hebrews outline

1. Jesus is Above the Angels (1:1-2:18)

a. The Supremacy of the Son (1:1-14)

b. Salvation Confirmed (2:1-4)

c. Jesus like His Brothers (2:5-18)

2. Jesus is Above Moses (3:1-4:13)

a. Jesus Our Apostle and High Priest (3:1-6)

b. Do Not Harden Your Hearts (3:7-11)

c. The Peril of Unbelief (3:12-19)

d. The Sabbath Rest (4:1-13)

3. Jesus As High Priest (4:14-7:28)

a. The Perfect High Priest (4:14-5:10)

b. Much to Say About This (5:11-6:12)

i. Milk and Solid Food (5:11-14)

ii. A Call to Maturity (6:1-12)

c. A Priest in the Order of Melchizedek (6:13-7:28)

i. God’s Unchangeable Promise (6:13-20)

ii. Melchizedek and Abraham (7:1-10)

iii. A Superior Priesthood (7:11-28)

4. The New Covenant (8:1-9:28)

a. Christ’s Eternal Priesthood (8:1-5)

b. The Terms of the New Covenant (8:6-13)

c. The Earthly Tabernacle (9:1-10)

d. Redemption through His Blood (9:11-28)

5. The Perfect Sacrifice (10:1-39)

a. Christ’s Perfect Sacrifice (10:1-18)

b. A Call to Persevere (10:19-39)

6. Follow Great Models of Faith (11:1-13:25)

a. Faith and Assurance (11:1-3)

b. The Greatest Men and Women of Faith (11:4-40)

i. Able, Enoch, and Noah (11:4-7)

ii. Abraham and Sarah (11:8-19)

iii. Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph (11:20-22)

iv. Moses (11:23-29)

v. Many Others (11:30-40)

c. The Practice of Faith (12:1-13:25)

i. A Call to Endurance (12:1-3)

ii. God Disciplines His Sons (12:4-13)

iii. A Call to Holiness (12:14-17)

iv. An Unshakable Kingdom (12:18-29)

v. Brotherly Love (13:1-4)

vi. Christ’s Unchanging Nature (13:5-14)

vii. Sacrifice, Obedience, and Prayer (13:15-19)

viii. Benediction and Farewell (13:20-25)

Bible outline courtesy of OpenBible