Word Summary
chasid: kind, pious
Original Word: חָסִיד
Transliteration: chasid
Phonetic Spelling: (khaw-seed')
Part of Speech: Adjective
Short Definition: kind, pious
Meaning: kind, pious
Strong's Concordance
godly man, good, holy one, merciful, saint, ungodly

From chacad; properly, kind, i.e. (religiously) pious (a saint) -- godly (man), good, holy (one), merciful, saint, (un-)godly.

see HEBREW chacad


H2623. chasid

חָסִידadjective masculine kind, pious (so, as denoting active practice of חֶסֶד‎, kindness, Thes MV De and most, compare מָּקִיד קָצִיר,‎ etc.; > Hup on Psalm 4:4 RVm who explained as passive reception of ׳י‎s חֶסֶד‎, compare אָסִיר שָֹׂכֹיר,‎ etc.; its use as attribute of God Jeremiah 3:12; Psalm 145:17, and the context 12:1; Micah 7:2 etc., favour active sense) — ׳חPsalm 4:4 9t.; חֲסִידֶ֑ךָDeuteronomy 33:8; Psalm 89:20; חֲסִידְי֯ךָ16:10; plural חֲסִידִים149:1; 149:5; suffix חֲסִידָ֑י50:5; חֲסִידָו֯1 Samuel 2:9 15t. suffixes; —

1 kind:

a. of man ח ׳עם תתחסדwith the kind thou shewest thyself kind 2 Samuel 22:26 = Psalm 18:26.

b. of wing of ostrich חֲסִידָה אֶבְרָה אִםJob 39:13 is it a kindly pinion? possibly with play on חֲסִידָה‎ feminine noun strok (is the ostrich kind like the stork?).

c. of God, only Jeremiah 3:12; Psalm 145:17.

2 pious, godly, either as exhibition of 'duteous love' toward God (CheOP 378), or (in view of rarity of such passages as Hosea 6:4, 6; Jeremiah 2:2, and their possible ambiguity) because kindness, as prominent in the godly, comes to imply other attributes, and to be a designation of the godly character, piety:

a. as adjective — חסיד לא גּוֺיa nation, not pious, = ungodly Psalm 43:1.

b. elsewhere as substantive: singular, a pious man, the godly Psalm 4:4; 12:2; 32:6; 86:2, "" יָשָׁרMicah 7:2; (thy) pious one(s) Psalm 16:10 (Kt plural), 1 Samuel 2:9 (Qr plural) Proverbs 2:8, חֲסִידֶ֑ךָ אִישׁmen of thy pious one Deuteronomy 33:8 (Moses, see Di; others, the man, thy godly one, i.e. Levi); plural the pious, godly, those of the people who were faithful, devoted to God's service, only in Psalter and chiefly, if not entirely, in late Psalms Psalm 149:1; 149:5; his pious ones 30:5; 31:24; 37:28; 85:9; 97:10; 116:15; 148:14; 149:9; thy pious ones Psalm 52:11; 79:2; 132:9 2 Chronicles 6:41; Psalm 145:10; my pious ones 50:5, her (Zion's) pious 132:16. — (In Maccabean age, συναγωγὴ Ἀσιδαίων denoted, technically, the party of the pious, who opposed the Hellenization of the Judaea, see 1Macc 2:42; 7:13; 2 Macc 14:6 and CheOP 48, 56; so perhaps 116:15; 149:1; 149:5; 149:9.)