a Voice coming out of the air , which tried to mimic something written in Scripture about a voice and A Mighty Wind . first of all we know the King James Bible never describe the voice , so naturally I would assume that a voice would sound like a human man's voice . I can't fathom beyond that neither can any other man . so Satan figured he could get away with it he did sound like a man , with an extraordinarily deep voice that boomed and thundered , but was very quiet , at the same time , as if he was trying to imitate what I think would be sounding like the still small voice . again, the King James talks about still small voice , what does not describe it , leaving us to assume it sounds like that of a man , and Satan there to try and take advantage . rolling and surrounding the sound of that voice , what looks like people started to appear before me , and they always wore Basic Black apparel . wish I could finish. out of space
  • VincentHenryBallou - 2 months ago
    have you ever been told time and again to give your Christian testimony ,by a preacher , and you never really seem to have one because you seem to spend most of your life being a bum, I want you to find out God made you a slave to the King James ,and your blessing started flowing after you left that church? turns out that preacher try to play God . then I had a meeting with Satan born 7 years of The Dark Night of the Soul .I've had dealt with legal blindness for a long time , but doctors that hated the color of my skin would not properly diagnosed me . well during that meeting with the Devil ,Satan said that I was not blind . you thank Jesus .
  • Thomas Nipper - 2 months ago
    I confess "Jesus Christ" is the Son Of "GOD" born of a virgin, lives open earth & gave himself to be beaten & nailed to the cross as a ransom for the sins of all whom would believe on him & be forgiven of ALL our sins & saved!!! I accept "Jesus Christ" as my savior & choose to serve him!!!
  • Terry - 3 months ago
    Please pray that God's Will be done in the lives of the children he has given unto me (especially Tyrone), . . . in Jesus name I thank the Heavenly Father in advance (Amen Amen Amen)

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  • Lee the Follower - 5 months ago
    I'm sharing this to show the power, mercy, love, patience, kindness of God and hope that others learn from my mistakes. I also have to summarise as I there is not enough space for me to put it here.

    Age 0-6: Born to atheistic family, witnessed biological father physically abuse my mother and siblings on multiple occasions. Mother and father divorced. Have not seen or spoke to father since.

    Age 6 and onward: My mother met man who became my stepfather. Stepfather enjoyed alcohol and cannabis. Was mentally abusive toward mother which ultimately deals the same hurt and pain as the physical abuse. He got my mother on alcohol. Would often get drunk and slander my mother. He committed adultery on a few occasions but was not discovered until later on in the marriage.

    Age 23: I partied in night clubs in the local town centre, went to Ibiza on a couple of occasions and began my own indulgence in cannabis.

    Age 24: Close friend of mine committed suicide, sank into depression that lasted several years, addiction to cannabis increased drastically. Isolated myself and even contemplated suicide. However, I was also aware of the grief this had caused to my friends family.

    Age 33: While pondering about death of friend and high on cannabis I had somewhat of an "out-of-body" experience where I saw a bright light, felt overwhelming love which was then followed by a great feeling of guilt. From that day I confessed Jesus was Lord however, I still walked in darkness while having "itching ears".

    Age 34: My mother had 2 strokes and finally split from stepfather, quit my job to look after her physical needs.

    Age 35: No job, no wife, no children, no home as I returned to my mother's home and during this time I heard the word "hypocrite" in a conversation, I realised I am one. Fully submitted to God & never felt more blessed and thankful knowing that I have found salvation in my Lord Jesus Christ. If anybody has questions feel free to ask. Take care all and may God Bless you in Jesus name.
  • Shinevarreholly0324 - 5 months ago
    I had a great mommy, she was my everything, she taught me everything, she had me in church and sunday school all my life till I got with one of my ex boyfriend he wasn't in church at all, everytime I was ready for church he would call or text either one saying church again I said yes I love church and of course the first few times it was ok with him but time went on and on till finally he said you can stay and talk too me or text him either way just trying too get me not go church, well as time went on I finally stopped going and I became a sinner and let me tell you when I stopped going things started looking and going so bad, I was loosing everything I mean everything, till couple months I couldn't go on I went too church with mom and I went straight too the alter and gave my heart back too Jesus, I felt so much better, few days later things started looking great again for me, I was getting everything back what I lost and I started thanking and praising God for it! Let me tell stay with God no matter what cause once you get out of his hands you will feel miserable I sure did and I never want too experience that again, now here I am still going of course we will have ups and downs but having Jesus in ours hearts makes it great, i'm blessed with amazing man of God and 3 wonderful childrens 2 boys and 1 girl so blessed, I hope this helps and touches someone, Keep serving the Lord he is so great and wonderful, Jesus loves you and so do I and God bless you all!!!!
  • Koosees - 6 months ago
    Was raised up in the ways of the LORD since far back as I can remember. Was in church 6 days out of the week until I graduated elementary and went to public school. Church on Wednesday and twice on Sunday, Tuesday was Boys and Girls Club. Monday to Friday I attended school at the Christian Academy (at the Church). Time went on, it was Friday Night Youth Services in place of Boys and Girls club. So I thank God and give Him the Glory that I was raised up according to the Word. My Parents got saved, took us all to Church. When I was 10, one day out of nowhere I had the desire to play the Bass Guitar. After nine months of practicing Guitar and Bass Guitar, I was able to praise Him with an instrument during service. Traveled with our Pastor during the summer, he would minister the word, and we in music and song. As of right now My sister and I are still keeping on, serving the LORD. Striving, daily keeping away from the Sin Business. Glory to God on Earth as it is in Heaven. No man goes to the Father except through Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God. There are three (literal:1,2,3-Father, Son, Holy Spirit.............They are One (Figurative: One in unity by agreeing, They are God, They were there at the beginning, etc.).

