Word Summary
dath: decree, law
Original Word: דָּת
Transliteration: dath
Phonetic Spelling: (dawth)
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: decree, law
Meaning: a royal edict, statute
Strong's Concordance
commandment, commission, decree, law, manner

Of uncertain (perhaps foreign) derivation: a royal edict or statute -- commandment, commission, decree, law, manner.


H1881. dath

דָּתnoun feminineEsther 3:15 decree, law, usage, only in Persian period (Biblical Aramaic Late Hebrew id., Syriac or ; Persian loan-word, Old Persian dâta, law, SpiegAPK 225) — ׳ד‎ absolute 1:8-9t.; construct דַּת2:12, דָּת9:13; suffix דָּתוֺ2:8 4t.; plural construct דָּתֵיEzra 8:36 2t.; suffix דָּתַיהֶםEsther 3:8; —

1 decree, edict, commission of Persian king Ezra 8:36 (word elsewhere only in Esther) Esther 2:8 ("" הַמֶּלֶךְ דְּבַר‎), 4:3 ("" id.) 8:17 ("" id.) 9:1 ("" id.; with עשׂהexecute) compare also 9:13; with verb נָתַן3:14-15, 8:13-14, 9:14; written כְּתָבהַֿדָּת4:8 (compare 3:14; 8:13).

2 law, permanently valid and applicable, יַעֲבוֺר וְלֹא מָּרַסוּֿמָדַי בְּדָתֵי וְיִכָּתֵבEsther 1:19 compare 1:15; 4:11, 16; וָדִין דָּת יֹדְעֵי1:13 those that understood law and judgment; הַמֶּלֶךְ דָּתֵי3:8; of laws of the Jews in Persia 3:8; even of rules for drinking at a feast 1:8; for purifying of women 2:12. — The distinction between 1 &

2 is not absolute. The king's will was law, and the royal edict (מַלְכוּת דְּבַר‎) concerning Vashti was reckoned among the laws (דָּתֵי‎) of the Persians & Medes (Esther 1:19). — In Deuteronomy 33:2 לָמוֺ דָּת אֵשׁ ᵑ0fire was a law for them is corrupt; many emendations proposed, compare Di; Di suggests דֹת‎[לַמִּ‎] אֵשׁfire of flames, flaming fire, compare הַלַּמִּידִםExodus 20:18 (but לַמִּדֹת‎ plural in תֹ֯‎ not in OT unless as proper name), or (better), דֶת‎[יֹקֶ‎] אֵשׁa burning fire, compare Isaiah 65:5 (different sense).