Word Summary
Aristarchos: "best leader", Aristarchus, a Christian of Thessalonica
Original Word: Ἀρίσταρχος
Transliteration: Aristarchos
Phonetic Spelling: (ar-is'-tar-khos)
Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
Short Definition: "best leader", Aristarchus, a Christian of Thessalonica
Meaning: Aristarchus -- "best leader", a Christian of Thessalonica
Strong's Concordance

From the same as ariston and archo; best ruling; Aristarchus, a Macedonian -- Aristarchus.

see GREEK ariston

see GREEK archo

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 708: Ἀρίσταρχος

Ἀρίσταρχος, Ἀριστάρχου, (literally, best-ruling), Aristarchus, a certain Christian of Thessalonica, a 'fellow-captive' with Paul (cf. B. D. American edition; Lightfoot and Meyer on Col. as below): Acts 19:29; Acts 20:4; Acts 27:2; Colossians 4:10; Philemon 1:24.