    God Bless You all, and strive on.
  • Raincloud - 7 months ago
    I've had cataract surgery and now have glass lenses installed and can now see distance clearly. but close up must wear glasses to see! My understanding at this age-62 is...if God's doesn't do it, good doesn't get done! No matter how or in what manner God chooses to do it! God bless n Shalom.
  • Jim Miller - 7 months ago
    I would like to share a real-life event as to how God worked in a person's life. There is a female who is I'd say middle-aged who works in another division which I usually go there about once a month. She works the night shift and when I arrive at 7 a.m. it is the end of her shift. I usually show up early so I showed up 30 minutes early. I had been doing A LOT of bible study and just felt moved to ask her if she was a "Christian." Her response and "body language" gave away immediately that she was not. First, she stated in a Studder Well I "grew up in a Christian home." My first mental response was that meant nothing. I felt moved to press a little more and I asked what "translation" you read? At this point, she is squirming in her seat as if I am a police investigator questioning her under a spotlight. Her response was "one of the newer ones." Which one I responded? She replied I am not sure but the King James is hard to read. I ended the questioning as I could feel in my Spirit that she was NOT saved!

    Now the Lord later that day laid on my heart to purchase a book called "The Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warran" It is a famous book that is basically kindergarten theology. So I went on online and ordered a used one in great condition only cost me $8.00. I kept the book in my car so I wouldn't forget to give it to her since I only see her once a month.

    Now, a few days before I see this woman again I run into a Christian at Walmart... I was moved to speak with him and he shared something with me. When witnessing don't give too much.. Like a doctor don't overwhelm the patient with medical jargon keep it simple.

    Okay so now today was the next month and I saw her. I pulled the book out and told her I have a book you might enjoy and you can have it. It is meant to be read one chapter per day for forty days. She thanked me and said my mother told me about this book The Purpose Driven Life. Even her mom knew she wasn't really saved. Amazing how God works isn't it?
  • Bennymkje - 7 months ago
    Growing up in a Christian family where the word of God held the pride of place, my love for the word was very natural. At the age of four I had an idea what God was like and my explanation amazed my Sunday school teacher to recount it to my father some forty years later. Seventy years of living with books of all shades and topics what remained with me constant was the Bible. After writing some two dozens of books I turned my back on secular literature in 2014. In the late eighties I wanted to run a tabloid Herald of Peace in order to showcase the Bible stories including the Book of Revelation in graphic novel format, which I stopped since my marriage was floundering and I was not in control of situation at home. As a Christian I must live honorable life before God and man, which was not possible. So I had to move on. And God preserved as he did with Jacob,- from the house of Laban it was to rely solely on God who uprooted from one continent to another and set me up at my present place. I began a Bible blog and embarked on compiling Bible dictionary in three volumes, and in five months it was done because the Holy Spirit had taken over my life and looking back I see that my life was shaped even before I am born. So eighty years do not tell anything. Am I touting my book seriously? Not really. I present what I have received and may God open the hearts from vain things as he did with my life. Like five loaves in the hands of my Savior it shall feed many in his time. He taught me patience even while so much was going for me as an artist, hymn writer and one by one he shut me from them. Near blind He has opened wondrous things before me so I do not complain. He taught me contentment while I practised as an architect for twenty-five years and after closing my private practice I devote time for writing. Traditional publishers may not want to review the dictionary but I have written for His glory and I rest on his promises, Amen
  • JoeyQuick201836 - 7 months ago
    I was in my mid twenties & felt like a complete failure. Nothing in my life was working out & everything I did fell apart. I felt alone like the entire world was against me. I couldn't find or keep relationships, friendships, or even jobs. I had severe depression and anxiety. It was so bad it literally caused me other health issues with bell's palsy & shingles. I was so bad I remember moving back home in with my parents. I knew that day, I was at my lowest breaking point. That night I laid in bed & prayed for God to tell me everything would be ok. I cried in agony asking him to take all the pain away & to just tell me that I was loved. I felt nobody cared & said if you tell me I'm loved I will make it God. All I remember was crying myself to sleep and waking the next day. I went to work, stocking shelves when I saw a lady who needed help. I went and helped her get something off a top shelf. I walked away with no thought in mind when she approached me & said I have something for you. She told me she had been carrying it in her pocket for a very long time because she felt she hadn't found the right person. She then handed me a baggie with a card & two stones in it. She then told me about the Lord & handed me the baggie which I placed in my pocket. I thanked her & after she had gone I decided to read it. I took it out my pocket read the saying & in bold letters at the bottom it said You Are Loved. I began to cry smile & thanked the Lord! Not only did he tell me, he had it hand delivered to me. I am now 41 & I still have it with me to this day!
  • Jesustime - 7 months ago
    Jesus set me free from the bar business and I got baptized in Jesus name Acts 2:38,39

