Word Summary
donag: wax (as melting)
Original Word: דּוֹנַג
Transliteration: donag
Phonetic Spelling: (do-nag')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: wax (as melting)
Meaning: wax (as melting)
Strong's Concordance
Of uncertain derivation; wax; -wax

Of uncertain derivation; wax; -wax.


H1749. donag

דּוֺנַגnoun masculine wax, דּוֺנַגMicah 1:4 2t.; דּוֺנָג֑Psalm 22:15 — always in simile, of melting; at theophany hills melt like wax 97:5; like wax before fire Micah 1:4; wicked perish as wax melteth before fire Psalm 68:3; heart melteth like wax 22:15 (simile of fear, despair). On ׳ד‎ in 118:12 compare Bae Checritical note.