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  • Nichole
    Anyone who has anything negative to say about God, has no respect for the word itself. If anyone who has been saved by God, knows that he will do his best to protect you and watch your life as long as you maintain your faith in his word. I am living proof that one can become a new and improved person. I might still need some improvement in a few areas, God is my best friend and my number one friend first and foremost. So anyone out there who is in need of a friend for life please take time out of your life to ask God for a second chance to win at life. So please don't ever try and degrade someone who will change your life for the better
  • Donna
    I just want to thank the Lord for the rain that we received this last couple days in Northern California.

    I can finally breath without inhaling particles from the wildfires. For however long.

    We had the most amazing sky over our city it was beautiful. Praise The Lord!

    2 Chronicles 2:14
  • John henry
    I was young very young I think like 2or 3 I was encountered byA Holy Angel I forget the Name of the Angel of the Lord but I was able to see almost all my future up until now or later I still have not reached the end of it I was unable to retain all that was revealed to me I think bc i wasnot spiritually mature im no w saved its what the Lord Wills now for me i went through much trials & I finally got back unto Jesus the root of my SalvationI think it was revealed this way to me part of the bigger picture of which I do not know yet
  • Don
    THE STORY OF ME AND MY KJV.---I was born on October 6th, 1933. Starting at my exact time of birth, counting 2,986 days, 3 hours and 55 minutes, on Sunday morning of 1941 a Japanese strike force of 353 planes destroyed Hawaii's U.S. naval base. On January 5th, 1945, two Kamikazes took aim at the aircraft carrier, USS Manila Bay. One hit his target. My brother was stationed on the bottom deck as his ship came within seconds of sinking. After the war, he came home greatly distressed, but he married and settled down. His wife birthed him a baby daughter. But one day at age 28 a brain cancer killed him, possibly from Naval fears. He was greatly loved by all, so my unsaved family was devastated. In his Hospital room, as he lay writhing, I found a Gideon KJV Bible in a drawer. I thumbed through it, but replaced it, not knowing the power between its covers. In April, 1942, the Doolittle raiders bombed Japan. A man named Deshazer was shot down and spent agonizing months in prison. He managed to get a Bible from a guard, almost certainly a KJV, and became a Christian in prison. Years later he returned to Japan as a missionary, resulting in the salvation of one Mitsuo Fuchida. Nearly 14 years after Pearl Harbor, I too became a Christian. My Tucson church's entire operational base sat on the KJV translation. I made it my life's gyrocompass to God's pure truth. One bright Sunday morning I went to church, and there on the platform sat Mitsuo Fuchida, the man who led the raid on Pearl Harbor-the man who shouted Tora! Tora! Tora! into his microphone, resulting in the death of more than 2000 Americans! He told the story of how he became a Christian. In the foyer, Fuchida and I, now Christian brothers, shook hands and looked each other in the eye. What irony! My brother from a Christian nation possibly MISSED Heaven with a KJV Bible next to his bed, and Fuchida FOUND Heaven in a KJV Bible strangely located in a heathenistic prison! I just LOVE that old black-backed book!
  • Don
    THE STORY OF ME AND MY KJV.---In one month I will have my 89th birthday. When my dad was this old I asked him to tell me about his mother and dad. He said his dad was an atheist, and used to whip his little sons with a blacksnake whip to make them work the cotton fields. The harvest was in Wichita Falls Texas, and they would travel all the way from Commerce Texas in a covered wagon to get there. His dad was always in a hurry to make camp before nightfall, so he would open the mules to a trot. He made the kids walk, but they had to also trot to keep up. Naturally, they became exhausted, but he would crack their knuckles if they tried to hang on to the wagon.

    When I asked Dad about his mother, he said when he was about seven and his brother was about six, they were playing in the woods one day when they heard a woman loudly praying, her voice echoing through the trees. They sneaked up close to her, and discovered that it was their mother. She dared not pray at home. They never told her they heard her praying. My daughter searched grandmother's ancestry and found that she was a Quaker.