    Luke 24:47,48 Mark 16:16,17 I received the Holy Ghost Acts 5:32 Acts 2:4. 1 Corinthians 14: 2,22,39

    John 3:1-6 Acts 19:1-6. 1 Peter 3:21 Proverbs 11:30. John 21:15 it is essential for Salvation to be baptized in Jesus name Acts 4:12 and be filled with His Holy Ghost power speaking in a brand new tongue Acts 2:4 , and live a holy life loving Jesus and loving others !
  • Don Baca - 8 months ago
    My name is Andrew and I have two testimonies I would like to share: my first is a truly amazing blessing from the Lord, I have had diabetes for around 15 year's and of those 10 have been by injection's. I prayed to our Heavenly Father for His healing upon me so I wouldn't have to take shot's for my diabetes's. I figured I would still have to take the pill's but as long as I didn't have to take shot. Praise Our Heavenly Father,He not only stopped me from not having to take shot's anymore but according to my Doctor my current A1C of 5.3 classified me as non diabetic. My prior A1C was 5.7 and my prior A1C's have gone up to 9.0. I was taking 180 mg. daily in shot's down to where I am currently at of 20mg. once a day. My Diabetic Doctor want's me to take the Pen shot for 2 week's to check. I'm already sure because I know my prayer's have been answered, Praise Be to God the Father our Creator who love's us and to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

    My number two miracle of healing is so very amazing. I've been on oxygen 24/7 since 2007 right after I retired from the USPS after 27 year's. I had to use a concentrator and a CPap then a Bi-Pap, I had to use 7 liter's of O2 at night and when awake usually 4 unless I was struggling with breathing. My lung's are operating at 51% rate which is a mystery to me never smoked was active, my last test showed that I shouldn't have to be on oxygen 24/7 only at night with the Bi-Pap and here's the Miracle Healing of the Lord I use 1 liter when I sleep and I will stop that after I see the Respiratory people to adjust the Bi-Pap and I don't have to use oxygen at all during the day just like regular everyday people. I Praise God for His answering of my prayer's and for His Miracle Healing's!!! Glory be to the Father and to the Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the Blessed Holy Spirit now and forever more. Never ever stop believing in miracle's and most importantly in Prayer's and GOD'S Love. In Jesus name I pray, Amen .
  • Giannis - 8 months ago
    An interpretation of chapter, 1 Corinthians 14 (PT 5).

    Verse 26-33. An introduction is needed here.

    The ancient church service consisted of 2 parts. Part 1 was when believers were kneeling down praying and singing to and praising God altogether. Part 2 was when they sat on their seats and were hearing the pastor preaching from the Scriptures.

    Paul advices christians in Corinth to function their congregation in order. The most important thing is everything in the function of the church should be done for the edification of the congregation. When believers speak in tongues they should do it one after the other. But if there isn't no interpretation then they should keep silent and talk silently in tongues to them and God.

    Prophets similarly should prophesy one after the other. It is possible that two of them could have a message from God at the same time. But they should not speak simoultaneously but only after the previous prophet stopped prophesying.

    Verse 29, "Let the prophets speak two or three, and let the other judge." Judge what? Judge whether the prophesy is true or not. How is that done? Mainly if the prophesy agrees with the written Word of God. Also other prophets who have the experience of prophesying, they usually can undersand if a prophesy is a real one or not.

