Word Summary
yasad: to establish, found, fix
Original Word: יָסַד
Transliteration: yasad
Phonetic Spelling: (yaw-sad')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to establish, found, fix
Meaning: to set, to found, to sit down together, settle, consult
Strong's Concordance
appoint, take counsel, establish, lay the, lay for a foundation, instruct, lay, ordain,

A primitive root; to set (literally or figuratively); intensively, to found; reflexively, to sit down together, i.e. Settle, consult -- appoint, take counsel, establish, (lay the, lay for a) found(-ation), instruct, lay, ordain, set, X sure.


H3245. yasad

יָסַדverb establish, found, fix (Late Hebrew id., especially Pi`el; Aramaic יְסַד‎; perhaps originally fix firm or close; Arabic pillow; verb denominative II.fix as a pillow against one; see lean against, recline, Lane2940 Saad Genesis 28:11; in Hebrew usually fix firm so as to found) —

Qal Perfect יָסַדPsalm 104:5; Proverbs 3:19; suffix יְסָדָהּPsalm 24:2-3t.; 3 feminine singular יָסְדָהIsaiah 48:13; יָסַדְתָּPsalm 104:8; יָסַ֑֫דְתָּ102:26; suffix יְסַדְתּוֺHabakkuk 1:12; יְסַדְתָּםPsalm 89:12; 119:152; וִיסַדְתִּיךְ‎ consecutive Isaiah 54:11; Infinitive וִיסוֺד2 Chronicles 24:27; לִיסּוֺד31:7 (see Ges§ 69, 2, R. 1; Baer לְיִסּוֺד‎); לִיסֹדIsaiah 51:16; יָסְדִיJob 38:4; יָסְדוֺEzra 3:12; Participle יִסֵדIsaiah 51:13; Zechariah 12:1 + Isaiah 28:16 (Checritical note, יִסַּד ᵑ0‎); — found, establish, with accusative, the earth Psalm 24:2 ("" כונן‎), compare 78:69 (object omitted), 89:12; 102:26; 104:5 compare 89:8 (followed by לְ‎), Proverbs 3:19; Isaiah 48:13; Job 38:4; Isaiah 51:13, 16; Zechariah 12:1, vault of heaven Amos 9:6; of founding the second temple Ezra 3:12, of restoration under Joash, Infinitive יְסוֺד2 Chronicles 24:27; metaphor of future Israel Isaiah 54:11; of ׳י‎, establish the Chaldaean (as his instrument) להוכיח‎ for correction Habakkuk 1:12 ("" שִׁים‎), his commandments Psalm 119:152; in weakened sense (si vera lectio) לְצִיִּים יָסַדIsaiah 23:13 appoint a city for desert-creatures (on meaning in context, see Di); appoint, fix Ezra 7:9 emended (see יְסֻד‎); found, begin, heaps of offerings in ׳י‎s house 2 Chronicles 31:7.

Niph`al Perfect3plural נוֺסְְדוּPsalm 2:2; Imperfect2masculine singular תִּוָּסֵדIsaiah 44:28; Infinitive הִוָּסְדָהּExodus 9:18; הִיָּסְדָםPsalm 31:14; —

1 fix or seat themselves close together sit in conclave Psalm 2:2; 31:14 ( > Bae from , δμιλιἀ ), but Lag's emendation נוֺעֲדוּ‎ is probably (compare Nehemiah 6:2).

2 be founded, Isaiah 44:28 (temple), Exodus 9:18 (Egypt).

Pi`el Perfect יִסַּדIsaiah 14:32 3t.; יִסְּדָהּ1 Kings 16:34; יִסַּ֫דְתָּPsalm 8:3; יִסְּדוּZechariah 4:9; Ezra 3:10; Imperfect יְיַסְּדֶנָּהJoshua 6:26; Infinitive לְיַסֵּד‎ 1 Kings 5:31; —

1 found (= Qal), followed by active, city Joshua 6:26 (JE), 1 Kings 16:34, temple 1 Kings 5:31; Zechariah 4:9; Ezra 3:10; Zion Isaiah 14:32; 28:16 יִסַּד הִנְנִי‎ (read יֹסֵד‎; see above)

2 establish Psalm 8:3 followed by עֹז‎; appoint, ordain (late) 1 Chronicles 9:22 (followed by accusative), Esther 1:8 (absolute)

Pu`al Perfect, יֻסַּד1 Kings 6:37 2t.; יֻסָּ֑דEzra 3:6 Participle מְיסָֻּ֑ד1 Kings 7:10; מְיסָֻּדִיםSong of Solomon 5:15; be founded, be laid, of a foundation 1 Kings 6:37; Ezra 3:6; Haggai 2:18; Zechariah 8:9; Participle = substantive foundation 1 Kings 7:10, compare מוסד‎ below; pillars set on bases, simile of legs Song of Solomon 5:15.

Hoph`al be founded: Infinitive הוּסַד2 Chronicles 3:3; Ezra 3:11; Participle מוּסָּדIsaiah 28:16; — the being founded, founding, י בֵּית הוּסַד ׳עַלEzra 3:11 because of the founding (laying the foundation) of the house of ׳י‎; וגו לִבְנוֺת שְׁלֹמֹה ׳הוּסַד וְאֵלֶּה2 Chronicles 3:3 and this is (literally these are) the founding of Solomon to build the house of God, i.e. this is the foundation which Solomon laid for building, etc.; Participle מוּסָּד מוּסָדIsaiah 28:16 a foundation founded, i.e. well laid (compare מְחֻכָּם חָכָם מְחֻמָּשׂ, חֵפֶשׂ‎).