Word Summary
chashach: to need
Original Word: חֲשַׁח
Transliteration: chashach
Phonetic Spelling: (khash-akh')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to need
Meaning: to be necessary, to need
Strong's Concordance
careful, have need of

(Aramaic) a collateral root to one corresponding to chuwsh in the sense of readiness; to be necessary (from the idea of convenience) or (transitively) to need -- careful, have need of.

see HEBREW chuwsh


H2818. chashach

[חֲשַׁח‎] verb need (Assyrian —ašâ—u, crave; Syriac in need of; not ᵑ7‎; —

Pe`al Participle plural חָֽשְׁחִיןDaniel 3:16, singular Infinitive (van d. H., wrongly, ׳חַשׁ‎).

[חַשְׁחָה‎] noun feminine thing needed (Syriac ; Nö in Kp. 175); — plural חַשְׁחָןEzra 6:9.