    Verse 32, "And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.".The Spirit of God doesn't force prophets to speak, they can allow or not allow their mouth to say what God puts in their mouth.

    All the above take place in the first part of the church service, during the time of praying. Once the pastor is preaching, only him should talk from thereon.

    Verse 33, "For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.". Very clear meaning.

    Verses 34-40. Women can not be pastors but can serve the congregation as prophets (see Acts 21:8-9)
  • Giannis - 8 months ago
    An interpretation of chapter, 1 Corinthians 14 (PT 4).

    Verses 21-22.

    Paul says that unknown tongues are a sign for non believers. How is that? The same way tongues were a sign that God is with apostles when on Pentecost the Jews from al over the world were hearing the apostles talking in their own languages. It served as a supernatural sign. Tongues are not a sign for believers, they are accustomed to it, there is no need to be proved to them that God is with them. But on the other hand prophesy serves as an important function in the church service.

    Verse 23.

    Let us all imagine that some people enter a congregation where every single one of them speaks in an unknown tongue. Wouldn't they think that this place is full of weird people, maniacs? So tongues are not to be excercised in the function of the congregation when gathered together. At least not loudly (we will see that later on).

    But if a non believer enters a congregation where everybody prophesies then they will hear the heart knowing God, through the prophets, manifesting their secrets, their heart, and so they will kneel down accepting that God is between them.

    A brother of mine, gone to the Lord now, a very active member of the Greek Orthodox church, a member of the antiheretical committe, once heard that there is a church in Athens where God speaks with prophets. So just out of curiosity he decided to visit those heretics, as he thought of them. When he entered the congregation people were down on their kneels praying. And suddenly he heard a voice, a prophet, "I called you from Thessalonike to show you my church" as well as many private things. From that time how could he ever disbelief that God was among them? And that was just the begining. After sometime he abandoned the Orthodox church and joined a small team of regenerated christians in his city That small congregation expanded to a big church.He eventually became the pastor of that church in his city.
  • Jimbob - 8 months ago
    We are told in ( Rev. 1:7) "Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him". He ((cometh with clouds)).

    How can those that pierced Him see Him?

    ( John 5:28-29) v28 "all that are in the graves shall hear his voice". v29 "And shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of damnation". This happens when we meet our Lord ((in the clouds)) in ( 1 Thess 4:16-17) Those that have done evil come forth out of their graves to the resurrection of damnation which will be the wrath of God ( Jn 3:36) "the wrath of God abideth on him"

    Now we look at ( Rev. 14:14-16) v14 "And I looked, and behold a white cloud, and ((upon the cloud one sat like unto the Son of man)), having on his head a golden crown, and in his hand a sharp sickle" v15 "for the time has come for thee to reap; for the (harvest) of the earth is ripe" v16 "and the earth was reaped". The (harvest) is the rapture, the taking of the church the one shall be taken and the other left ( Mt 24: 40-42).

    ( Rev. 1:7) "He cometh with clouds" ( 1 Thess 4:16-17) "Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them ((in the clouds)), to meet the Lord in the air" ( Rev 14:14-16) The (harvest) of the church He sat on the cloud, also He is called the Son of man in these verses.

    Now a look at ( Mt 24:29-31) v30 "And then shall (appear) the sign of the Son of man in heaven" v30 "and they shall see ((the Son of man coming in the clouds)) v31 "with power and great (glory)"

    v29 "Immediately after the tribulation" the Son of man (appears) in the clouds with power and great (glory)

    ( Col 3:4) "appear with him in (glory)"

    ( 1 Pet 5:4) "when the chief Shepherd shall (appear) ye shall receive a crown of (glory)"

    ( 1 Jn 3:2) "when he shall (appear) we shall be like him"

    ( 1 Cor 15:51-52) "we shall be changed"

    Compare with ( Rev 19:11-16) the white horse!
  • Shaunm1963 - 8 months ago
    I was thinking about my life, all the years passed. I reflected on the loss and heartache, the traumas and pain; the losing of my children and the hopes and dreams that died. I remembered aunts and uncles and grandparents that suddenly weren't there. All the effort I put in as a nurse, all the people I met and said goodbye to. I glimpsed at my childhood play and the long days in the sun or running over a snow-covered field with no cares for the years of anguish-tainted joy yet to come. And I spent most of those years in a Far Country, angry at God, angry that my lot had been dealt so unfairly, angry at every hurt and every paper-cut, blaming God for even the least of slights. 6 weeks ago a wave of overwhelming love and sadness and anguish and joy and tenderness and comfort and forgiveness rocked me inside and a sentence appeared in my head: "Shaun, come Home" I realized, like I really didn't know otherwise, that throughout all those long-ago moments of light and dark, Father and Son and Spirit watched me with an aching Love as I screamed and kicked and hated and, patiently, He whispered in the silence of my mind: it doesn't matter, just come Home. Since then, knowing exactly where that voice came from and to whom it belongs, I've been on a mission to return to the Love and Light of Our Friend Jesus, who is God. Today, the days of rain having finally stopped, I sat in the garden and read Ecclesiastes and, well, I'm still crying now; I know that everything was always in God's loving and tender care, and at the End of Everything, He remains and calls us Home, to rest.

