Word Summary
yaal: to confer or gain profit or benefit
Original Word: יַעַל
Transliteration: yaal
Phonetic Spelling: (yaw-al')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to confer or gain profit or benefit
Meaning: to confer or gain profit or benefit
Strong's Concordance
set forward, can do good, be, have profit, able

A primitive root; properly, to ascend; figuratively, to be valuable (objectively: useful, subjectively: benefited) -- X at all, set forward, can do good, (be, have) profit, (able).


H3276. yaal

I. [יָעַל‎] verb only

Hiph`il profit, avail, benefit; —

Hiph`il Perfect הוֺעִילHabakkuk 2:18; Imperfect יוֺעִילJeremiah 2:11 2t.; אֹעִילJob 35:3; יוֺעִילוּ1 Samuel 12:21 6t.; יוֺעִ֫לוּJeremiah 2:8; 12:13; יוֺעִילוּךְIsaiah 57:12; נוֺעִילJob 21:15; Infinitive absolute הוֺעֵילJeremiah 23:22; construct הוֺעִיל7:8 4t.; Participle מוֺעִיל16:19; — profit, avail, benefit, always (except Job 30:13 where in bad sense, Isaiah 47:12) with negative, or in question implying negative; especially of idols or false gods (as unprofitable), so Habakkuk 2:18; Isaiah 44:9-10, 57:12; Jeremiah 2:8 הלבו יועילו לא אחרי‎, 2:11 יועיל בלוא כבידו המיר‎, 16:19 מועיל בם ואין‎, 1 Samuel 12:21, of vain confidences Jeremiah 7:8, or promises 23:32 (twice in verse) (followed by לְ‎); of Egypt as ally Isaiah 30:5 (followed by לְ‎), 30:5; 30:6; of wickedness Proverbs 10:2; wealth 11:4; worthless men Job 30:13 (יועִילוּ לְהַוָּתִי‎ i.e. promote it); of words 15:3 ("" יִסְכּוֺן לֹא דָּבָר‎); in General gain profit Isaiah 47:12; 48:17; Jeremiah 12:13; Job 21:15; 35:3.