Word Summary
chasak: to withhold, refrain
Original Word: חָשַׂךְ
Transliteration: chasak
Phonetic Spelling: (khaw-sak')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to withhold, refrain
Meaning: to restrain, refrain, to refuse, spare, preserve, to observe
Strong's Concordance
assuage, darken, forbear, hinder, hold back, keep back, punish, refrain,

A primitive root; to restrain or (reflex.) Refrain; by implication, to refuse, spare, preserve; also (by interch. With chashak) to observe -- assuage, X darken, forbear, hinder, hold back, keep (back), punish, refrain, reserve, spare, withhold.

see HEBREW chashak


H2820. chasak

חָשַׂךְverb withhold, refrain (Late Hebrew חָסַךְ‎, Aramaic חֲסַךְ‎, ; Palmyrene חסךremit, spare, VogNos. 6, 15; Sabean משחכןweaned (child) DHMZMG 1875, 608) —

Qal Perfect חָשַׂךְGenesis 39:9 4t. (+ Ezekiel 30:18 Ba; see חשׁך‎; Isaiah 38:17 see below), חָשָׂ֑ךְ14:6, חָֽשְׂכוּJob 30:10, חָשָׂ֑כוּJeremiah 14:10, etc.; Imperfect יַחְשׂךְJob 16:5 2t.; 2 masculine singular תַּחְשׂךְIsaiah 58:1, תַּחְשׂוֺךְProverbs 24:11; 2feminine singular תַּחְשׂ֑כִיIsaiah 54:2, etc.; Imperative חֲשׂךְPsalm 19:14; Participle חֹשֵׂךְProverbs 10:19; 11:24; חוֺשֵׂךְ13:24; 17:27; followed by —

1. a. withhold, keep back, keep for oneself, accusative, Genesis 22:12 (E), 22:16; 39:9 (followed by מִמֶּגִּי‎; both J); absolute Proverbs 21:26 (opposed to נָתַן‎); withhold the rod (שׁבט‎) in discipline, 13:24; no object expressed 11:24; 24:11.

b. keep one from evil, calamity, She'ôl, etc., with accusative and מִןGenesis 20:6 (E), 1 Samuel 25:39; Psalm 19:14; ׳ח נַפְשָׁם מִמָּוֶת78:50 compare Job 33:18; Isaiah 38:7 (read חָשַׂכְתָּ‎ or חֲשׂךְ‎ for חָשַׁקְתָּ ᵑ0‎, see חשׁק‎); absolute hinder (i.e. calamities from coming) 14:6; ׳ח מֵעֲוֺנֵנוּ לְמַטָחEzra 9:13 thou hast kept back, downward (= and kept down), part of our iniquity, i.e. hast not punished us according to our full desert.

c. hold in check with accusative 2 Samuel 18:16 (or spare see below); object רַגְלֵיהֶםJeremiah 14:10; especially of keeping silence, object מִּיJob 7:11 restrain my mouth, שׂפתיםProverbs 10:19, אמרים17:27; ח לֹא ׳מִמָּנַי רֹקJob 30:10 from my face they have not withheld spittle (= they have spit in my face).

d. refrain (from doing what is mentioned in the context), absolute Isaiah 54:2; 58:1.

e. spare, with accusative of person 2 Kings 5:20 he hath spared Naaman מִקַּחַתso as not to take (= and hath not taken anything) out of his hand; perhaps also 2 Samuel 18:16 Joab spared the people (see above).

f. reserve for, with accusative + לְJob 38:23.

2 (absolute) restrain, check (pain) i.e. assuage, so apparently ᵑ0Job 16:5 (see Di Kau; I would not restrain condolence of my lips, ᵑ6 ᵐ5‎ Me, reading אחשׂך לא‎ for יחשׂך‎). — Ezekiel 30:18 see חשׁך‎.

Niph`al Imperfect יֵחָשֶׂךְרָֿע אֵיד לְיוֺםJob 21:30 at the day of calamity the wicked is spared (passive of Qal 1 e); יֵחָשֵׂךְ16:6 be assuaged, of pain (pass of Qal 2).