    To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

    A time to be born, and a time to die...A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

    Jesus, I Trust In You
  • Shaunm1963 - 8 months ago
    I was baptized as a child into the roman catholic tradition. Refused entry into the priesthood at 15, and again at 17, because I simply asked questions about faith, doctrine, dogma, I left the 'faith' for many, many years, on a fruitless search for 'truth'. Forty-odd years later, around 4 weeks ago, I experienced a sudden, and unexpected inner explosion of ache/pull/urge/anguish/joy...I had to come Home to Jesus. What to do? The first port of call, of course would be the RC church. I went to Confession (that's a given) and attended Mass. I've been about 4 times, attended a 'bible discussion' and, as a result, had the scales ripped away from my eyes: hypocrisy, emptiness of conviction, scripture cherry-picking, wokeness, unquestioning popery and a failure of the people to even begin to make me feel welcome and included. Despite this the 'feeling' inside is stronger than ever. I know that God through His Spirit and with the unstopping Love of Jesus is urging me on to seek and find my place in the Church. People in my life are astounded by my conviction, are lost for words by my sudden commitment, and are listening patiently as I share the Faith. All I need now is a body of people to share my Love of Jesus with.
  • Ladybug76 - 9 months ago
    The Lord only hears the prayers of the righteous and the pope is not righteous have you not heard of some of the unholy acts the popes have done how can they be righteous they are not
  • Jessicaschweitzer9 - 9 months ago
    Hi guys , so recently I want to get closer to God. I am trying to read an understand the Bible , I really want to be a follower of Jesus and understand his word so I may have peace in my life and protection from the enemy . I want to change so bad I know the devil is in so many things , but I love Jesus and he's there whenever I need him God has never failed me and sorry if I'm not making a lot of sense I'm still learning but I do accept Jesus Christ as my lord in savior and I'm committed to understanding his word , I want to to dissect the Bible and really get to know the word of God , I want to get to know Jesus on a personal level . For much of my teenage years I rebeled against him and didn't believe in it , but I am now saved
  • Monet333 - 9 months ago
    I really wanted to share my testimony so ...

    I would just like to say i believe i fell into becoming a lukewarm christian. I do began to fear the words depart from me i never knew you. I want to become closer to god not just for a spot in heaven but to have the lord in my heart. I dont think im saying the right things in this testimony the way i wanted to but i'll like to say i want to read the word of god , i want to remove myself from this evil world mentally. I ask for forgiveness for all the sins i have committed and i hope and believe god can forgive you if you are struggling with a sin. I began my journey in the beginning of 2023 to read the whole bible but i was stopping myself which i didn't know why. There was a point where i wasn't praying and then one day i had got on my knee's. I begin to cry and ask for forgiveness and asked the lord to allow me to seek him. I have done this multiple time due to me falling into a lukewarm stage but i decided to restart reading the bible and im not going to plan out seeking the word of god but truly following the lord from my heart. Im starting this journey to find the word of god , stop listening to secular music , remove lust and masturbation from my mind , and share the word of god
  • Gurley1200 - 9 months ago
    Hey guys my name is Andrew and my testimony description isn't a comfortable one.

    At about 16 or 17 yrs old I was constantly having a strong urge to curse, blaspheme and disrespect God and anything about him. I followed Satan and did a lot of bad things to myself and others. I soon decided that doing what I was doing tearing up scripture, burning bibles wasn't the life I wanted. I became so evil I could not sit or be inside a church without my eyes burning. A few yrs later I had an urge to go to church again and that Sunday morning was sitting with the congregation and as the pastor gave the best sermon I have ever heard I felt jesus's hand on my shoulder then seconds later I rose out of my seat and walked to the alter and accepted christ as lord and saviour of my life after spending the first part of my life following Satan I ran Jesus's open arms and he led me through the right path.

    Anyone that thinks the devil controls their life will continue with it unless you come to realize Jesus Christ is God and nothing will stand in his way if someone wants to go to him. Tell Jesus everything give him everything we owe him our lives.

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