    The last time I saw my grandmother was when I was only 16 years old. She was sitting in a rocking chair, smiling at me. On the table beside her lay her Bible. I know now that it was a KJV. My dad and uncle went through a hail of bullets in two world wars, both wounded; my oldest brother barely survived a Japanese suicide plane, and I survived the cutting edge of defense in the U. S. Air Force's Strategic Air Command. I believe we all survived because of my Grandmothers prayers, all of them hatched from the perfection she found in the words of her old faithful King James Bible, the KJV. I can't be sure, but I'll just bet you my Grandfather went to Heaven because he found it impossible to get through Grandma's KJV iron-clad prayers to go to Hell.
  • Sandhya Shrikant
    Iam an brahmin convert runs a organic shop past 18 years, I wanted to share gospel to others so I have been sitting in shop everyday and atleast one or two customers I used to share gospel to them. I shared till now past 18 years 7370 people about Jesus but business I did not shown interest, still when I am doing God's work Jesus taken my business to entire India as well as ten other countries. I did not expect benefit but I honestly shared gospel to others to know about Jesus. When we are praying getting lot of benefits from Jesus but in the world people are suffering without knowing true God and committing suicides due to problems, we are all responsible to God, when we are just enjoying benefits from God only for our families and not bother about world people are suffering it's a big curse on us. Jesus wanted everybody must pray to him and praise him but we fail doing our duty towards God's work our happiness goes away. Jesus is only God in this world other then him nobody else. Let us all preach gospel where ever we are working and help to poor and love them like our own brothers and sisters, we will have great happiness through this only thengoing to parties and pubs etc. Our God is mirraculous he does whatever we ask him but not luxury life, what we need God will provide everything. Gospel is coming to an end if we delay preaching to others very soon doors are closed for gospel then no use of regretting. Yr sister Sandhya
  • Don
    I will soon be 89 years old. I love Proverbs 22:6 in the good old KJV. When I was a child in the first grade, I attended a country school where they provided a house on the school grounds for the principal and his family. At my school, the principal and his wife had a toddler baby daughter. Most country families owned a slop bucket containing food scraps, liquid and solid, to feed their hogs. It was always kept on the kitchen floor next to the back door. One day that little innocent toddler fell headfirst into the slop bucket and drowned. What I witnessed that day as a first grader, burn-branded my memory for a lifetime. I saw that desperate father out in the front yard holding his precious baby daughter by the feet, swinging her round and round and round, frantically trying to sling the slop out of her little lungs. But it was too late. The slop bucket claimed their most prized possession. When my wife and I married and had our two daughters, we decided to be very careful about their relationship to the "slop bucket." Today it goes under several disguises, television being the major one. Following through, our two daughters faithfully sacrificed a third of their own lives to home school their children away from society's slop buckets. Their full reward for that sacrifice is yet to be fully realized. Far too many of today's offspring have missed what it means to a mother to have her children, for no occasion at all, to hug her, look her in the eye, and sincerely thank her for all she did for them, and how much they love her. I recently read that some scientists believe some physical vestiges of the child she birthed remain embedded within her the rest of her life, and affects her emotionally with the child. Meaning, of course, that a mother who aborts her child cannot abort the emptiness left within her. Wise men, who haven't a clue in these matters, will gather their wives in their arms and just hold them---even if for nothing else than no reason at all.
  • Terry
    I feel like I'm getting in deeper waters as I grow with God I'm very rightously stubborn. I lost everything from death to loved ones and son taken away and lost my job and almost committed suicide. God saved me and gave me everything I needed physically, mentally and most of all spiritually. I have a hard time sometimes emotionally like everything is weighing me down even though I help so much people and sometimes feel like I'm the only servant where I'm from. My relationship with God is number one before anything but find myself impatient sometimes even though I pray and ask him for it even now I feel like Jesus wouldn't be sharing this kind of information but praying to God. I feel very unusual with myself compared to many other Christians. I'm constantly on the go and can't feel well rested even though I try to rest, the more I grow the more my roots grow and I'm constantly on a battle with myself cause it is one of the greatest battles is fighting yourself. I started from a heavy zero and feel like I'm becoming a somewhat hero. I was alone about ten months and got saved on January one two thousand sixteen and asked God what was my purpose and he told me but people think I'm crazy cause God is using me to warn the people cause Jesus Christ is coming soon to bring judgement and trying to save as much as possible but the world is so wicked and the devil has a massive army on earth which is the spiritual warfare where people barely see what's really going on in the world. There's a certain way to serve God but many are leaning on there own understanding so I'm here writing this to encourage you and whoever else is reading this that when you serve God you must Repent and that your sins may be be wiped away and let a time of refreshing come upon you and that you Read your Bible everyday and to Pray everyday and to also do your Tithes which is giving 10% of every paycheck you get to a church doesn't matter what church and Focus on God when you give and Be the Church
  • Danette Nzewi
    On July 23rd 2022 I was rushed to ICU at St. Benardino Medical Center in San Benardino, Ca for an Respiratory attack not knowing I was ready to die . The medical staff attended to me efficiently doctors and nurses and in one week I went home. I was given medical equipment Respiratory cyclinders, walker and medicine to take home I am grateful to God for his care in Jesus Name.
  • David Allen
    please pray for Kristie and me
  • Ronnette
    When I was sick a year ago I memorized Psalms 91:1-16. God immediately put me back on my feet. Glory to God. Twice I was close to death, but God let me live to do His will on earth. My son was once lost, but I showed him my deepest love. Next thing I know he tells me "I love you" every conversation. Everyday I sing the song of Moses the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, my own created tune Revelation 15:3-4. Recently realized Psalms 37 applies to current events. I am down on my knees praising and glorifying God and thankful for people like you on this site. We all have individual family issues and sometimes overwhelmed, but rest assured God will always be on your side. I experienced God's presence at a very young age. My testimony to you is that you seek Him first and be saved 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 and The Holy Spirit will never leave you. Claim the power of God and do whatever it takes to do God's will. His will is complete and all written in the most important book on earth which we all called the Bible. Rejoice evermore!
  • Patryk
    I've decided to return unto the faith I was raised in. I was ignorant and arrogant as youth, rejecting the God for I understood not him, nor his love. Pray for me brothers and sisters so that I may be forgiven for my sins and find my way back to the good Lord, merciful and wise and join his side in eternal life.
  • Giannis
    Dear brothers/sisters.

