Word Summary
mowreh: (early) rain
Original Word: מוֹרֶה
Transliteration: mowreh
Phonetic Spelling: (mo-reh')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: (early) rain
Meaning: an archer, teacher, teaching, the early rain
Strong's Concordance
early rain

From yarah; an archer; also teacher or teaching; also the early rain (see yowreh) -- (early) rain.

see HEBREW yarah

see HEBREW yowreh


H4175. mowreh

I. מוֺרֶהnoun masculinePsalm 84:7 (early) rain (compare יוֺרֶה‎); — Joel 2:23 ("" מַלְקוֺשׁ גֶּשֶׁם,‎) 2:23 (strike out We), Psalm 84:7.

II. מוֺרֶהnoun masculineIsaiah 30:20 teacher; — absolute in מוֺרֶה אֵלוֺןGenesis 12:6 (J) = מֹרֶה אֵלוֺנֵיDeuteronomy 11:30 (אֵלוֺן ᵐ5 ⅏‎), the teacher's terebinth (see אֵלוֺן‎) near Shechem; compare הַמּוֺרֶה גִּבְעַתJudges 7:1 teacher's hill near the plain of Jezreel, probably Little Hermon, Nebî Daµî BdPal 244; the terebinth being a holy tree from which divine teaching was given, and the hill of the teacher the seat of a holy place whence divine teaching was given; see also (of God) Job 36:22; here belong probably likewise מוֺרָ֑יProverbs 5:13, and מוֺרֶיךָIsaiah 30:20 (twice in verse).