Word Summary
Ziv: the second month of the Jewish calendar
Original Word: זִו
Transliteration: Ziv
Phonetic Spelling: (zeev')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Short Definition: the second month of the Jewish calendar
Meaning: the second month of the Jewish calendar
Strong's Concordance

Probably from an unused root meaning to be prominent; properly, brightness (compare ziyv), i.e. (figuratively) the month of flowers; Ziv (corresponding to Ijar or May) -- Zif.

see HEBREW ziyv


H2099. Ziv

זִר‎ apparently proper name of 2nd month, = approximately April-May, named as month of beginning the temple building; הַשֵּׁנִי הַחֹדֶשׁ הוּא זִו בְּחֹדֶשׁ1 Kings 6:1 = זִ֑ו בְּיֶרַח6:37; ᵐ5‎ B 6:1 has simply ἐν μηνὶ τῷ δευτέρῳ, 6:37 (in ᵐ56:4) ἐν μηνὶ Νεισῷ καὶ τῷ δευτέρῳ μηνί ᵐ5‎ Manuscripts ἐν μηνὶ Ζιου μηνὶ τῷ δευτέρῳ; ᵐ5L (only 6:37) ἐν δευτέρῳ μηνί, ἐν μηνὶ Ζιου; — (si vera lectio compare perhaps Aramaic זִיוbrightness, freshness, so Biblical Aramaic Daniel 2:31 +; compare נִיצָנַיָּא זִיו יֶרַח ᵑ7month of brightness of flowers; Assyrian zîmu (zîvu), DlPr 152 f. compare NöZMG 1886, 732; Thes and others derive זִיו זִו,‎ ( = זְהִיו‎) from זהה‎ in sense be bright, splendid, etc., compare Arabic increase, thrive (of seed-produce), a beautiful and bright, or fresh, plant; Aramaic זְהָא‎, adjective זָהוֺהָאhaughty, proud; glory, boast, be magnificent; yet compare Ol§ 174 near the end)

זוּ זוֺ,‎.