Word Summary
choreb: dryness, drought, heat
Original Word: חֹרֶב
Transliteration: choreb
Phonetic Spelling: (kho'-reb)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: dryness, drought, heat
Meaning: dryness, drought, heat
Strong's Concordance
desolation, drought, dry, heat, utterly, waste

A collaterally form of chereb; drought or desolation -- desolation, drought, dry, heat, X utterly, waste.

see HEBREW chereb


H2721. choreb

I. חֹ֫רֶבnoun masculineGenesis 31:40 dryness, drought, heat, absolute ׳ח31:40 11t. + Deuteronomy 28:22 (for חֶרֶב ᵑ0‎; see Di, followed by ᵑ9‎; ᵐ5‎ and ᵐ5L omitted); —

1 dryness Judges 6:37, 39, 40 (all of absence of dew); Jeremiah 50:38 ("" יָבֵשׁ‎); so read also Zechariah 11:17 (for חֶרֶב ᵑ0‎, see vb and StaZAW i. 1881, 29), a drying up upon his arm (i.e. a withering) and upon his right eye.

2 drought Haggai 1:11 + Deuteronomy 28:22 see above

3 parching heat (of sun) Genesis 31:40 (opposed to קֶ֫רַח‎), Jeremiah 36:30 (opposed to id.); Isaiah 4:6; 25:4-5, (twice in verse); of fever Job 30:30.

II. חֹ֫רֶבnoun [masculine] desolation; — ח ׳עָרֵיIsaiah 61:4 cities of desolation ("" שֹׁמֲמוֺת‎, and, in va, חָרְבוֺת‎); compare Zephaniah 2:14 (but read ᵐ5 עֹרֵב,‎ We and others); Jeremiah 49:13, and ח חָרְבוֺת ׳מִצְרַיִםEzekiel 29:10 Egypt shall be wastes of desolation (but ᵑ9 ᵐ5‎ Co wastes of the sword, חֶרֶב‎ for חֹרֶב‎); + 38:8 Co, who reads מֵחֹרֶב‎ (or מֵחָרְבָּה‎).