Word Summary
giyl: a rejoicing
Original Word: גִּיל
Transliteration: giyl
Phonetic Spelling: (gheel)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a rejoicing
Meaning: a revolution, joy
Strong's Concordance
exceedingly, gladness, greatly, joy, rejoicing, sort

From giyl; a revolution (of time, i.e. An age); also joy -- X exceedingly, gladness, X greatly, joy, rejoice(-ing), sort.

see HEBREW giyl


H1524. giyl

I. גִּילnoun [masculine] rejoicingJob 3:22 6t., גִּו֯לProverbs 23:24; suffix גִּילִיPsalm 43:4; — rejoicing 65:13; Proverbs 23:24; "" שׂמחהPsalm 45:16; Isaiah 16:10; Jeremiah 48:33; Joel 1:16, גִילִי שִׂמְחַתPsalm 43:4, גיל אל שׂמחglad unto rejoicing Hosea 9:1; Job 3:22.

II. [גִּיל‎] noun [masculine] circle, age, גִלְכֶם כְּ אשׁר הילדים מןof the youths which are of your age Daniel 1:10 (compare Arabic Samaritan גיל‎ = Hebrew דור‎ = γενεά, Talmud גילו בןone born at the same time, a contemporary).