Word Summary
ma: what
Original Word: מָא
Transliteration: ma
Phonetic Spelling: (maw)
Part of Speech: pronoun interrogative; indefinite
Short Definition: what
Meaning: what
Strong's Concordance

(Aramaic) corresponding to mah; (as indef.) That -- + what.

see HEBREW mah


H3964. ma

מָה‎ (מָאEzra 6:8) pronoun interrogative and

indefinite what? (Biblical Hebrew מָה‎; Nabataean מה‎; Zinjirli מ‎; מא ᵑ7‎; Syriac ; Arabic : compare WCG 124 f.); —

1 what ? Daniel 4:32 עבדת מה‎.

2 whatever, what (compare Biblical Hebrew 1b end) Daniel 2:22 בחשׁוכא מח ידע‎ knoweth what is in darkness, Ezra 6:9: so דִּי מָה‎ (compare דִּי1b: so Nabataean; Palmyrene מדי די, מא‎, Lzb306 Cooke320, 332) Daniel 2:28-29, (twice in verse); 2:45; Ezra 6:8 תעבדון די למא‎ with regard to what ye shall do, 7:18 (= whatsoever).

3 with prefixes:

a. כְּמָהhow! Daniel 3:33 (twice in verse).

b. לְמָהwhy? (compare Biblical Hebrew לָמָּה‎) Ezra 4:22 be not slack herein: why should damage grow, etc., virtually = lest damage grow (ᵐ5μή ποτε), 7:23 קצף להוא למה דיfor why should there be wrath ? = lest [ᵐ5μή ποτε] there be wrath (compare דִּילְמָא ᵑ7‎, Syriac lest: and see מָה

4d b, p. 554:a).

c. עלמֿהwherefore? Daniel 2:15.