Word Summary
chagag: to make a pilgrimage, keep a pilgrim feast
Original Word: חָגַג
Transliteration: chagag
Phonetic Spelling: (khaw-gag')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to make a pilgrimage, keep a pilgrim feast
Meaning: to make a pilgrimage, keep a pilgrim feast
Strong's Concordance
celebrate, dance, keep, hold a solemn feast holiday, reel to and fro

A primitive root (compare chagra', chuwg); properly, to move in a circle, i.e. (specifically) to march in a sacred procession, to observe a festival; by implication, to be giddy -- celebrate, dance, (keep, hold) a (solemn) feast (holiday), reel to and fro.

see HEBREW chagra'

see HEBREW chuwg


H2287. chagag

[חָגַג‎] verb make pilgrimage, keep a pilgrim-feast (Arabic betake oneself to or towards an object of reverence; make a pilgrimage to Mecaa; Sabean חגגmake pilgrimage SabDenkm86. compare 85; Syriac celebrate a feast. In Palmyrene חגגו‎ is proper name VogNo. 61; compare also Phoenician proper name חגת חגי,‎); —

Qal Perfect2masculine plural חַגֹּתֶםExodus 12:14 2t.; Imperfect2masculine singular תָּחֹג23:14; Deuteronomy 16:15; 3masculine plural יָח֫וֺגּוּPsalm 107:27 (Bö§ 1118 (2)); וְיָחֹ֫גּוּExodus 5:1-2;masculine plural תָּחֹ֫גּוּLeviticus 23:39, 41; suffix תְּחָגֻּ֫הוּExodus 12:14; Imperative feminine חָגִּיNahum 2:1; Infinitive construct חֹגZechariah 14:18 + 2t., Participle חוֺגֵגPsalm 42:5; plural חֹגְַגִים1 Samuel 30:16; —

1 keep a pilgrim-feast, absolute Exodus 5:1 (JE) of one proposed by Moses; לי תחג רגלים שׁלשׁthree times shalt thou make pilgrimage unto me (in the year) 23:14 (covt. code); of pilgrim-feasts in General Nahum 2:1, the Passover Exodus 12:14 (P); elsewhere feast of Booths; all celebrated in part by sacred processions and dances; חוגג המוןPsalm 42:5 multitude keeping festival (led by the Psalmist in procession); חג חגגLeviticus 23:39 (H), Numbers 29:12 (P), Nahum 2:1; Zechariah 14:16, 18, 19; חג אתו חגגExodus 12:14 (P), Leviticus 23:41 (H); אתוֺ23:41 (H); suffix Exodus 12:14 (P).

2 behave as at a חָג1 Samuel 30:16 (of the Amalekites when surprised by David i.e. enjoying themselves merrily, Dr; others, circling in the sacred dance).

3 reel, in giddiness on the sea Psalm 107:27 (compare חָגָּאIsaiah 19:17); this either points to an earlier meaning of v; or better, the Psalm being late, means reel as from festival excesses ("" כַשִּׁכּוֺר וְיָנוּעוּ‎).