Word Summary
Charan: "crossroads", a city in N. Mesopotamia
Original Word: חָרָן
Transliteration: Charan
Phonetic Spelling: (kaw-rawn')
Part of Speech: proper name, of a location; proper name, masculine
Short Definition: "crossroads", a city in N. Mesopotamia
Meaning: Haran -- "crossroads", a city in northern Mesopotamia
Strong's Concordance

From charar; parched; Charan, the name of a man and also of a place -- Haran.

see HEBREW charar


H2771. Charan

I. חָרָןproper name, of a location city in northern Mesopotamia (Assyrian —arrânu = road, path COTGloss; compare DlPa 185; JenKosmologie 28 'junction of trading-routes' = cross-roads) — mentioned as city of Abram's sojourn Genesis 11:31, where his father Terah died 11:32, and whence he departed for Canaan 12:4-5, where Laban, Jacob's uncle, lived, and whither Jacob fled 27:43; 28:10 (both חָרָ֫נָה‎), 29:4; as conquered by fathers of Sennacherib 2 Kings 19:12 = Isaiah 37:12; as place of trade Ezekiel 27:23; Assyrian –arrana (+?), SchrCOT on Genesis 11:31; 27:43 ᵐ5Χαρραν. It was an ancient seat of worship of moon-god (Sin), see SchrKG 355, 596; see further ChwolsohnSsabier i, 303 ff. WüstenfeldZMG 1864, 443 f. SchrKG 355, 536 SachauReise 217 ff. MezGeschichte. d. Stadt Harran, 1892.

II. חָרָןproper name, masculine son of Caleb of Judah 1 Chronicles 2:46 (twice in verse); ᵐ5Αρραν, ᵐ5L Ωρων (Sabean proper name חרן‎ DHMEpigr. Dakam. 56).

חֹרֹן חוֺרֹן,‎ see חוֺרֹן בֵּית‎ above