Word Summary
zaraq: be here and there, scatter, sprinkle, strew
Original Word: זָרַק
Transliteration: zaraq
Phonetic Spelling: (zaw-rak')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: be here and there, scatter, sprinkle, strew
Meaning: be here and there, scatter, sprinkle, strew
Strong's Concordance
be here and there, scatter, sprinkle, strew

A primitive root; to sprinkle (fluid or solid particles) -- be here and there, scatter, sprinkle, strew.


H2236. zaraq

זָרַקverb to toss or throw (in a volume), scatter abundantly (Late Hebrew id.; Aramaic זְרַקid., disperse; Assyrian zarâ‡u LotzTP138 JägerBAS ii. 292 Anm. **; compare also Arabic cast at, pierce, and javelin = Ethiopic ) —

Qal Perfect ׳זExodus 24:6; Leviticus 17:6, suffix זְרָקוֺExodus 9:8, זָָֽרְקָהHosea 7:9 (12 t. Perfect); Imperfect יִזְרֹקLeviticus 7:2 16t.; Infinitive לִזְרֹקEzekiel 43:18; Imperative זְרֹק10:2; Participle זֹרֵקLeviticus 7:14, plural זֹרְקִים2 Chronicles 30:16;

1 toss (in handfuls, see Exodus 9:8; or from a bowl, מִזְרָק‎; opposed to הִזָּה‎ to sprinkle with the finger):

a. cummin Isaiah 28:25, dust, followed by עַל2 Chronicles 34:4; Job 2:12, ashes השׁמימה‎, heavenward, Exodus 9:8, 10 (P), coals of fire העיר עלEzekiel 10:2.

b. blood, (ה)מזבה עלthrow (from a bowl) against the altar Exodus 24:6 (JE), Leviticus 17:6 (H), Numbers 18:17 (P), 2 Kings 16:13, 15; Ezekiel 43:18, especially in the ritual, סביב חמזבח על‎ against the altar round about Exodus 29:16, 20; Leviticus 1:5, 11; 3:2, 8, 13; 7:2; 8:19, 24; 9:12, 18 (all P); followed by העם עלExodus 24:8 (JE), followed by המזבחה2 Chronicles 29:22 (3 t. in verse); without designation of place Leviticus 7:14 (P), 2 Chronicles 30:16; 35:11.

c. water for purification, followed by על‎, Ezekiel 36:25.

2 intransitive (si vera lectio) Hosea 7:9 בּוֺ זָָֽרְקָה שֵׂיבָה גַּם‎ grey hairs are profuse upon him (? read זָָֽרְחָה‎, as in 2 Chronicles 26:19).

Pu`al Perfect זֹרַק‎, of water of purification poured over (עַל‎) one defiled by a corpse Numbers 19:18, 20 (P).