Word Summary
kesel: loins, stupidity, confidence
Original Word: כֶּסֶל
Transliteration: kesel
Phonetic Spelling: (keh'-sel)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: loins, stupidity, confidence
Meaning: fatness, the loin, the viscera, silliness, trust
Strong's Concordance
confidence, flank, folly, hope, loin

From kacal; properly, fatness, i.e. By implication (literally) the loin (as the seat of the leaf fat) or (generally) the viscera; also (figuratively) silliness or (in a good sense) trust -- confidence, flank, folly, hope, loin.

see HEBREW kacal


H3689. kesel

כֶּ֫סֶלnoun masculine

1 loins,

2 stupidity,

3 confidence (Late Hebrew id. lion; Aramaic כִּסְלָאid.); —

1 loins כָּ֑סֶלJob 15:27; plural כְּסָלִיםLeviticus 3:4, 10, 15; 4:9; 7:4; suffix כְּסָלַי‎, Psalm 38:8.

2 stupidity, folly ׳כEcclesiastes 7:25 ("" סִכְלוּת‎), כֵּסֶלPsalm 49:14.

3 confidence, suffix כִּסְלִיJob 31:24; כִּסְלֶ֑ךָProverbs 3:26; כִּסְלוֺJob 8:14; כִּסְלָםPsalm 78:7.