Word Summary
yom: day
Original Word: יוֹם
Transliteration: yom
Phonetic Spelling: (yome)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: day
Meaning: a day
Strong's Concordance
day by day, time

(Aramaic) corresponding to yowm; a day -- day (by day), time.

see HEBREW yowm


H3118. yom

[יוֺם‎] noun masculineEzra 6:15 day (see Biblical Hebrew); — absolute ׳י6:9 (twice in verse); 6:15, emphatic יוֺמָאDaniel 6:11; 6:14; plural absolute יוֺמִין6:8 +, emphatic יוֺמַיָּא2:28 +; construct יוֺמֵי5:11, and יוֺמָת‎ (K§ 51, 2, Anm. 3) Ezra 4:15, 19; suffix יוֺמֵיהוֺןDaniel 2:44; — day, as division of time 6:11; 6:14, day of month Ezra 6:15; thirty days Daniel 6:8; 6:13; בְּיוֺם יוֺםEzra 6:9 day by day; plural especially of duration: י ׳עַתִּיקone aged of days, aged man Daniel 7:9, 13, 22; ׳י עָֽלְמָאdays of old Ezra 4:15, 19: of a period: life-time, or reign, of king Daniel 2:44; 5:11; י ׳לִקְצָת4:31 at the end of the days (appointed time), י ׳בְּאַחֲרִית2:28 in the latter part of the (future) days.