Word Summary
genez: treasury, perhaps chests
Original Word: גֶּנֶז
Transliteration: genez
Phonetic Spelling: (gheh'-nez)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: treasury, perhaps chests
Meaning: treasury, perhaps chests
Strong's Concordance
chest, treasury

From an unused root meaning to store; treasure; by implication, a coffer -- chest, treasury.


H1595. genez

[גְּנָזִים‎] noun [masculine] plural

1 chests (?);

2 treasury — only plural constructגִּנְזֵי‎; — 1 perhaps chests of variegated cloth ׳ג בְּרֹמִיםEzekiel 27:24 so Thes AV RV; Sm Co and others cloths, carpets, Ew Taschen. 2 treasury (Late Hebrew גֶּנֶז‎, Aramaic גְּנִיז גִּנְזָא,‎, Biblical Aramaic construct plural גִּנְזֵי‎; Persian loan-word from treasure? compare Vullersii.1032 LagGes.Abh.27); הַמֶּלֶךְ גִּנְזֵיEsther 3:9; 4:7.

[גְּנַז‎] noun masculineEzra 6:1 treasure (ᵑ7‎; see Biblical Hebrew [ גְּנָזִים‎], below גנז‎); — plural emphatic גִּנְזִיָּאtreasures 6:1, ׳ג בֵּית מַלְכָּא דִּי5:17, construct מִלְכָּא גִּנְזֵי בֵּית7:20.