Word Summary
lavah: to join, be joined
Original Word: לָוָה
Transliteration: lavah
Phonetic Spelling: (law-vaw')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to join, be joined
Meaning: to twine, to unite, to remain, to borrow, to lend
Strong's Concordance
abide with, borrower, cleave, join self, lender

A primitive root; properly, to twine, i.e. (by implication) to unite, to remain; also to borrow (as a form of obligation) or (caus.) To lend -- abide with, borrow(-er), cleave, join (self), lend(-er).


H3867. lavah

I. [לָוָה‎] join (intransitive), be joined (Late Hebrew Pi`el לִוָּה‎ (ליוה‎) transitive, Hithpa`el intransitive; Aramaic לַוִּיaccompany; so BaES 12 compare Arabic be near); —

Qal (late) Imperfect3masculine singular suffix יִלְוֶנּוּ‎ EC Genesis 8:13, be joined to, attend (of mirth).

Niph`al נִלְוָהPsalm 83:9; Isaiah 14:1; 3masculine plural consecutive וְנִלְווּNumbers 18:4 2t., + Jeremiah 50:5 (GesLbg. Bö Köi. 588 Gf Gie; > Imperative Ki Ew§ 226c Ol§ 264); Imperfect יִלָּוֶהGenesis 29:34; יִלָּווּNumbers 18:2; Participle נִלְוָהIsaiah 56:3 (pointed as Perfect, read probably נִלְוֶה‎); plural נִלְוִיםEsther 9:27; Isaiah 56:6; — join oneself or be joined unto, followed by עַלNumbers 18:2, 4 (לֵנִי מַטֵּה‎ to Aaron, by word-play), Isaiah 14:1 (strangers to Israel), Daniel 11:34 (flatterers to the people), compare Esther 9:27; Isaiah 56:6 (to ׳י‎ followed by אֶלֿ56:3 (to ׳י‎), Zechariah 2:15 (to ׳י‎), Jeremiah 50:5 (to ׳י‎), Genesis 29:34 (J; husband to wife); followed byעִםPsalm 83:9 (Asshur with enemies of Israel)

II. [לָוָה‎] verb borrow (Late Hebrew id.; compare Arabic delay payment of debt (compare BaES 12 ); —

Qal Perfect1plural לָוִ֫ינוּNehemiah 5:4; Imperfect2masculine singular תִּלְוֶהDeuteronomy 28:12; Participle לֹוֶהProverbs 22:7 2t.; — borrow, מַלְוֶה לְאִישׁ לוֶֹה עֶבֶד22:7 a borrower is slave to a man who lends; absolute Deuteronomy 28:12; Isaiah 24:2; Psalm 37:21; followed by כֶּסֶףNehemiah 5:4.

Hiph`il Perfect 2 masculine singular consecutive וְהִלְוִיתָהDeuteronomy 28:12; Imperfect3masculine singular suffix יַלְוְךָ28:44; 2masculine singularתַּלְוֶהExodus 22:24; suffix תַּלְוֶנּוּDeuteronomy 28:44; Participle מַלְוֶהPsalm 37:26 3t., construct מַלְוֵהProverbs 19:17; — cause to borrow, i.e. lend to, with accusative of person + of thing Exodus 22:24 (E); with accusative of person Deuteronomy 28:12, 44 (twice in verse); absolute Psalm 37:26; 112:5 מַלְוֶה אִישׁ‎ Proverbs 22:77 (see

Qal above); as substantive Isaiah 24:2; י ׳מַלְוֵהProverbs 19:17 a lender to ׳י‎ is one shewing favour to the poor.

III. לוה‎ (√ of following; compare Arabic turn, twist, wind; Assyrian lamû, surround, encircle; DlHWB 368 JenZMG xiiii (1889), 201).