    Let me get a bit further on in my reply to dear Ronald about the day that the Passover was celebrated when Jesus was crucified.

    Does it really matter? Maybe. Why?

    If John is accurate (and I believe so) about that Passover was on Jew's Saturday (our Friday to Saturday evening) and Jews had that meal on Friday evening (actually Jew's Saturday since their day started from our Friday evening), then what kind of bread Jesus and His disciples ate that night? Unleavend or leavend?. There are two answers as below:

    a. Leavend, since Jews were to start making unleavend bread the following morning, so that evening (Thursday evening) there wasn't any unleavend bread available

    b. Jesus may have actually ordered unleavend bread to be made for Him and His disciples for their supper since that supper was actually a Passover meal done a day earlier.

    Does it matter what kind of bread they ate? Yes it does. As we know Jesus performed the first Holly Communion during that supper. So what kind of bread did He use?

    All of the Eastern Orthodox Churches use leavend bread in their Communion believing that the right answer is the "a." above

    The church I am a member of uses unleavend bread in our Communion, but we haven't really dealt with this topic.

    So your church what kind of bread use for the Holly Communion (or as you call it otherwise)? Leavend or unleavend?

    I hope I haven't confused you.

  • Steve Brown
    In 2011 my life was not going as intended. I realized that High school didn't prepare me with the answers to the questions I found myself asking, like, "Where are we from?", "What is the meaning of life?", etc.

