Word Summary
Yah: the name of the God of Israel
Original Word: יָהּ
Transliteration: Yah
Phonetic Spelling: (yaw)
Part of Speech: Proper Name
Short Definition: the name of the God of Israel
Meaning: LORD -- the name of the God of Israel
Strong's Concordance
Jah, the Lord

Contraction for Yhovah, and meaning the same; Jah, the sacred name -- Jah, the Lord, most vehement. Compare names in "-iah," "- jah."

see HEBREW Yhovah


H3050. Yah

יָהּ50 proper name, of deity contracted from יהוה‎, first appears in early poems; Exodus 15:2 יָהּ וְזִמְרָת עָזִיMy strength and song is Yah (cited Isaiah 12:2; Psalm 118:14), compare the poetic extract יָהּ כֵּס עַל יָד‎ = hand to the throne of Yah Exodus 17:16 (E), the song of Hezekiah Isaiah 38:11 (repeated by dittography), יה להבת (א)שׁ‎ (so read in preference to the שַׁלְהֶבֶתְיָה ᵑ0‎) = flame of fire from Yah Song of Solomon 8:6; יהוה ביהIsaiah 26:4 (והיה‎ sustained by Aq and the rhythmical movement, unless it be a mistake for שׁמו‎, compare Psalm 68:5), אלהים יה68:19. Elsewhere יָהּ‎ is used only in late Psalms, especially in the Hallels, in the phrase הַלֲלוּיָֿהּpraise ye Yah 104:35; 105:45; 106:1; 106:48; 111:1; 112:1; 113:1; 113:9; 115:18; 116:19; 117:2; 135:1; 135:3; 135:21; 146:1; 146:10; 147:1; 147:20; 148:1; 148:14; 149:1; 149:9; 150:1; 150:6, compare also יה יהלל102:19 יה יהללו115:17 יה תהלל150:6 (see הלל‎); in variant reading other phrases 77:12; 89:9; 94:7; 94:12; 115:18; 118:5 (twice in verse); 118:17; 118:18; 118:19; 122:4; 130:3; 135:4.

יָהּproper name, of deity, see below הוה