Word Summary
chalats: to draw off or out, withdraw
Original Word: חָלַץ
Transliteration: chalats
Phonetic Spelling: (khaw-lats')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to draw off or out, withdraw
Meaning: to pull off, to strip, to depart, to deliver, equip, present, strengthen
Strong's Concordance
arm self, go, ready armed man, soldier, deliver, draw out, make fat, loose,

A primitive root; to pull off; hence (intensively) to strip, (reflex.) To depart; by implication, to deliver, equip (for fight); present, strengthen -- arm (self), (go, ready) armed (X man, soldier), deliver, draw out, make fat, loose, (ready) prepared, put off, take away, withdraw self.


H2502. chalats

I. חָלַץverb draw off or out, withdraw, (Late Hebrew id.; Aramaic חֲלַץ‎; despoil, usually Pa`el etc.; Phoenician proper name חלצבעלBaal has rescued, and חלץ‎ alone; Arabic withdraw, retire) —

Qal Perfect Hosea 5:6; וְחָֽלְצָה‎ consecutive Deuteronomy 25:9; חָֽלְצוּLamentations 4:3; Imperfect2masculine singular תַּחֲלֹץ‎; Passive participle construct חֲלוּץDeuteronomy 25:10; —

1 draw, draw off, with accusative of sandal Deuteronomy 25:9; Isaiah 20:2 (both followed by רֶגֶל‎ with מִן‎), compare הַנָּ֑עַל חֲלוּץ בֵּיתDeuteronomy 25:10; draw out, present the breast, of animal giving suck Lamentations 4:3.

2 intransitive withdraw (himself) followed by מִןHosea 5:6.

Niph`al Perfect be delivered נֶחֱלָ֑ץProverbs 11:8 (followed by מִן‎); Imperfect יֵחָלֵ֑צוּ11:9; יֵחָֽלְצוּןPsalm 60:7 = 108:7 (Ges§ 51. 2. R. 2).

Pi`el Perfect חִלֵּץLeviticus 14:43 etc.; Imperfect יְחַלֵּץJob 36:15; וָאֲחַלְּצָהPsalm 7:5 (but on text see below near the end); suffix אֲחַלָּצְךָ50:15; אֲחַלְּצֶ֫ךָּ81:8, etc.; Imperative חַלְּצָה6:5; חַלְּצֵנִי119:153; 140:2; —

1 pull out, tear out Leviticus 14:40, 43 (P; stones from infested house).

2 rescue, deliver, with object person, but only in poetry; — followed by נפשׁיPsalm 6:5; 116:8 (מִמָּ֫וֶת‎); compare 140:2 (followed by מִן‎); absolute with accusative 18:20 = 2 Samuel 22:20; Psalm 34:8; 50:15; 81:8; 91:15; 119:153; Job 36:15; וָאֲחַלְּצָהPsalm 7:5; followed by accusative, but I delivered AV Hup Ri, compare Ew; and spoiled, despoiled Ges Hi De Bae (but this only in Aramaic); < and oppressed (read וָאֶלְחְצָה‎) Krochm Dy Gr Che; ("" רַע גָּמַלְתִּי‎).

II. [חָלַץ‎] verb equip for war (primary idea of strength, vigour, see Hiph`il, noun חֲלָצַיִם‎, and Assyrian —alƒu, fortification (SchrCOT Gloss AsrbAnnals ii. 52), compare —ilƒu, belt, ZehnpfBAS i. 499; Aramaic accinctus ad opus, strenuus, fortitudo, strenuitas, Greek ὰνδρεία, > Thes Rob Ges SS who regard as = I. חלץ‎ in sense strip for battle, expeditus) —

Qal only Passive participle חָלוּץNumbers 32:21 7t., construct חֲלוּץ32:27; plural חֲלוּצִים32:30 2t., construct חֲלוּצֵי1 Chronicles 12:34 3t.; חֲלֻצֵיIsaiah 15:4; — equipped:

1 as adjective Numbers 32:30, 32; Deuteronomy 3:18.

2 as substantive singular collective Numbers 32:21 (J E; see Niph`al 32:20) 2 Chronicles 20:21; 28:14, with article ׳הֶחJoshua 6:7, 9, 13 (JE); צָבָא חֲלוּץNumbers 32:27 men equipped for war (JE), so ׳ח הַמִּלְחָמָה32:29 (P); ׳הֶחָ לַצָּבָא1 Chronicles 12:24 (23 van d. H); plural צָבָא חֲלוּצֵיNumbers 31:5 (P) 1 Chronicles 12:25 (24, van d. H) 2 Chronicles 17:18; ׳ח ׳הַצּJoshua 4:13 (P); note מוֺאָב חֲלֻצֵיIsaiah 15:4 warriors (equipped ones, Che men-at-arms) of Moab.

Niph`al Imperfect2masculine plural תֵּחָֽלְצוּNumbers 32:20, 1plural נֵחָלֵץ32:17; Imperative הֵחָֽלְצוּ31:3; be, or go equipped, followed by לִפְנֵי32:17, 20 (both J E; see Qal Participle 32:21); followed by לַצָּבָא31:3 (P; Niph`al Imperative here surprising with מֵאִתְּכֶם‎, see Di).

Hiph`il Imperfect) יַחֲלִיץ עַצְמֹתֶיךָָIsaiah 58:11 he (׳י‎) will brace up, in-vigorate, thy bones (MV De Di; Hup Che critical note Du and others read יִחֲלִיףrenew, rejuvenate).