    I set out to question everything... and so, one night I searched online, "What is the truth?", and (since the algorithms of today were not existing) I was confronted with the idea that a minority of people pull all the strings behind closed doors. These people, they hate Christ and they write history for themselves. I quickly watched/read/heard that Jesus Christ IS the Truth and that there are powerful people that hide this fact from the masses in various ways. There is a war on children, a war on Christ that my eyes had been opened to. Having not been raised in the church, my compass was quite "open".

    For many years since 2011, I professed Jesus as my Lord and Savior but had not been with the brethren in any way at all.

    I was not secret about my new found faith, but it was never truly exercised. in 2018, after recovering from a workplace injury, going to school full-time while raising my son... the stress of this life began to grow. I heard the preaching of the Gospel online and was made aware of my hypocritical nature. Smoking a cigarette in one hand and then watching the preaching of Jesus Christ in the other... I broke down.

    Instead of going out to drink, smoke and have relations outside the sanctity of marriage... I felt the Fear of the Lord come upon me. I shook and trembled, locked myself away for 3 days... I was in fear for my soul. I pleaded to God to save me, to help me, knowing full well He had the power to do so. For roughly 8 years I lived as a false "new age" Christian convert, and then I had come to realize the true nature of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Praise the Lord! He gave me new desires! He showed me things that I knew not! He's now had me walking in the truth.

    Our God is mighty to save. Without Him, I'm wretched, cold, poor, blind...
  • Jewelgh
    the experience that you are going mad, feeling like you dieing and the attack of stroke is a very bad combination. i felt my life was ending when i experienced these attacks both on the same evening after work whiles i was on my way to the transport station one beautiful friday in the first week of June 2022. i begun shouting on the street and pleading God to give me a second chance to share his words. i started preaching Christ on loud voice and people around kept staring like what is wrong with this guy. i kept saying God please save me from all these so i can preach your message. heal me oh God so i can proclaim your word. before it begun, i called my family to informed them about my last location. few hours later they came to pick me up and sent me to the hospital. Christ the Lord delivered me. i was saved from destruction. ever since my life has become very prayerful. Thank you Jesus. this really change my life. there is something strange in this world, until you encounter it you will have no idea and live just a normal life. the mercy of God be with us now and forever more Amen. Thank you my Lord and Personal Savior Jesus Christ.
  • Pearl
    In this testimony, I am shifting the focus off myself in order to fully appreciate the extent of God's forgiving nature. Through this testimony, I want the Holiness, love and faithfulness of God to shine brighter from what I am saying. I want to make it all about Him, His greatness, His integrity and all the goodness He is. So, these experiences happened within a space of two to three years after committing the sin of abortion, where my life had begun falling apart in every way you could think.

    Through a series of visions and dreams, God gave me revelation about His love and restoration. In His restoration I found rest and completion, and realized that I did nothing to deserve His forgiveness and grace over my life.

    As I can not write out the entire testimony here, I have links to my website and YouTube posts on it.

    Thank you and God Bless
  • Summer Conley
    I didn't grow up in church, I never fully heard the gospel until I was 29. Nobody ever told me about Jesus. As kids we would ride the church bus to Sunday school every now and then but I didn't understand it and it never stuck. None of my family went to church so I didn't think it was important. I remember a family friend invited some of us to a church when I was a teenager and people were going up to the altar during the songs that were sang. I didn't understand what they were doing but a feeling came over me that I had never felt before and I started crying. I didn't think much about it after that day though. I lived a homosexual lifestyle for 11 years thinking that was who I was. Just about everybody accepted me for it, there was only ever one person that told me I was living wrong but I didn't want to hear it at the time. Looking back on it now it was just one of the many seeds that had been planted for me. I was a pill head, a pot head, a drunk, I did mushrooms, inhaled air duster and I even inhaled freon once. I had terrible anxiety with panic attacks. I would hurt myself or do drugs to feel anything other than reality. I've been to jail. I started getting tattoos to cover up some of the scars and it was a kind of an alternative self inflicted pain. I was invited to a local church and I felt that same feeling that I had felt at the other church I went to that one time years ago. I hadn't felt it since then and without really thinking about it I got up and went to the altar. I got saved that day, June 28, 2020 at 29 years old. It's been 2 years and I go to church twice a week, I read the Bible almost daily, I got baptized, I married my best friend who I've known for 14 years on June 19, 2021 and he's the only man I've ever been with, God blessed us with a beautiful baby girl 6 weeks ago and I've been sober for almost a year now. I'm living a life I never thought possible and all the glory goes to God.
  • JLind007
    Hello, my name is John. On May 6, 2018 my son was murdered. Devistated me. On July 14, 2018 I got baptised in the name of Jesus Christ. On June 26,2019 I heard a voice that told me to start my christian life over. Everything i grew up learning as a Christian i threw it out the window, just stop acting and being religious.

