Word Summary
beram: only, nevertheless
Original Word: בְּרַם
Transliteration: beram
Phonetic Spelling: (ber-am')
Part of Speech: Adverb
Short Definition: only, nevertheless
Meaning: highly, surely, however
Strong's Concordance
but, nevertheless, yet

(Aramaic) perhaps from ruwm with a prepositional prefix; properly, highly, i.e. Surely; but used adversatively, however -- but, nevertheless, yet.

see HEBREW ruwm


H1297. beram

בְּרַםadverb with adversative force, only, nevertheless (derivation uncertain: NöM 202 = מָא‎ + בָּר‎, literally except what: בְּרַם ᵑ7‎ often for אוּלָם אַח,‎; Syriac Exodus 9:16; 21:21, and in NT for πλήν; Christian-Palestinian Aramaic , ); — Daniel 2:28; 4:12 hew down the tree etc., שְׁבֻקוּ ֗֗֗ בְּרַםonly leave the stump, etc., 4:20; 5:17; Ezra 5:13.