Word Summary
chatsah: to divide
Original Word: חָעָה
Transliteration: chatsah
Phonetic Spelling: (khaw-tsaw')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to divide
Meaning: to cut, split in two, to halve
Strong's Concordance
divide, live out half, reach to the midst, participle

A primitive root (compare zed)); to cut or split in two; to halve -- divide, X live out half, reach to the midst, participle

see HEBREW zed


H2673. chatsah

חָצָהverb divide (Late Hebrew id.; Arabic is be fortunate, happy with one's husband or wife, etc., i.e. have a share in happiness; a small arrow; Di134 puts here Ethiopic arrow, compare חֵצִי‎) —

Qal Perfect חָצָהNumbers 31:42; וְחָצִיתָ‎ consecutive 31:27; וְחָצוּ‎ consecutive Exodus 21:35; Imperfect יֶחֱצֶהIsaiah 30:28; וַיַּ֫חַץGenesis 32:8 2t.; וַיֶּחֱצֵםJudges 9:43; יֶחֱצוּ‎ Psalm 55:24; יֶחֱצוּןExodus 21:35; יֶחֱצוּהוּ‎ Job 40:30; —

1 divide, followed by כסףExodus 21:35; שׁור21:35 (both J E), לִוְיָתָן‎ crocodile Job 40:30; prey, מלקוח‎, Numbers 31:27 (P; with לְ‎ before parts); a company of people Genesis 32:8 (followed by לְ‎ as foregoing), 33:1 (both J) Judges 9:43 (לְ‎ as foregoing) but compare 7:16.

2 (apparently denominative from חֲצִי‎) Psalm 55:24 יח ׳לא ימיהםshall not halve their days, i.e. enjoy even half of the normal number; Isaiah 30:28 יח ׳צואר עדshall halve unto the neck = shall reach to the neck and so divide the man in half.

Niph`al Imperfect3feminine singular with apocope תֵּחָץDaniel 11:4 be divided (of kingdom), followed by לְ‎; גוים לשׁני עוד יֵחָ֫צוּ ולאEzekiel 37:22 (Judah and Israel); waters of Jordan 2 Kings 2:8, 14.