    The voice said "start reading the bible in a different way" I tried to ignore what i was hearing, and it said it again "Start reading the bible in a different way" and I ask, "what kind of way?" and the voice said "Just 1 page a day, 3 times a day."

    The voice gave me the books to read, it started with the book of Job, just one page a day until i was done and it would tell me the next book, and the next book and the next book.

    Today it's been 3.5 years and have not stopped reading this way. I've learn so much about God reading this way that all the years i have being in church, going to bible studies and sunday school.

    Today I'm in the book of John. I go back and forth between the new Testimate and the Old Testimate. And I'm understanding the flow of God, God's will, God's love, God's anger.

    It took the greif from my broken heart of loosing my only son to Chicago gun violance.
  • Brenda Farley
    Thank you Father God that O have a copy of the Holy Bible and can read it
  • Brenda Farley
    I read John 14:6 from a King James Holy Bible and accepted Jesus.
  • JC on Genesis 1
    Ever since I was a young adult and began to understand the Word of God, the battle for human souls, and the forces of darkness against the Great IAM, the God of all Existence, I remember Lucifers 5 "I wills...", the last being, "I will be like the Most High"....

    a being created by God, Himself. Reading that scared me knowing that we can't begin to fathom in our wildest imaginings, the kind of power God wields and how He can obliterate anything with a flutter of an eyelash (human terms) any force that rebels against Him for their own glory. Please pray for me that I may never stray from the path of righteousness for HIS names' sake and that on that great and glorious day I will be humbled to see Him face to face and He will say, "Well done my good and faithful servant!"
  • JC

    , i glorify and magnify your holy name. i confess that i am nothing and noone except for the precious blood of jesus that was shed on the cross on calvary, i do not exist. you are the way, the truth, and the life. i will thank you until the day i see you face to face and even after.
  • Wayne on John 10
    I'm so thankful that God loves us all the way he does. I'm oftentimes troubled by the inhumanity I see in the world and around me. Yet the WORD so easily comforts me.

    I am saved and redeemed by our Lord and Savior Jesus sacrifice. Allowing himself to be crucified for us i have eternal life. His blood is the remittance for our sin Praise God. I was crushed on February 16 1983 ironically ash Wednesday, by a semi tractor trailer. I have lost now, my right kidney to small cell carcinoma and I'm often in tremendous pain. My left kidney has a mass on it now... I am hopeful that you will pray for me and keep me in your prayers. I know the power of prayer this is why i ask you to kindly KEEP me in your prayers. If I don't see you here on earth I'll certainly see you in Heaven. My favorite psalm is 145 I'm so thankful for them all but this one feels like it was written just for me. I was ran over bodily at 18 years of age a 40 thousand pound vehicle passed over my body from my knees to my upper chest. Four days shy of seven months I spent in the hospital. God spared my life and my tragedy gave me an outlook a thankfulness for this life, thankful for our gifts and abilities I should say that most will never know. It enriched my life because I got to see and experience a life, understanding that most in this lifetime will never know. I'm 58 now and arthriticaly I'm unraveling bodily also. I have loved God our Heavenly FATHER and thanked HIM always for all things. I have been blessed to see through different lenses after being crushed. A vision that allowed me to see things, to see such wonderful value in the wondrous things most men easily overlook. I pray that ALL MANKIND find their happiness in one another, their families and our simple needs being satisfied. ALL GLORY BE TO GOD OUR HEAVENLY FATHER. AMEN Isaiah 41:10
  • Vince Willard
    I have Schizophrenia and Jesus through my Nurse Practitioner has stopped the Auditory hallucinations and the other symptoms so I can feel a sense of peace once again.
  • Rosie Belton on 2 Kings 24
    God is always concerned in Jesus Christ Name Amen !
  • Leah Leonetti
    I am talking about The Baptism of The Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues a vital prayer gift from The Lord.

