Word Summary
mattah: downwards
Original Word: מַטָּה
Transliteration: mattah
Phonetic Spelling: (mat'-taw)
Part of Speech: Adverb
Short Definition: downwards
Meaning: downward, below, beneath
Strong's Concordance
beneath, downward, less, very low, underneath

From avar with directive enclitic appended; downward, below or beneath; often adverbially with or without prefixes -- beneath, down(-ward), less, very low, under(-neath).

see HEBREW avar


H4295. mattah

מָ֑֫טָּה מַ֫טָּה,adverb downwards (from [מַט‎] for [מַטֶּה‎] a place of declension (compare נָטָה‎, 3a), with ָ ה‎ locative, Ol222bii. 280: compare the opposed to מַ֫עְלָהִ‎, below עָלָה‎): —

1 alone, Deuteronomy 28:43 and thou shalt descend מָ֑֫טָּה מַ֫טָּהdownwards, downwards, i.e. lower and lower, Proverbs 15:24 מ מִשְּׁאוֺל סוּר ׳לְמַעַן‎.

2 לְמַ֫טָּה‎:

a. downwards Deuteronomy 28:13 למ תִהְיֶה ׳וְלֹא‎, Isaiah 37:31 = 2 Kings 19:30 למ ׳שֹׁרֶשׁ‎ (compare Ph CIS1. i. 2, 11 f. למעל ופר למט שׁרשׁ לם יכן אל‎ let them not have root downwards, or fruit upwards), Jeremiah 31:37; Ecclesiastes 3:21; 2 Chronicles 32:30; Ezra 9:13 מֵעֲוֺנֵנוּ לְמַ֫טָּה חָשַׂכְתָּ אתה כי‎ either (Be) hast kept back, downward, part of our iniquity (prevented it from appearing, and being counted against us), or, held us (Ges), or thy anger (Ke), back, below (compare מֵעַל לְמַ֫עְלָהabove, 2 Chronicles 34:4) our iniq. (punished us less than our iniq. deserved).

b. וּלְמַ֫טָּה‎, (a) of space, and downwards, Ezekiel 1:27 ול מָתְנָיו ׳וּמִמַּרְאֵה‎, 8:2; (b) of age, and under, 1 Chronicles 17:23 וְ ׳שׁנה עשׂרים לְמִבֶּן‎.

3 מִלְּמַ֫טָּהbeneath (see מִן9a: opposed to מִלְמַעְלָהabove), Exodus 26:24 = 36:29; 27:5 = 38:4, 28:27 = 39:20.