Word Summary
Yazer: a place East of the Jordan
Original Word: יַעֲזֵיִר
Transliteration: Yazer
Phonetic Spelling: (yah-az-ayr')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Short Definition: a place East of the Jordan
Meaning: Jazer -- a place East of the Jordan
Strong's Concordance
Jaazer, Jazer

Or Yazer {yah-zare'}; from azar; helpful; Jaazer or Jazer, a place East of the Jordan -- Jaazer, Jazer.

see HEBREW azar


H3270. Yazer

יַּעְזֵר‎ and (1 Chronicles 6:66; 26:31) יַעְזֵירproper name, of a location Ιαζηρ, east of Jordan (Qal Imperfect in ִ֯‎ according to BaNB104); — often + Heshbon and other important towns, Numbers 21:31 + 21:24 (see עַז‎) 32:1 (יַע ׳אֶרֶץ‎), 32:3; 32:35 (all J E), 2 Samuel 24:5; Joshua 13:25 (P), 21:39 (Ginsb, 21:37 van d. H. Baer; P); with vineyards Isaiah 16:8-9, = Jeremiah 48:32 (twice in verse) (where strike out יָם‎ before ᵐ5 ׳יַע‎ Hi Gf Gie Rothst). Site dubious, compare BuhlGeogr. 264.

II. עזר‎ (√ of following; connection with I. ׳ע‎ dubious; compare Sabean מעדֿר‎ 'Einfassung' SabDenkm97; Late Hebrew עֲזָרָהtemple-court, עֲזַרְתָּא ᵑ7‎).