    I received this gift about 30 years ago, when I was 23 years old. In a sunday school class in az. and God brought my husband Michael when I was 24 years old, I have been 100% faithful to him ever since. When I received The Baptism, all desire for the world left, absolutely no desire for movies, alcohol, music etc etc etc. Although I still worked in the world for years, it was incredibly depressing with all the stuff and wordly music. I should have been praying more to get out of it. to keep ourselves in the love of God. Leah Leonetti (for whosoever will, seek this gift for the rest of your time on this earth, it really really helps) A Free Gift from God for those who want to live a Pure honest Godly Life in Truth and sincerity.
  • John
    I like to say one thing my brothers and sisters I'm 60 years old don't wait until you get my age to realize that well I've known the Lord for 30 years I wish I would have done bet my brothers and sisters love you Lord with all your heart soul mind and strength from the time you wake up in the morning from the time you go to bed at night I remember somebody tell me once we're on borrow time I've not been a really good server of the Lord I'm just talking this way because I I just want people to do better than I did The last 5 years the devils come after me really hard he's going to lose I know that I'm just tired I got Jesus Christ and I got my angel oh one more thing for when you feed the spirit instead of the flesh things do happen God Jesus Christ does put you in situations take care of my brothers and sisters
  • Samantha
    I remember speaking to Jesus aloud about an outfit I wanted to wear so the guy I like would see me in it but also I wanted to wear it to lake behind his house and I forgot about that conversion until months later I was wearing the outfit walking towards the lake behind the guy I like house that I was visiting.

    Within 7 months, I have had so many conversions with Jesus and he has made a way for me to live in the blessings of his signs and wonders. My current position, I applied for in October of last year on faith that if I got this job I would be near the guy I like with the lake behind his house and after we decided to go our separate ways, this position was available and wanted me to interview. The week before my next pay which was a day before my interview with my previous employer, I was told I would be receiving a raise and I shocked. It was unexpected and I'm preparing to interview elsewhere but on the day of my interview I was running behind schedule and I had to call for a ride that I was able to pay for because of that raise. That's when I started telling people, Jesus blesses you before he blesses you.

    Loving God is easy, after the blessings I have had because of Jesus makes me want to be holy just so I can be "in" with Jesus but Satan does not like that and will always find a way to bother you or mess up your plans or if you are not careful trick you into relying on your old self, you old way of coping, and your old ways of thinking. That has happen as recent as yesterday, but thank God for Jesus and a memory to remind myself of whom I need and want.

    I pray that sharing my testimony will lead the person reading, to Jesus.
  • Bradley Neal Clark
    Ephesians 5:18 says be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess, but be filled with the Spirit. What that tells me is you must choose one or the other. Can't be filled with both simultaneously. As a Christian, therefore, I mustn't drink alcohol.
  • State Elder Dr. Frances Bell Ford Matthews
    I am saved from my sins, Santified, Holy Ghost filled and Fire Baptized, living the great life

    on earth. I am a Preacher, preaching God's Holy Word, telling dying Men and Women, the

    WAGES of sin is Death, but the Gift of God is Eternal Life.

    I love God Almighty, and His Son Jesus Christ of Nazarene.


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