Word Summary
Iyyob: a patriarch
Original Word: אִיּוֹב
Transliteration: Iyyob
Phonetic Spelling: (ee-yobe')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Short Definition: a patriarch
Meaning: Job -- a patriarch
Strong's Concordance

From 'ayab; hated (i.e. Persecuted); Ijob, the patriarch famous for his patience -- Job.

see HEBREW 'ayab


H347. Iyyob

אִיּוֺבproper name, masculine Job (meaning unknown; Thes √ איב‎; object of enmity, compare for passive sense יִלּוֺד‎; Ew compare Arabic he who turns (to God); but compare Di on Ezekiel 1:1; all dubious compare LagBN 90) Job 1:1, 5 (3 t. in verse); 1:8-9, 14 48t. Job; Ezekiel 14:14, 20.

אֵד אֵיד,‎ see אוּד‎.

אַיָּה‎ see III. אוה‎, below אוֺי‎.

אַיֵּה‎ see אַי‎. אִיִּים‎ see III. אוה‎.

אֵיכָכָה אֵיכָה, אֵיךְ,‎ see ib.

אֵילוֺת אֵילַת, אֵילִם, אֵילָם, אֵילוֺן, אַיָּלוֺן, אַיָּלָה, אַיָּל, אַיִל,‎ etc. see אול‎.