Word Summary
Gozan: a city and area in Mesopotamia
Original Word: גּוֹזָן
Transliteration: Gozan
Phonetic Spelling: (go-zawn')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Short Definition: a city and area in Mesopotamia
Meaning: Gozan -- a city and area in Mesopotamia
Strong's Concordance

Probably from guwz; a quarry (as a place of cutting stones); Gozan, a province of Assyria -- Gozan.

see HEBREW guwz


H1470. Gozan

גּוֺזָןproper name, of a location (Assyrian Guzana COT 2 Kings 17:6 DlPa 184) city and district of Mesopotamia, on or near the middle course of the Euphrates, through which the river Chabur (חָבוֺר‎) flowed; thither some of the exiled Israelites were brought [by Sargon B.C. 722-21]: גּוֺזָן19:12 = Isaiah 37:12; גּוֺזָן נְהַר חָבוֺר2 Kings 17:6; 18:11; גּוֺזָן הַר וּנְ וְהָרָא וְחָבוֺר1 Chronicles 5:26 where Chabur is separated entirely from the river of Gozan (see חבור‎).

גוח‎ see גיח‎.

גּוֺי‎ see below גוה‎.

גְּוִיָּה‎ see below גוה‎.