Word Summary
yebemeth: sister-in-law
Original Word: יְבֵמֶת
Transliteration: yebemeth
Phonetic Spelling: (yeb-ay'-meth)
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: sister-in-law
Meaning: a sister-in-law
Strong's Concordance
brother's wife, sister in law

Feminine participle of yabam; a sister-in-law -- brother's wife, sister in law.

see HEBREW yabam


H2994. yebemeth

[יְבֵ֫מֶת‎] noun feminine sister-in-law (Late Hebrew יְבִּימְתָּא יְבַמְתָּא, ᵑ7 יְבָמָה,‎; Syriac ) — only suffix יְבִמְתּוDeuteronomy 25:7 (twice in verse); 25:9 his brother's wife (widow), (compare Genesis 38:8) in levirate law; יְבִמְתֵּךְRuth 1:15 (twice in verse) thy husband's brother's wife.