Word Summary
Rhama: Ramah, a city North of Jer
Original Word: Ῥαμά
Transliteration: Rhama
Phonetic Spelling: (hram-ah')
Part of Speech: Proper Noun, Indeclinable
Short Definition: Ramah, a city North of Jer
Meaning: Ramah -- a city North of Jerusalem
Strong's Concordance

Of Hebrew origin (Ramah); Rama (i.e. Ramah), a place in Palestine -- Rama.

see HEBREW Ramah

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 4471: Ραμα

Ραμα (T WH Ραμα; cf. B. D. American edition under the word , 1 at the beginning), (רָמָה, i. e. a high place, height), (indeclinable Winers 61 (60)), Ramah, a town of the tribe of Benjamin, situated six Roman miles north of Jerusalem on the road leading to Bethel; now the village of er Ram: Matthew 2:18 (from Jeremiah 38:15 (). Cf. Winers RWB, under the word; Graf in the Theol. Studien und Kritiken for 1854, p. 851ff; Pressel in Herzog xii., p. 515f; Furrer in Schenkel BL. v., p. 37; (BB. DD.).