Word Summary
mimsak: a mixed drink
Original Word: מַמְסָךְ
Transliteration: mimsak
Phonetic Spelling: (mam-sawk')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a mixed drink
Meaning: mixture, wine mixed
Strong's Concordance
drink-offering, mixed wine

From macak; mixture, i.e. (specifically) wine mixed (with water or spices) -- drink-offering, mixed wine.

see HEBREW macak


H4469. mimsak

מִמְסָךְnoun masculine mixed drink (see מָסָךְ‎); — מִמְסָ֑ךְProverbs 23:30 mixed (wine), as beverage; Isaiah 65:11 libation to Menî.

מָסָךְ‎, [מסֻכָה‎] see סכך‎.

I. מַסֵּכָה‎ see I. נסך‎.

II. מַסֵּכָה‎, [מַסֶּ֫כֶת‎] see II. נסך‎.