Word Summary
alluwph: tame
Original Word: אַלּוּף
Transliteration: alluwph
Phonetic Spelling: (al-loof')
Part of Speech: Adjective Masculine
Short Definition: tame
Meaning: familiar, a friend, gentle, a bullock, a chieftain
Strong's Concordance
captain, duke, chief friend, governor, guide, ox

Or (shortened) talluph {al-loof'}; from 'alph; familiar; a friend, also gentle; hence, a bullock (as being tame; applied, although masculine, to a cow); and so, a chieftain (as notable, like neat cattle) -- captain, duke, (chief) friend, governor, guide, ox.

see HEBREW 'alph


H441. alluwph

I. אַלּוּףadjective tame׳א‎ absolute Micah 7:5 +; construct Proverbs 2:17 +; suffix אַלּוּפֵיPsalm 55:14; plural אַלֻּפִיםJeremiah 13:21; suffix אַלֻּפֵינוּPsalm 144:14, etc.; —

1 tame, docile, אַלּוּף כֶּבֶשׂa docile (gentle) lamb Jeremiah 11:19.

2. noun masculine friend, intimate Psalm 55:14 ("" מְיֻדָּע‎) Micah 7:5 ("" רֵעַ‎) Proverbs 16:28; 17:9; Jeremiah 13:21; of a woman's husband ׳א נְעוּרֶיהָProverbs 2:17; figurative of ׳י‎ as husband of Judah, id., Jeremiah 3:4.

3 i. q. I. אֶלֶף‎; מְסֻבָּלִים אַלּוּפֵינוּPsalm 144:14 (i.e. cows).

II. אַלּוּףnoun masculine1 Chronicles 1:51 chief, chiliarch (denominative from II. אֶלֶף‎ see Di Genesis 36:15) — ׳א‎ absolute 36:15 +; plural construct אַלּוּפֵי‎ (אַלֻּפֵי‎) Exodus 15:15 +; suffix אַלּוּפֵיהֶםGenesis 36:19, 30chief (tribal) of Edom 36:15 (5 t.) + 38 t. Genesis 36 (P); Exodus 15:15 (E) 1 Chronicles 1:51 (4 t.) + 9 t.; of Judah Zechariah 12:5-6, so אַלֻּף9:7 (in simile)